How to have a lot of money in plants vs

How to have a lot of money in plants vs

Plants vs Zombies is a vídeo game that corresponds to the theme of defending the tower by PopCap Games, where the dynamic is to prevent the jugadores, that is, the threats of the game, from crossing the map and reaching the tower, we are talking about defending the tower Despite everything that happens in the game, this is precisely the focal point of the action.

This is how, we have to understand that the player’s towers are the plants and the enemies are the zombies, the plants are the ones that protect the main tower, that is, we are talking about a series of towers that must be protected from zombies, from enemies who want to seize them.

In this sense, it is important to understand that we are talking about a vídeo game in which rewards are also obtained and that therefore implies the player earning money.

In this way, we will give ourselves the task of talking a little about the plants vs zombies cheats and how to have infinite suns in plants vs zombies computador.

Know these tricks to withdraw money:

Cheats of plants against zombies

To put the traps in the game to work we must pay attention to the following actions:

  • PS3: L1, R1, L2, and finally R2, then you cánido include the codes.
  • Xbox: RB, LB, RT, and lastly LT, then you cánido insert the codes.
  • PC and Mac: You perro directly insert the codes through the keyboard.

These are the movements or maneuvers that the player must learn to be able to manipulate the game and obtain profits in it, now we will talk about the essentials in each case.

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They are essential to shape the game, that is, to design the zombies that we want to see in the game, all carried out in the following way:

  • Moustache. muschache: By activating it, the zombies receive a mustache on their faces.
  • Futuristic. future: By activating it, the zombies receive futuristic shadows.
  • reapers. trickedout: By activating it, the zombies receive a reaper appearance.
  • Daisies. daisies: By activating it, the zombies leave these flowers when they die.
  • Candy rain. pinata: By activating it, the zombies leave sweets falling from the sky when they die.
  • Zombie sound. sukhbir: By activating it, the zombie ringtone is changed.
  • Dance. dance: By activating it the zombies begin to dance.

You cánido get infinite money with:

Infinite money

One of the plants vs zombies cheats What is really effective is watering the plants to obtain money, and by this we orinan that upon reaching the Zen garden, the player must water the plants until they no longer require more water, but for it to be an action that cánido be to do frequently and thereby grant much greater money gain, the trick that must be done is to change the date of the computer so that the plants need water again, that is, when you change the date you change the day in the game automatically, and this allows the player to perform this action several times, to win money several times.

plant fast

Another of the plants vs zombies cheats is to plant quickly, and by this we orinan that the player must plant as many sunflowers as he perro, taking into account that he must do it in columns and that he must place the potato mine plants as protection for the sunflowers. that with these plants the zombies are killed in one blow, protecting the sunflowers.

This is an action through which money is also earned in the vídeo game, achieving points that allow a good amount of money for the player, which will be very useful as the game continues to progress.

How to have infinite suns in plants vs zombies computador?

The key to place the infinite suns in the game is “CheatEngine” which cánido be equipo as follows:

  • Opens Plants vs.

    Zombies and “CheatEngine”

  • In “CheatEngine” you are looking for a ordenador that is glowing.
  • Left-clic is pressed and the Processlist is selected, immediately choosing the popcapgame1.exe option and that’s it.
  • You begin to play and they will start with 50 soles, but you must immediately pause.
  • We go to “CheatEngine” and in the hex option the number 50 must be placed and then new scan, followed by the firstscan option, which is reflected in a list that will automatically appear on the left side of the screen.

With this we have concluded, these are the plants vs zombies cheats and the way of how to have infinite suns in plants vs zombies computador.

This is a very entertaining and dynamic game, which causes people to continue in the game and go beyond levels to see the results and continue learning about the different worlds of it.

We are talking about a zombie game where the player must defeat them through the use of different plants, while at the same time earning a series of points that will be converted into infinite money for their benefit.

Infinite suns when obtained grant even more points to the player, so it is essential to find a way to obtain them in the game and to obtain as many of them as possible.

With the plants vs zombies vídeo game your days will have a new meaning, you will be able to enjoy a special diversion in which you will be entertained and you will not realize the hours that have passed.

If you apply the tricks that we have mentioned in this space, you will be able to acquire the greatest number of financial rewards, as well as the greatest number of suns, and this is something that must be sought in the game, that is, this is precisely the objective of the game, earn the greatest amount of money and soles to unlock the levels and to be able to access different codes that will change the money in the game, or rather, the design and powers of the zombies, as we have mentioned lines previous.

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 How to have a lot of money in plants vs
  How to have a lot of money in plants vs
  How to have a lot of money in plants vs

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