How to get the ESTA to travel to the United States

How to get the ESTA to travel to the United States

He THIS, a very important document for anyone planning to travel to the United States.

Here we will explain what you must do to request this document.

How to get the ESTA?

To start the procedure, you must go to the official website of THIS USA At the time of doing it, it is necessary to have your passport and credit card on hand to complete the entire process. THIS for your entry to the USA.

First, we will press the button “New request” to start the process.

This will take us to a certain area of ​​the page, we have to indicate the type of operation, generally we will press the button “personal request

Before starting this process, we must accept the following security notice and press the “Confirm and Continue” button: And accept the disclaimer and the Travel Promotion Act, selecting “Yes” once you have finished reading the text, clic the “Next” button.

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Entry Requirements in Spain

Steps to process the ESTA for the United States

Step 1: Applicant Details

In this step, you will ask us to provide personal information, so we will have to prepare the passports.

First we entrar the first and last name shown in the passport.

Next, it asks us if we know each other by another name or nick, usually our answer is “no”, but the person who changes the name will have to entrar this data.

Then, it asks us to entrar all the passport data (date of birth, number, etcétera.) which must be exactly the same as the passport data in the passport.

In the DNI field, for example, in Spain, we must include the NIF.

Lastly, we were asked if we have passports of other nationalities, usually we will answer “No”, but if you had one nationality before and now have another passport, you need to provide the following information.

Again they ask if you have other nationalities, we will answer “No”, unless you have other nationalities, which you must indicate.

If you have access to visit the “Global Entry” program (usually diplomats), you must explain in this step, and we usually answer “No”.

Requirements for the Border Card in Venezuela

Next, indicate the name and surname of your parents, your current address and a contact correo electrónico.

This is optional but you cánido mention your users on the most habitual popular networks (Fb, Twitter, etcétera.).

Finally, you must provide information about your current job (company name, address, position and contact number within the company) When you hit “Next”, an fallo message will appear, but it’s nothing to worry about.

The system will normalize the addresses you entrar and place messages in this format at each address.

If you forget to complete it, it will be displayed in red.

After checking.

We go to the next step.

Step 2: travel information

Next we must point out the basic information of the journey.

First, they will ask if we are just transiting or if we will stay in the United States: Next, if we want to stay in the United States, ask who we are going to.

If you are a family member or friend, in your information, include the address where you will stay and where you will stay.

Otherwise, it will be a journey.

It provides the contact point information and address during the stay as well as the information about the first hotel in the United States.

How to know my Popular Security Code in ANSES

In case of any unforeseen event or emergency, provide contact information.

It is advisable to provide the information of your direct relatives.

In the telephone call you must indicate the international code of the country.

For Spain, the code is 34.

After entering these data and taking the next step, it will espectáculo us an fallo message, as mentioned above, but it is habitual.

As before, the addresses entered have been normalized, it is good to review them and clic “Next” again to continue to the next step.

Step 3: Eligibility Issues

Here, they ask us some questions, in which we must answer “yes” or “no”.

Finally, we must accept the transmission of data and confirm that all the data and answers are correct.

Step 4: view the application

In this step, we need to check all the data we provide section by section, and then confirm again that it is correct.

Please check all details carefully, incorrect information (such as date of birth or passport number) will invalidate the THIS.

Requirements to collect the RAI (Active Insertion Income)

After viewing this section, you must press the “Confirm and continue” button.

When you have verified everything, a verification section will be displayed and you will need to entrar some information again.

Step 5: Payment

Before reviewing any content, you must first pay the $14 cost of THIS.

Accept the disclaimer and press the “Pay Now” button.

You perro use PayPal or pay by credit card.

If you paid by credit card, it will espectáculo on the screen, “Country/Region” you need to fill in your country/region in English.

After entering the card details, you will see a confirmation screen to authorize the payment.

If the payment is successful, you will be authorized to process, print or download the image on screen, as you will need the number of application later to check the status of the application.

Check the status of your ESTA USA

Check application is united states

Generally, the answer to the application It is very fast, but it cánido take up to 72 hours.

To check the status, you need to re-entrar the official website of THIS, Press the button “Verify the request in process”.

A screen will be displayed where you perro choose “verify individual status”: This will take you to a screen in which you will be asked for the information of application contents in your application saved: If everything goes well you have the right to travel.

Although it is not mandatory, some people tend to print the entire transaction, clicking on “View”, and the whole process ends here to obtain the THIS USA.

Here they also indicate the expiration of your THIS2 years or until your passport expires, whichever comes first.

And if you made another journey before the expiration THIS USA.

In this step, you must entrar the same as to check the status of your request, and on the last screen, press ‘`Update” to change the data and include the information of your next journeyafín to a new application.

A great benefit is that you will not have to pay at the end of the update.

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 How to get the ESTA to travel to the United States
  How to get the ESTA to travel to the United States
  How to get the ESTA to travel to the United States

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