How to get started in dropshipping and what you need

How to get started in dropshipping and what you need

En línea commerce continues to grow, and in recent years we have seen the results of it. Since, statistically, it is shown that the number of people who prefer to buy en línea increases. This is not counting the fact that the pandemic generated by COVID-19 was an important catalyst for the campo. For this reason, getting started in dropshipping was profitable for many, and today we tell you how to get started to earn too.

Before, it is important to highlight that dropshipping is a business modality that consists of starting an en línea store and following a series of steps to achieve the first sales, without necessarily having your own depósito (or investing excessively).

What do you need to start a dropshipping store?

Unlike other en línea businesses, starting dropshipping will bring you a wide range of benefits. And one of the most prominent is that You will not need to buy the products in advance to be able to offer them in your virtual store.

Thus, it is easier to start dropshipping than in other businesses. However, it is vital to consider some key aspects to be successful. Since, otherwise, it cánido be difficult to generate a first sale. In short, we will explain what is necessary, and we will start with:

1. Determine what you want to sell

To be successful in any business, it is important to plan what you perro sell to earn money.. Dropshipping is no exception, therefore, when starting in this market you must determine what you want to sell and what will be the objetivo audience that you are going to cover.

To figure out what elementos or products to sell, you’ll need to answer a few questions of your own. This will not only help you determine what to hang in your store, but it will make it easier for you to select a vendor and answer many more questions.

These questions are:

  • What am I interested in selling or what would I like to sell?: If you choose a topic that you know, it is likely that it will be more entertaining to start your venture. Which means, it probably won’t cross your mind to “give it up” if things get messy.
  • What solutions cánido I offer with my business?: Generally, a company is born to offer solutions to its objetivo audience. Therefore, you must know what kind of audience you will reach and what exactly are your needs.
  • What are the best-selling products?: If you have already chosen a topic or niche for your business, you should also investigate which are the best-selling products in that campo. For it you perro support yourself with digital marketing tools; as is Google plus Trends.

2. Evaluate and understand the market

Now that you know what you like and what are the best-selling products in your niche, it will be necessary to do a market analysis around you to evaluate the competition, their possible strategies and how you could stand out to them.

In the same way as in the previous point, You will have to answer some questions that will help you have a better picture of the market. What will certainly be useful for your advertising campaigns or marketing strategies. First of all, you should know:

  • Who is the closest competition and what are their pros and cons?
  • How big is the market I want to entrar and how much could my customers pay for my service/products?
  • What are the needs of my customers and what are their buying habits?
  • Who could be my main clients and how cánido I get them?

Basically, you will have to define who your customers or objetivo audience will be: men, women, young people, older adults, among others. In addition, it is also important to research afín dropshipping platforms that you will compete with, study their metrics, visitor statistics, and the like. This without counting, that You must know their mistakes, in order to avoid committing them and achieve a greater reach.

3. Choose a dropshipping provider

This third point may be the most complicated, especially because you probably don’t know many dropshipping suppliers. However, when finding one, we suggest you take into account some consejos that will help you assess whether the company is really trustworthy.

  • Make sure the business exists, is legal, and has a license to trade; Also verify your physical address. Since, this will be key in the event of any major inconvenience with clients. In fact, you should also find a contact number and verify that the same number is published on its main website and administration.
  • It is important evaluate if your products are of good quality, the packaging management is correct, and if they meet the shipping times. Also, try making a refund, in order to know the efficiency of the returns system.
  • Try to contact the staff, as they a company must always have experienced workers or knowledgeable of what they are producing. To do this, you cánido make calls or contact technical support and ask some questions.

4. Start your en línea store

This we cánido say that, without a doubt, is one of the most complicated steps. Thus, We suggest you hire a third-party service or go to our website and find one of our tutorials on how to create your store and start dropshipping from scratch..

Even so, we will try to summarize the steps as much as possible, since setting up an en línea store really requires a lot of work. Now, the steps you must do are:

  1. Buy a domain: for this, take into account the niche that you chose at the beginning; try to make it related to the name of your storeand keep it short so users perro easily remember it.
  2. Search for a web hosting or hosting provider: you will find many options, but without a doubt, you should look for a platform that guarantees stability and an en línea time of at least 99.6%. To this must be added many technical aspects that you must take into account, but The most important thing is that it guarantees a high en línea time.
  3. To start dropshipping you will have to install a content manager or CMS that is coincidente with eCommerce or dropshipping platforms: WordPress is an excellent alternative; intuitive, easy to use and maleable. We invite you to try it.
  4. Install a complemento to turn your new website into an en línea store: you cánido find many plugins that help you with this, but without a doubt, WooCommerce It is the best option for this ámbito.
  5. Customize and refine: the most fun part, and perhaps the most complex, is the visual edition of the web; although for it you perro find predesigned themes that perro be completely changed at the push of a button.
  6. Upload your products: once you have finished with the visual section, you should start the first tests. That is, upload products and verify that everything is in order and ready to be used by visitors; for this you must head to the WooCommerce complemento dashboard and add what you are going to sell.

5. Create a marketing and SEO strategy

If you think that getting started in dropshipping is complicated, It may be that getting your first clients is even more if you do not implement a digital marketing and SEO strategy.

And although there are many ways to do SEO, we recommend starting with the following:

  • When your en línea store is already en línea you must give it activity, otherwise the authority of your domain will decrease. Therefore, we suggest you create a blog section and constantly upload content; In this way, your en línea store will remain active and updated. However, your articles must be SEO optimized so that they cánido be indexed; you perro help with tools like Ahrefs or Semrush, and To get an iniciativa of ​​what you perro write, research your competition.
  • Try to get the dirección de correo electrónico of your leads (potential customers), to make an correo electrónico marketing campaign, where you promote articles and keep them informed of any news. if something interested, they will run to your website thanks to the notification you sent them by e-e correo electrónico.
  • Try making a backlink building strategy: This consists of making a network of backlinks on different websites, forums or popular networks that redirect to your en línea store. This way you will get organic traffic over time; try to make the backlinks of quality; Some platforms you perro use for this are Reddit, Quora, Fb groups, Twitteramong others.
  • If you have a higher investment capital, You perro try running an advertising campaign in Google plus Ads or Fb Ads. In addition, you cánido also try paying influencers to redirect subscribers to your en línea store.

How much money do you need to start dropshipping?

Now, one of the main questions that exist among entrepreneurs interested in starting this business is: How much money do I need to start dropshipping? The answer is fácil everything will depend on the cost of the provider, added to the expenses that we will mention later.

Clearly, like any business, a store under the dropshipping model requires a good initial investment; that allows you to stand out from the competition and that keeps your products in view of future buyers; for it It requires a lot of creativity and an excellent digital marketing campaign..

And although it is known that this business iniciativa stands out for not requiring a significant investment (because a direct investment in the products is not needed), the reality is that the owner must cover the following:

  • initial investment: Varies depending on what type of elementos you have decided to promote, as well as the provider. Since, let’s remember that the providers usually offer a rate that cánido vary from €20 to €399. Therefore, talking about an exact figure becomes quite complicated.
  • Domain: the name of your domain must be paid annually, and this has a cost of between €10 and €15, which may vary depending on the platform you contract.
  • web hosting: web hosting will give you a space on a server, where you cánido start developing your en línea store and get a presence on the Internet. This is also paid monthly or annually and the cost varies depending on the platform that offers the service. In Spain it ranges from €71 to €95 per year.
  • Advertising campaign: the ads cánido be located both on popular networks and paid with Google plus Adwords; clearly the prices will also vary, but in general, this It has a more important investment value than those mentioned above, it cánido range from 50 to 1,000 euros..
  • Employees: People interested in their stores having a good impact in the market hire the services of virtual assistants, editors, programmers and even designers or consultants. for so, diversify tasks and achieve better results in less time.

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 How to get started in dropshipping and what you need
  How to get started in dropshipping and what you need
  How to get started in dropshipping and what you need

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