How to get referrals: 27 ways

How to get referrals: 27 ways

How perro I get referrals? I am sure that many times you have asked yourself that question.

Surely if you have already tried it, you will have realized that sometimes it is not as easy as it seems.

You will wonder if there is some way that you don’t know to earn referrals, some way that you could try that you haven’t already tried.

Well, then I present to you 27 ways that will help you to earn referrals and thus be able to earn more money.

If you want to know more about referrals…

Some forms are free and some are not, in which you will have to make an investment.

In any case, all of them give good results.

27 Ways to Earn Referrals

Here I espectáculo you how to increase your affiliates:

1. Use your popular networks

Getting fanes and subscribers we will gain an audience that we cánido count on for our promotions.

2. Add a backlink in the description of popular media profiles

When someone visits your RRSS, one of the first things they will see will be your profile.

Therefore, it is a very good place to put your backlinks.

3. Fb Pages

Fb pages perro be used to attract people, if you have an en línea business it is important that you use this platform to stay in touch with your audience.

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4. Google plus Agregado Communities

Depending on the strategy you use to attract users, you perro add the creating a google plus+ page.

To reach more people and be able to create a community with which to get your referrals.

5. Become a member of communities and groups

In Google plus Agregado and Fb you perro find numerous groups related to your topic to which you cánido join and thus be able to communicate with other people in the same ámbito.

Surely you cánido take advantage to reach more people in your publications.

6. Twitter account

Twitter is one of the most used popular networks.

Perro create a twitter account the theme you want.

It is a very good way if you want to advertise your referral backlinks in your publicaciones de Twitter.


Make vídeos on Youtube

You cánido start creating vídeos by leaving your affiliate backlink in the vídeo description.

This is a technique that many people use.

8. Use Linkedin

Cánido create a Linkedin profile and do the same as in other networks.

This is one of the largest professional platforms in the world, surely there are people interested in your product, service, etcétera.

9. Put banners or bulletin boards on web pages or forums

You cánido search for websites or forums related to the theme.

You perro talk to your dueño de un sitio to negotiate put up a bulletin board whatever you want, in this case your backlink.

10. refback

The Refback is to share your earnings with your referrals.

For example, if you earn a percentage of 50% of his earnings, you cánido offer him 25%.

eleven. referral chains

It consists of a referral series They follow each other in order of seniority.

The chain works when the last one becomes a sponsor and the next one becomes a referral.

This technique is useful when the site has many levels of referrals.

12. Join business groups afín to yours

Both en línea (within the Internet) and sin conexión (outside it), there are many business groups.

Become a member of the group and if there is no group afín to yours, create it yourself!

13. Be part of forums

Be part of forums and become an active member of your community.

Try to add value to the issues and help others.

Once you have a certain reputation, you perro start leaving your backlinks, as long as you comply with the forum regulations.

If you want to know more about this technique, take a look at: How to make money with the forums

14. Pronsalize your signature in the forums

On most forums there is the option to leave a message or signature below each comment you make.

This is a good site to recommend the pages you want under your referral backlink.

fifteen. Create your subscriber list by capturing correos electrónicos

The creating a subscriber list or “leads” is a perfect way to communicate with your audience and advertise your affiliate program, product or service.

16. Custom correo electrónico signature

A very good way to get referrals is putting your affiliate backlink in the signature of your message.

Every time you send an dirección de correo electrónico to a usuario, this cánido be a possible referral, you just have to customize your correo electrónico signature a bit.

17. Tell your friends and family

Tell your friends and family.

You perro recommend those pages that you have tried and have worked for you.

You cánido share your experience with them and help them get started.

Keep in mind that you must be careful when recommending, never recommend something that you have not tried yourself.

18. create your blog

A good way to get your referral backlink is to start with a blog.

You just have to correctly choose the theme you want and put your affiliate backlinks.

This technique is widely used with platforms such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Bookingetcétera.

You perro also write articles in different media and leave your affiliate backlink.

19. Use Weblogs or pages of friends

If you are lucky enough to have a friend with a blog, page, forum, etcétera.

You perro ask for a space to place your ad.

In the event that he is not such a friend, you perro always reach an agreement with him to place your banner or ad?.

twenty. Use Traffic Exchange Pages

With traffic exchange pages you will be able to reach many people and they are perfect places to recommend your backlinks.

Try traffic exchange sites like Fanporfan

twenty-one. Place posters of your promotion in strategic places

Surely in the city where you live there are many places where you perro hang posters announcing your offers.

It is a somewhat peculiar technique but, depending on the ámbito in which you are, it perro work.

22. Buy magazine or newspaper ad

This is a very old way and requires a prior investment.

Since ads in magazines and newspapers (both en línea and sin conexión) are not free?

Each magazine or newspaper always has a section where advertisers cánido buy bulletin boards and thus promote their services or products.23. Recommendations in Yahoo Answers questions

Yahoo is a huge community where people go to solve their doubts.

You perro take advantage of this portal to recommend the sites that interest you while you help and answer the questions people ask.

24. write an ebook

Creating an ebook or electronic book perro be a very powerful form of promotion.

Not only will you be able to place your referral backlinks, but you cánido also take the opportunity to sell or make any offer that interests you to the users who read your ebook.

25. Create a landing page

A landing page is a very effective way to boost the growth of your referrals.

Landing page with which to capture referrals.

You cánido drive people to your landing page through your popular networks or other websites and you cánido publish your recommendations there.

26. Use PTC’s to publish your backlinks

Pages to view paid ads, known as PTC (Paid to clic) are a very good way to earn referrals.

They give you all the necessary material to promote your backlinks.

These types of pages always have a section where you perro articulo your ads.

27. Write comments and reviews to advertise yourself

Take advantage of the comment sections of weblogs or popular networks to write comments and reviews with your affiliate backlinks.

Be careful, always adding value and without spamming.

final opinion

As you have seen, many of the ways to get referrals are free and you don’t have to pay anything.

But you must not forget the ways payment or that require an investment previous.

You should try and assess the ones that give you the best results, in order to increase your income.

I think I would be correct if I said that you have ever used some of these strategies.

Although I’m sure you didn’t know them all?.

If you know of any other way to earn referrals, leave it in the comments.

And if you found the article useful, please share it!

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 How to get referrals: 27 ways
  How to get referrals: 27 ways
  How to get referrals: 27 ways

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