How to get people to like you and have a list

How to get people to like you and have a list

It is very common to hear that “I’m not a gold coin to be liked by everyone”; It is a very habitual saying in Latin America, even the object of songs and even movies because it has permeated habitual belief for many years.

But, did you know that there is an infallible way that if we put it into practice, the percentage of people who like us will dramatically increase? Yes, there is a elabora.

Surely you may think that you are not interested in everyone liking you because you are not a politician or anything like that.

But it turns out that in this world of connections, the interpersonal relationships They play a primordial role in success and people like you – at least the majority because we know that it is impossible for everyone – perro increase your chances of advantage over others.

Remember that we are emotional beings. If two people go to a job interview (both equally qualified for the position), surely the person in charge will choose the one with whom they got along better.

So take advantage of the recommendations that will help you raise points in your relationships with the people around you:

It will always be more pleasant to see a person who has a smile on his face than someone who does not. However, she is not about to become a fake smiling beauty pageant contestant.

Try to make the smile sincere and do it with everyone, this brings warmth to your face, it will improve your mood and it will attract people instead of driving them away.

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Saying please and thank you for many people is common sense, for others unfortunately it is not, so take advantage of your education.

Do not feel ashamed to say good morning/afternoon/evening, apologize and treat everyone – absolutely everyone – with courtesy. Put these fácil phrases into practice if you don’t already do it and you will see how you differ from the people around you.

A firm handshake transmits confidencesecurity while a person who greets with the hand very delicately or with great force automatically causes a bad impression in that aspect since the way of greeting says a lot about the individual.

It is not just a question of hearing them, but of listen carefullywe perro easily tell during a conversation when the other person is just wishing we were done talking for them to say what’s on their mind.

Do not be one of those, pay attention to the words and gestures of your interlocutor and do it with interest, this activity will make you win many friends, since it is a way of showing that you are not selfish and that you really care about what the other person is communicating to you

Your availability to others is very important, the ease that people have to contact you must be taken into account, and a person who gives the feeling of being excessively busy drives others away.

This point is about cómputo. It is about having the disposition, the desire to help others when they ask you or even without them doing so, offer yourself.

Others like people who are willing to help, but nobody likes lies, so in that case it is preferable to put promises aside and go straight to action.

Let your actions speak for you. It is preferable to surprise people by giving more than they expected than making big promises that later cannot be fulfilled and turn against you later.

Eye contact is vitally important. Showing that you are paying attention in the moment makes you close and transmits confidence. However, a piercing stare perro be intimidating, you must be aware to get to the middle ground.

On the other hand, calling people by name will always be pleasant for them, so exercise your memory and from now on consciously try to remember the name of the people you are introduced to and include it during written or oral conversations.

A person with firm opinions and bases is attractive. Say what you think, always without disrespecting people around you.

Do yourself a favor, if you don’t handle the issue you’re going to comment on, better don’t speak in public. That will save you confrontations and even unnecessary enemies.

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Whether we want to admit it or not, a well-dressed person who takes care of his personal appearance will always give a better impression and will attract more people than someone who doesn’t.

All of us at some point on our way have told a lie and we also know the consequences that these perro bring.

If you want to be a person admired and loved by the majority of people, avoid any kind of lies at all costs, this includes routine lies, even pretending to be someone you are not.

A person of integrity will be more appreciated by people than someone who is reputed to be a liar.

If we add to the previous list not pointing out people’s mistakes in public, congratulating and rejoicing with others for their achievements, as well as remembering small details about people such as their birthday, their color or favorite movie, this will make your Contact list is longer than a phone book.

Of course, it is not easy at all, but you perro start by being aware and taking small steps that help us improve our interpersonal and leadership relationships.

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Written by Edith Gomez, editor at profit, passionate about digital marketing, specialized in en línea communication. She refuses to go to bed each night without having learned something new. She is interested in business ideas and, even more, bringing a creative look at the small world in which we live.

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 How to get people to like you and have a list
  How to get people to like you and have a list
  How to get people to like you and have a list

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