How to get paid in SocPublic?

How to get paid in SocPublic?

They recently made some changes to SocPublic and since there are already several people who have told me that they do not know how to collect their earnings… well, today I bring you a brief tutorial where I espectáculo you step by step how to withdraw money from SocPublic.

Does SocPublic pay? Learn to withdraw!

Yes, SocPublic continues to pay as usual.

The chances of getting scammed are really low since it is a homework page! It’s not an investment page or anything like that.

Equipo up payment processor

SocPublic has a variety of alternatives so that you perro receive your payment.

First of all we are going to configure our wallet, so as not to have problems when charging.

Let’s go to settings/finance and we add the processor that we have:

Means of payment available:

  • WebMoney
  • QIWI
  • YandexMoney
  • payer
  • perfect money

How do you withdraw rubles?

Something super excellent is that it has a very low minimum payment (11 rubles exactly).

Of the 5 available methods to withdraw your rubles I personally recommend Payeer! since it is the one that I have always used to charge on these pages and it has never given me problems.

Payeer will allow you to convert Rubles into Dollars or Cryptocurrencies in a matter of seconds and even makes things easier for you when change to Bolivares in AirTM or afín platforms, since it is very habitual in Venezuela.

Don’t know what your Payeer wallet is? Below I leave you an image indicating where to put the Payeer thing in Soc Public and the backlink to open an account in case you don’t have one yet.

Box in SocPublic to place your Payeer ID

Step 1⃣

After having selected the preferred payment method, we go to the menu and select the option «Finance” and then “Withdraw funds”.

Step 2⃣

Before, it was enough to clic on the button that says «Pay order” and ready.

But currently it is necessary to confirm the phone number… We verify the phone number through Telegram.

Continuing where we left off, now clic on «Setting»and you will see the box to entrar and verify your mobile.

Then you clic on the button «SocpubBot«… On this same screen is where you must paste the code once you have received it.

Then another window opens and in my case that I use the desktop version I clic on “Open Telegram Desktop«.

Step 3⃣

Within the Bot we clic on «Start» and then in «Share contact«.

Finally, just press share and you will get your activation code.

Said code is simply copied and pasted into SocPublic and that’s it.

Step 4⃣

With the payments finally unlocked, the only thing left is to go back to the “Withdraw funds«, there we put the amount of RUBLES that we are going to withdraw (in my case 208 rubles) and press the green button «Pay order«.

That would be all friends.

It only remains to wait for the payment to be reflected in your wallet!

Why isn’t the page paying me yet?

The habitual thing is that the withdrawals become effective almost instantly.

However, the page in their terms and conditions informs that they perro take up to 5 business days to pay, so do not worry if they take a while.

Important aprecies

1.- In each withdrawal a 4.5% commission will be discounted.

2.- When they go to withdraw, they have to put the page in its original language, so that they do not get an fallo.

3.- Usually the estimated time to receive your first payment is 1-3 days, but after the second payment it is really fast.

4.- If you are at the novice level you must wait 3 days to request a new payment, if you are at the advanced level you perro charge every 3 hours, so make an effort to level up.

5.- If by oportunidad you get the following message «At the moment the payment in Payeer is not possible» just wait a while and try again a little later.


SocPublic is a legitimate business that has been operating since 2014, you have nothing to worry about in that regard, it also has a multitude of options to receive your money.

Notably payments to Payeer arrive quite quickly… just follow the steps I explained and you won’t have any problem.

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I hope you liked it, see you in the next entry, any questions write me below in the comments.

Success and hugs!

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 How to get paid in SocPublic?
  How to get paid in SocPublic?
  How to get paid in SocPublic?

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