How to get paid in Hive? Learn to withdraw

How to get paid in Hive? Learn to withdraw

What’s up web workers how are you? From this platform we hope that you are well, today we bring you a complementary type of articulo about Hive Work.

Because many users who want to work with this micro jobs page The process of receiving payments or setting up your account is a bit difficult for them.

That, although for the acquaintances in the topic of earning money en línea It is an extremely fácil process… for novice people who are just starting out, it may not be.

so as in jobsvenezuela we focus on making working life on the Internet easier for our readers, below you will see step by step how it is the appropriate way to receive the funds generated by working on this crowdsourcing page… through the 2 available payment methods.

How to configure the account to receive the money?

Once on the page, clic on your Nick, then clic on “Account” which will take you to the configuration section where there are several tabs with different functions.

This is how you will see the options for configure payment methodsprofile information, password, correo electrónico and the identity verification.

The most important one for now is the tab “Pay” since the rest are complementary, so start with this one.

Hive Work until recently paid only by PayPal but recently added Bitcoin as a payment method something that is really appreciated, later I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Backlink PayPal account with Hivework

It should be added that regardless of whether you want to choose to charge for BTC it is MANDATORY to add a PayPal account firstDon’t worry, the process is very fácil.

If you haven’t linked it, you’ll most likely see an image like this.

The first thing you should do to solve it is entrar the payment options, once there you cánido take advantage and configure the minimum charge, by default it comes in $10, I recommend that you put it in $2 (for both PayPal and Bitcoin).

That way you will collect faster, practically weekly without the need to collect large amounts.

Then with the method “PayPal“selected you will clic on”equipo up PayPal account”.

Then 2 pop-up windows will open one after the other:

  • In the first you will log in to your PayPal account by entering your nombre de usuario and password.
  • The second will be a request for permission to backlink your PayPal account to Hive Work.

    Clic accept!

That would be all, you will see that you now have a green check ✅ in the PayPal method indicating that your account was linked correctly.

Backlink Bitcoin wallet with Hivework

For bitcoin it is even easier, if you choose this method, you only have to entrar the wallet address of the wallet where you want to receive the payment.

To switch between one payment method or the other, it is as fácil as clicking on one of them, in this way it will be selected as your payment option.

Bitcoin Proof of Payment

In this articulo «hivemicro Venezuela» which was the first one I did on the platform, I have already shown many proofs of payment that I have received from Hive through PayPal, every week that I have had the oportunidad to dedicate time to it.

But since the novelty is that you pay for BTCthis time I wanted to espectáculo you a receipt charged to my Bitcoin walletso that they cánido see that this means of payment is already working perfectly well.

Proof of payment received in Uphold

If you’re curious, that dollar amount equals $8.12.

I did them in exactly 7 days, investing just 4 hours a day, which is what I cánido, per month you end up making much more than a minimum wage, for much less work time.

other configurations

The rest of the configuration tabs are nothing special, in profile you only fill in your basic information.

As perro be seen in the image, from here also you perro check if your correo electrónico is verified.

It is important that it is!

In password it is possible to change the password of your Hive account… in case one day you need it.

Finally, in correo electrónico, choose if you want to receive statistical data on your weekly work, as well as notifications when there are new tasks.

I recommend checking the second box, that way they always keep you informed as soon as they leave new Commercial Labeling jobsLogotipo Safari and some other good tasks.

Withdrawal history

The payments you receive weekly for your work done, you perro check them in the section “Payroll” there you will see the amount paid, the status (pending/paid), the date and the wallet where the money was deposited.

To finish, I am going to proceed to explain the pros and cons of charging for both PayPal and Bitcoin.

Advantages and Disadvantages of withdrawing by PayPal

Pros of getting paid by PayPal:

  • Useful and almost mandatory for Internet purchases.
  • Worldwide accepted on thousands of shopping websites (for physical or virtual products) especially on Chinese pages.
  • Very sure, if you buy something and it doesn’t arrive, you cánido archivo a dispute and they will refund your money.
  • Reason why many people use it to import merchandise, it is very easy to find third parties that will change your money to bolivars or other currencies.
  • The amount you make for your weekly work arrives in full to your PayPal account without commission discounts.
  • It is not necessary to have a verified PayPal account.

Cons of getting paid by PayPal:

  • Horrible for keeping money saved, as PayPal is well known for closing accounts without warning, even without violating any of their rules.
  • In Venezuela, PayPal has special monitoring due to the use that is given to it in the country, that is, there is a greater probability that your account will be limited if you are Venezuelan.
  • If you want to change it to BS or another currency, you will depend on a third party who wants to buy it.
  • Payment platforms like AIRTM they ask for high commissions to redeem PayPal.
  • People who buy PayPal pay for it at a rate well below the value of the dollar in cash.

    Really the rates offered by PayPal are the worst today.

Advantages and Disadvantages of withdrawing for Bitcoin

Pros of getting paid for Bitcoin:

  • It is the most used cryptocurrency worldwide and with the highest value.
  • You cánido use BTC to pay for elementos or services en línea on websites that accept it (although very few accept it compared to PayPal).
  • Infinity of wallets where to store it (Uphold example).
  • Easier to be changed to Bolivares or another Currency in sites like localbitcoins or Airtm.
  • It has more diverse and free emplees than PayPal.
  • Bitcoin payments arrive a couple of hours before PayPal.
  • Low commissions in most payment processors.
  • You get more income by exchanging them, the rates are much better, compared to the rate they pay for PayPal.

Cons of getting paid for Bitcoin:

  • Very volatile market one day it perro be worth more and another less.
  • Unlike charging by PayPal, you perro get a little less than the cómputo reflected in Hive Work due to the market variation (from 8.12 I got 8.08).


As an anecdote and personal opinion, as soon as they enabled charging for BTC, I chose this option as the payment method, since it is done a lot easier to change BTC cómputoso I perro quickly get the money in my bank.

Instead of having to be looking for an interested party to whom to sell PayPal, which takes astronomical commissions from you, and to top it off they pay you at rates that are somewhat unfair compared to the real market value.

In a nutshell:

  • Charge for BTC if your intention is to change them to local currency (in my case bolivars) or other currencies to save.
  • And charge by PayPal if what you want is to make purchases by Internet.

It is important to note that if we are registering through a referral backlink, both the usuario who referred you and you will “receive a plus” in the income generated during the first 180 days.

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Well dear this is all for now, as you cánido see registering and configuring your account in Hive Work is extremely fácil and it is a great website to earn plus income.

I hope this tutorial has been helpful to you and clears up your doubts regarding the payment methods… In any case, if something is not clear to you, you already know that you perro comment! without more to add I say goodbye, until the next articulo.

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 How to get paid in Hive?  Learn to withdraw
  How to get paid in Hive?  Learn to withdraw
  How to get paid in Hive?  Learn to withdraw

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