How to get off the list of defaulters without paying?

How to get off the list of defaulters without paying?

Debts perro be a real headache. Especially if economic circumstances they complicate you to the point of not being able to comply with them. And the situation could get even worse because you could end up on the list of defaulters, for example that of ASNEF in Spain.

But all is not lost, it is possible to get out of this and any other delinquency list. That is what we are going to talk about in this article. We will see different ways to have your record removed from the list of delinquents, without canceling the debt.

How to get out of the list of defaulters without paying (OnLine – 2023)

One of the most striking ways to get off the list of defaulters is through the Internet. This method offers you the possibility of do the process from home. Now, the first thing you should take into account is the amount owed. We tell you this because the en línea process includes hiring the services of a specialized company. These require a payment.

You need to evaluate whether it is better to pay a company to remove your records from the delinquency list, or pay the debt directly. The rates of these companies are 40 euros minimum. And they do not include services if the case goes to court. If you escoge to carry out the process through one of them, these are the steps to follow.

  1. Choose the company. There are many alternatives that you cánido get in this field. Make sure you choose well, because the success of the process depends on it.
  2. fill the form. You will have to fill in the spaces indicated on the company’s website. These data include your name, address and correo electrónico.
  3. Deliver the documents. They cánido ask you for a photo of your identity document, as well as of your person. Also any other form they deem appropriate.
  4. make the payment. They will now tell you the amount to pay, which will be a fraction of the total amount. It is known as pay per discharge.

You must bear in mind that you will have to provide sensitive personal information, so point 1 cannot be taken lightly. The company must be full credibility and trust. This will be in charge of evaluating and presenting your case. More than 90% of people manage to get off the list of defaulters, without paying the debt.

Perro I get off the list of delinquents without paying with a payment agreement?

There is a way in which you cánido get your record removed from the delinquency archivo. This implies that you go to the company that included you in that list. Now, you will have to raise the possibility of paying the debt in a short term.

The company in question cánido now present you with two options: agree on a payment term, as well as the quotas that you must meet. Only then will they be able to process your removal from the delinquency list. The other option is to do something afín, they propose a new payment agreement but only they ask for withdrawal when you have fulfilled the totalityor most of it.

That second option is usually accompanied by a discount on the amount owed. This benefits both parties. On the one hand, to the company that will recover a large part of the money and, on the other hand, to you, who must pay less money than at first.

For you to have greater security, these payment agreements must make them in writing and, so that you are completely calm, in the presence of witnesses. Of course, although this method works very well, you will have to pay the debt, adhering to the conditions agreed with the creditor company.

Perro you get out of the delinquency list temporarily to request a loan?

It is also possible to obtain a temporary removal from the list of defaulters. For this, it is required that you download the corresponding form, which you perro find on the official website of the company that maintains the lists of defaulters, such as Then you fill out and send the document, for example, vía the internet. The leave lasts a maximum of one month.

The advantage of using this means is that, being off the list of defaulters, you will be able to qualify for a loan. With this, in turn, you will be able to pay the debt that led you to be included in the list of defaulters. Once this is done, you perro go to the company that included you in this list, to demand your definitive removal from the delinquency list.

Cánido I Get Off the List of Defaulters without Paying if I am Unemployed?

For those who are unemployed, the situation could be even more difficult, because they do not have an income. If this is your case, you should know that there are some possibilities that, depending on your circumstances, could serve you.

Go to the AEPD

The first one is only possible when you have been included in the list of delinquents by mistake. In this case, it is possible to go to the legal authorities and ask for your withdrawal from the system. To do this, you must go to the AEPD.

The Spanish Data Protection Agency is the body in charge of investigating. You must give them, either physically or electronically, all the information that proves that you do not have that debt. For example, a document that espectáculos that you did not have that service that they charge you now, or the payment of the debt. They will investigate and make a decision..


It is possible to leave the list of delinquents, without paying, even when the debt is valid. The law establishes that after spending 5 years on the list of defaulters, your records should be deleted. Of course, the debt continues to exist, and it will remain so until you pay it off, but they will not be able to pressure or intimidate you into paying.

Perro I Get Off the Defaulter List Without Paying If I Have Low Income?

Another difficult situation occurs with a person who has a low income. This means that, for earning very little money, It is not possible for you to contract the services of specialist companies let alone pay off the debt.

In this case, the same mechanisms that we mentioned for an unemployed person cánido be applied. Appeal the debt if you consider that it is wrong or wait for the period prescribed by law to pass.

There are different ways to get off a list of defaulters. And all are approved by law. Of course, the best way to get out of a delinquency list is always to pay the debt.

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 How to get off the list of defaulters without paying?
  How to get off the list of defaulters without paying?
  How to get off the list of defaulters without paying?

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