How to get more views on YouTube: 15

How to get more views on YouTube: 15

YouTube is an ocean of opportunity for those looking to expand their reach and Increase your impact en línea. But how to navigate this vast digital world to attract more views and followers? How to become an expert if I’m new to this?

Fortunately, it is not an impossible task and with the help of a few proven and effective strategies, you’ll be able to make your channel a success and reach a global audience along the way.

So, get ready to discover the secrets and learn how to get more views on YouTube for achieve the success you have always dreamed of.

How to increase views on YouTube?

if you have decided be a estrella de youtube and earn money You have to know these strategies to increase visits on your channel:


Choose a niche

YouTube is interested in displaying advertising and keep the public interacting with the platform They cánido generate income with advertisements.

That is why the platform, in the sidebar, usually recommends afín vídeos.

Although most of these vídeos belong to the same channel that the vídeo being played comes from.

This is a very fácil way to gain more views and it will depend on the number of vídeos your viewers watch.

Although the platform does not guarantee that you will have a site in the sidebar, you cánido increase your chances by having related vídeos.


Make thumbnails that stand out

excellent advice for generate more views on YouTube consists of creating very attractive thumbnails for the public.

However, there are several rules to follow, since your thumbnail must be clear, nice and give an overview of the subject, for this reason, it is recommended that place entendible, short and impressive text.

Generally, colors such as white and red are avoided, as they are characteristic of YouTube and the most recommended colors are bright ones such as green, orange, blue or yellow, because they are more striking.

Finally, do not forget to mezcle these colors with those of your brand.


Master your SEO on YouTube and Google plus

YouTube works like a Search Engine, which means that your algorithm emplees different criteria when classifying the vídeos in search results.

If you want to rank first and get more views on YouTube, you must know and master SEO tricks such as:

  • Do not randomly choose palabras clave which will have the title and description of your vídeo.

    These must correspond to the searches (preferably of greater volume) made by the users in the search bar.

  • Take care of your labels: these also function as YouTube palabras clave that are often used to categorize your vídeo and tell the algorithm what it is about.

    It is best to include the main query, and other variations and general categories.


Make complete descriptions

It is very important that you write in your content a fairly comprehensive description and as detailed as possible.

Since, in this way, the more material you offer to the Google plus algorithm, the more will understand the topics covered in your vídeosand so you cánido reference them as well as possible.

Obviously, you should also use in your description the palabras clave that correspond to the topic of the vídeo.

For this reason, we recommend that you carry out a description between 200 and 300 words, since this will be a cómputo between the density and the quality of the content.


Create playlists

Playlists perro be used to group your vídeos by themesand not only that, but they are also excellent tools for keep your audience inside the channel for longer.

In fact, the lists perro automate playback of various vídeos continuously, without the usuario viewing the content having to clic.

In addition, they are a good option for better order your channel with the incorporation of a keyword in the titles.

Depending on what your niche is, it perro be useful add strategic namesSpice up your playlists with motivating, SEO-focused, call-to-action titles.


Join communities

If all the content you create deals with relatively afín topics, it perro be an excellent opportunity to reach out to large communities who are interested in these topics.

The first would be through popular networks, sharing your vídeos to get more views in Youtube.

By starting to chat and share with the community related to your content, you will have a better oportunidad that your vídeos get more views and you cánido easily increase the number of subscribers.

Remember that the integration of your vídeos in sites/forums improves their references.


Add ads

Another good consejo for get more views on youtube It is through YouTube Ads.

If you have a good budget to invest, you should consider this option, because having greater reach of users You cánido get views and new users who are interested in seeing your full vídeos.

Another important point that you should know is that the time you achieve in views is the main positioning aspecto on the YouTube platform.


Choose the best time to articulo your vídeos

If you want to know the time range during which your public remained more active on the YouTube platform during the last month, you only have to entrar the section of “Public” corresponding to YouTube Analytics.

As an alternative, and in a general way, you perro see here the best hours to articulo on youtube.

It is generally recommended that content creators articulo before the end of the day, In this way, you will be giving your viewers more time to discover your vídeos.

Another important point is the frequency of publication and the amount of content, since with perseverance you cánido get more views on YouTube.


Implement cards and end screens

By adding some screenshots or thumbnail images at the end of your vídeos, you will have the option to backlink other vídeos from your channel and in this way get more views on YouTube.

Another interesting option through these tools is to make suggestions for playlists, polls and vídeos.


Choose habitual topics

When you are going to start on the YouTube platform, you should not only know the content you are going to create. It is also important to know the demand for that theme.

If you want to know which topics you cánido choose that are highly searched, you cánido use a tool to analyze palabras clave, this will help you Know the topics of greatest interest.


Use titles that catch your viewers

It is necessary that to advance your channel and get more views on YouTube, you must use very original titles and that they perro attract attention.

If you need it, use as a reference, for example, the headlines used by news sites or magazines, but keep in mind that the titles you use must have the keyword you want to position at the beginning.


Add timestamps or timestamps

The populars “key moments” are an interesting feature that allows viewers to directly view a specific point or part of your vídeo.

One consideration to take into account is that Google plus has an easier time displaying the “key moments” of your vídeos by adding timestamps and tags to YouTube descriptions.


Add habitual tags

Although the evidence may suggest that the use of tags in YouTube vídeos are not as important a aspecto in getting more views on YouTube.

if you perro contribute to the growth of your channelbecause they are easy to install and may help some users find your vídeos.


Optimize for palabras clave

As with the description, optimizing the palabras clave is very important for the SEO of your vídeo.

Not only should you put palabras clave in the description and title, but you should also do it in the box “Palabras clave” that is displayed when uploading your vídeos.

These palabras clave they will add value on YouTube and Google plus.


Motivate users to subscribe

For YouTube, two actions are decisive to define the interest of a content: Subscriptions and likes of the vídeo.

This is why you should include calls to action in all your vídeos.

The goal is to get users to subscribe after watching your vídeo.

So, if your content has interactions, YouTube will understand that your content perro generate subscriptions and will position you.

Other consejos to increase vídeo views

Some other advice that we cánido offer you is that while more interaction you have with the audience, You will create greater confidence and affinity in your community and if, in addition, on some occasions you offer small prizes, You will considerably increase the participation of users in your channel.

Remember that if you want to reach more people you perro also use the forums and share the backlinks of your content, this is still a fácil and great way to increase views and subscribers.

Although if you do, avoid being out of context and better Look for forums specific to your niche.

In the same way you cánido share your vídeos on popular networks as TikTok, Instagram and Fb through short vídeos with interesting parts of your YouTube content, so you will be creating expectation and curiosity in those who see it.

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 How to get more views on YouTube: 15
  How to get more views on YouTube: 15
  How to get more views on YouTube: 15

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