Are you trying to figure out how to get more followers on TikTok?

Look no further, we’ve got you covered and cánido help you get more followers on TikTok.

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TikTok is all the rage on the internet nowadays, so it’s a smart move to establish a foothold as soon as possible and be among the first to get a piece of the TikTok popularity pie.

It’s a self-evident fact that TikTok was officially the fastest growing popular network between 2019 and 2020.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that getting into TikTok and cashing in on its popularity aparece is an excellent move.



A market of more than 1 billion people eager to interact with new content is an opportunity that no strong brand wants to miss.

It is an opportunity to make your name great!

Something worth knowing about TikTok is that it is very content-focused.

In other words, an algorithm guides recommended content personalized to each individual usuario, providing ample opportunity for wild growth even for people with almost zero prior TikTok presence.

However, an informed TikToker cánido “ride the algorithm” and use some of its mechanisms to “create” engagement rate spikes.

Let’s see how to get more followers on TikTok.

How to get more followers on TikTok in 2023

You will be able to learn how to maximize your presence, how to optimize your content and how to get more followers on TikTok, as well as many more consejos and hacks.

Keep reading!


#1 Learn to use TikTok

First things first: you have to know that TikTok is not the classic popular media platform that you are used to with Fb and Instagram.

Going viral may be the ubiquitous goal of all popular media, but TikTok takes the prize when it comes to the importance of spreading big, fast.

Life on TikTok revolves around the “For You” page, which is an endless stream of recommended content with each subsequent articulo based on the algorithm’s prediction of what you might like, all based on your content engagement.


In other words, TikTok guesses what you like and offers you vídeos with that quality.

How does this help you as a brand, business, or just a regular TikTok usuario?

It means that organic growth and natural reach figure prominently in the mechanics of TikTok.

With TikTok, getting into “trending” is more important than with any other popular network.

Your presence becomes irrelevant if it’s asleep and inactive, or even if it just wanders off into “boring” topics.

Careful! So they cánido hack your Tik Tok account – How cánido you prevent it?

If you haven’t already, it’s about time you focused your TikTok content on hot topics, contemporary issues, and things people are willing to react to.

The importance of this cannot be stressed enough if you want to get more followers on TikTok.

#2 Objetivo the right audience

In order to establish what content will attract the attention of TikTok users, you have to know who these users are.

In fact, it is vital to have a objetivo audience in mind before you start drawing and thinking about the placement of your content.

After all, what kind of content would you make if you didn’t even have an iniciativa of ​​who would see it?

So yes, it is very important to objetivo your future followers.

Oh, and by the way, over 60% of TikTok’s US usuario base is still under 30.

Young people rule younger popular media, so the general rule of thumb is that you should aim for youth entertainment.


However, this is not always the case, so you will see anomalous behavior with elders who accumulate a large following.

What drives the young there: reverence for relics, irony, or genuine curiosity? No one knows, but this just goes to espectáculo that you’ll have to experiment a bit first.

In any case, it only serves to argue that it is necessary to refine the targeting of your audience, and that there are no fixed rules about the interests of TikTokers.

You just have to find the right audience and offer them the right content.

This is the one TikTok commandment that will never change.

#3 Be aware of new trends…

Everything on TikTok revolves around organic growth and sudden popularity spikes, as we’ve already mentioned.

Therefore, every ambitious TikToker has to keep an eye on new trends.

The internet is littered with cases of people tapping into existing but persistent trends that were waiting to explode, only to do so after that clip went viral.

Take a deep look at your niche and see what moves the masses.

I’m sure you’ll find some patterns or trends that tend to be done over and over again, but somehow haven’t exploded yet.

Once you’ve focused on that opportunity, see what unique spin you cánido put on it, how you cánido make it better or more niche-suited overall, and genera it in your own direction.

This is how you end up on the “For You” pages of hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

This is how you arouse popularity and a bunch of new followers.

#4 …or create your own

The only thing better than riding the wave of existing trends is creating your own.

If the place seems dry for the day or you have an original and exotic iniciativa of ​​your own, do an experiment and genera it because you could very well end up at the head of the new global TikTok thing.

TikTok is the craziest popular media on the market.

One of the most habitual vídeos of 2020 featured a man skateboarding, drinking cranberry juice, and lip-syncing to Fleetwood Mac.

From popping pimples to giving ridiculous answers to basic questions, all sorts of (for other media) illogical things end up.

being huge on TikTok.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.

The worst that perro happen? Let few people see you.

The best that perro happen? You end up a celebrity with an unimaginably high number of new followers.

As you cánido see, the shame and the taboo are not in either of the two things.

#5 Create a personality

Content creators on TikTok are people, not brands.

Showing a personality and putting on a human face behind the algorithm is what makes content creators habitual.

TikTokers have a need to connect with people, so they do silly things that are essentially a very human response to our modern existence in the world.

Philosophy aside, this is why you need to be aparente in your content.

Do you look charming?

Do you have a quick wit?

Is your athleticism unmatched in your neighborhood?

Does the trick you pull dominate parties?

Are you the loud guy/girl everyone knows for exuding coolness?

Establish your alter-ego (or your own ego) and stick with it for maximum results.

Your followers will like that quirk of yours and soon you will be known for it and attract more TikTok followers.

A confident and unique personality will get you further on TikTok than all the support of a corporate brand with marketing teams and whatnot.

One of the reasons why TikTok is so attractive today is precisely that.

#6 Use the right Hashtags

The hashtags.

A fun little popular media oddity or something more? In case you didn’t already know, hashtags perro be a useful tool to boost your popular media presence and help you get more followers on TikTok.

More than just descriptive tags, they connect the content to its respective niche, or to other content that bears the same “tags”.

This is afín to how the TikTok algorithm chooses #fyp vídeos and goes hand in hand with personalizing recommendations.

This information is incredibly important for aspiring content creators! TikTok!

The right hashtags perro boost your reach several magnitudes above your averages, while the wrong hashtags bury your content under vídeos with better optimized targeting.

So if you’ve been treating hashtags as random pieces of information, one of the first steps to getting more followers is to change that.

Effective hashtags require proper research with extensive insights and analysis.

A media effective strategy recommends an even split between “broad and habitual” hashtags (#love, #beach, #music, #travel, etcétera.) and those that we cánido detalla as “precise and niche” (#fliptheswitch, #80s , #watermelon, #fleetwoodmac, place names, quirks, rarities, etcétera.), so think in that general direction.

However, perhaps a more effective method is to use a hashtag generator that is based on research, knowledge, and trend sets.

There are plenty of them out there, but choose carefully to avoid scams.

#7 Don’t be selfish, commit to be committed

Another unique feature of TikTok (like almost everything related to TikTok) is the distinct absence of direct messages, inbox, or any other means of communication.

What is a popular network that removes one of the main features of popular networks?

However, it is useful for something.

On TikTok, users engage with the content itself, so this serves to cement the primacy of the content over any other segment of TikTok.

This cánido be helpful for you as a content creator to further your genere by engaging with others.

Likes and comments are the lifeblood of TikTok communication and all the channels it has at its disposal.

Markedly public, this type of communication serves to open the discourse about the content to all layers of TikTok users.

How cánido you turn this situation to your advantage?

In reality, it’s very easy.

By initiating communication through comments and likes, you open a “dialogue” with your audience and with your fellow content creators.

Higher initial engagement ensures increased return, and communicative users are bound to respond by moving the “conversation” to your profile.

Engage to get engaged as increased communication means increased follower count when figuring out how to get more followers on TikTok.

#8 Diversify your content

Constantly putting the same type of content on TikTok perro lead you to only one place: the popular media history dump.

Of course, being consistent in creating content cánido be a good thing, but stubbornly sticking to one act, no matter how successful it is, quickly tires people out.

This is especially true for the people of TikTok.

One-act wonders on TikTok build a cult following for several days, then disappear.

Sounds bad, right?

Adapting to ever-changing trends is the key to growing your seguidor base.

What got people working this week may not do the same next week, but a diversified “portfolio” is more resilient over time.

Innovate, experiment, change.

The changes do not necessarily have to be primordial: change the stage, the costumes, the song, the trick… Anything, actually.

Of course, do not force a thing to your followers, because they will look for more entertaining content.

In the worst case?

Let others take your iniciativa and make the change you didn’t.

Ta-da, there go all your followers.

Be smart and branch out if you want to get more followers on TikTok!

#9 Articulo more often

This perhaps goes without saying, but there are more unseen dangers to delaying an optimal posting time.

You should articulo as often as possible if you want to get more followers.

Due to the fleeting nature of TikTok’s popularity, likely caused by its algorithm’s short memory (joke) and the fact that the entire system is prone to changing trends (not a joke), you should articulo as quickly as possible. as often as possible, regardless of the size of your seguidor base or the popularity of your content.

If your goal is to become big, with a higher posting frequency there is a better oportunidad that some of your clips will go viral.

If you are already big, a high and constant rate of posting new content ensures that your followers follow you, but also keeps the flow of new followers.

Remember, on TikTok it matters more that you are growing than that you are already big!

#10 Articulo at times of greatest engagement (TikTok Pro)

This requires a bit of experimentation, but it shouldn’t be too difficult when you’re thinking about how to get more followers on TikTok.

Articulo content in several sample time slots throughout the day and see which time slot gets the most activity.

Once you determine when your posts are performing best, follow that schedule to optimize engagement.

After all, you’ll never become trending if your clips reach your followers six hours after they’re posted.

If you’re wondering “how do I know when my audience is reacting to things, I manually count likes and comments?” then it’s time we talked about turning to TikTok Pro.

First of all, it is free, the Pro part only delimits the casual and professional use of TikTok.

An integral feature that you get when you go Pro is TikTok Analytics, and it is used precisely to keep track of how your TikTok is performing.

In consejo 10 we are interested in the follower activity metric, which is displayed in a sleek and fácil graph.

No need for manual counting!

Now that you know when your followers are most likely to engage with your content, put it all in one basket.

Who says you should never do that? The saying must have been around long before TikTok was born…

#11 Backlink TikTok with other popular networks

There’s a reason TikTok lacks some features that are specific to most other popular media platforms: It’s because it’s meant to be used with them.

TikTok has some of the smoothest integration mechanisms and you should definitely use them.

For example, you are not only prevented from downloading TikTok vídeos, but encouraged to do so because TikTok automatically credits their creators for them.

We don’t know of any TikToker who doesn’t have at least one other popular outlet on which to place their TikTok content.

You perro use your existing popular media presence to convert your loyal followers from, for example, Fb, Twitter or Instagram, but also vice versa.

One of the things you perro do is “save” your TikTok audience and “convert” it to your other popular networks, where it will remain stable even when the algorithm stops going in your favor.

In the same way, you cánido encourage your Instagram followers, for example, to switch to TikTok and enrich both the platform and your profile with their presence.

For whatever reason, people keep forgetting that popular networks are not mutually exclusive and that we need to use them in sync to get the most out of them: don’t be one of them.

#12 Cooperate, collaborate, form creative coalitions

Speaking of synchronization, we might also advise you to get together with other content creators.

Again, you are not competing with each other and TikTok is not a zero-sum game where one win means another loses.

Rather, collabs expose each participant to the other’s seguidor base, among other useful things.

Co-op content is actually quite a common thing to see on TikTok.

Brands embrace influencers who use their product/service as a content carrier, artists in the same niche creatively ally to collectively increase their market size, and friends shout out to friends for no reason other than, well, be friends.

In each of these cases there have been no negative aspects, but positive growth for both/all parties.

Tag each other together to get more followers!

#13 Call to action? Rather a call for greater commitment

Seriously though, as in In virtually every popular network, call-to-action buttons cánido make a world of difference if used intelligently and without a lot of pressure.

Their goal is to expand your workflow and get the most out of your TikTok followers in terms of engagement.

Vídeos that end with a call to action perro, depending on the action, substantially increase your following.

It’s one thing to have a perfect match with a potential follower who is immediately hooked, but more often than not people require a gentle nudge in the right direction.

No popular network is exempt from this, so you might as well include TikTok in the equation.

However, you have to make your CTA non-intrusive, smart, attractive, and not excessively inconsequential.

Subtle conversions are the best.

Be as creative with the CTA as you are with your content, if not more.

Whether it’s a giveaway, a hashtag or a fácil “follow me for more content like this”, treat CTAs seriously and they will also become a means of expanding your presence.

#14 Upgrade your equipment

We all love followers and most people who make it to the trending phase do so with minimal equipment, right?

Still, a better team brings more engagement and more followers.

And sure, you cánido get habitual with a rudimentary team once, but that’s a call to upgrade if any, as your new audience won’t accept excuses for continuing to be low-quality.

Better equipment makes better content, and it’s hard to get around that fact.

Higher resolution vídeos get more engagement than the same ideas made in lower quality.

It doesn’t matter what you sing if the microphone doesn’t have the ability to record the beauty of your voice.

Have you seen the trick I’ve done? What a trick, I’ve only seen a bunch of pixels?

Getting serious on TikTok means investing in your accessories.

Consider it an investment and don’t make it cheap!

#15 Growth Services – Media Mister

You perro buy TikTok followers.

You perro also hire professional services with advanced automation techniques to take control of your TikTok and help you get more followers on TikTok.

There are dozens of high-quality services that perro help you grow your TikTok, but for every genuine one, you may stumble upon various fakes and scams.

The worst case?

Get scammed AND get banned. Permanently.

Therefore, if you escoge to choose this way to get more followers on TikTok, we recommend the most proven option.

Media Mister is not a bot, not a scam, not a fake.

It is a service provided by a dedicated account manager who will professionally manage your TikTok campaigns to maximize your growth.

As a result of their effort, you get natural growth and authentic followers who will react not because someone paid them to do so, but because they cultivate an interest in your content.

More than for the quality of the service (which is good, make no mistake) we recommend them for their dedication to your safety.

No private information will be collected from you, and their services, if not adopted by TikTok itself, are certainly not against the terms of the agreement, and therefore you cannot be banned for using them.

So if you have more money than time to run TikTok, feel free to visit their site.


TikTok is a wonderful site and gaining more followers is just the beginning.

Whether it’s because it’s new and untouched or for some other reason, it radiates positive vibes, youthful energy, and benevolent whims that we all need in our lives right now.

If you remember our consejos and tricks to get more followers on TikTok, we are sure that you will reach the place you deserve, and you will be part of that positive force that we all want to get a piece of when we connect to TikTok.

Who knows, maybe you’ll be the new rising star on TikTok and we’ll read about you in a couple of months.

Or weeks, who knows.

In any case, cross your fingers and we hope you get high.

And this is how you get more followers on TikTok in 2023.

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