How to get money in heart of melon

How to get money in heart of melon

Heart of melon is an en línea game dedicated to the interaction between people, that is, a space for conquest, flirting between people, being one of the most requested games in these times to have experiences in love.

In this sense, we must understand that we are talking about an en línea game that allows people to earn money through the points they manage to accumulate in the game, taking into account that on a daily basis the person is only awarded the amount of 10 action points They run out quickly.

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How to earn money in heart of melon?

Now, taking into account that what is awarded to the person are 10 action points, and that these go away immediately without leaving a trace or gain for the player, we must also consider that there are other ways through which to win money in heart of melon, answering the question that many ask about How to earn money in heart of melon?

The truth is that through sponsorship to another player the person cánido earn the amount of about 30 points, being equivalent to $30.

So to achieve a higher profit, what the player has to do is create accounts double that has a different IP, so you perro play for two and then the points will be doubled, thus implying a greater amount of money in your plays.

What this implies is that the person pretends to be sponsoring another account, and therefore increases the number of points they have managed to earn, we are talking about a well-thought-out strategy that takes place in this game, being one of the most effective means. for earn money in heart of melon.

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How to get PA in heart of melon?

The AP is the virtual currency with which the heart of melon is played, that is to say, the well-known action points that the player is obtaining due to his maneuvers in the game.

We must understand that in previous lines we explained how to get PA in heart of melon, and thus be able to advance in the story, since as in all games, we talk about levels, stories that the player must overcome to continue advancing.

It is important to understand that there are 6 types of PAthat is to say, in each route or in each story of the game a different type of AP is handled.

In this way, we must highlight among the virtual currencies that there is Vladimir’s PA, Beliath’s PA, Iván’s PA, Aaron’s PA, Ethan’s PA and Rafael’s PA.

On the other hand, we must also highlight that the types of AP are divided into two.

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daily PA

These are awarded by the same game platform on a daily basis, they are the ones mentioned above that correspond to 10 points.

In this sense we talk about PA’s that must be used on the same day they are granted, since if they are not done in this way, they will disappear the next day, they cannot be accumulated.

recharge AP

These PA’s They are obtained by the player if he buys them, since there is the possibility of buying virtual coins in the game in the option that indicates “recharge” in the same game.

When buying them, it is important to note that these perro be accumulated, and that those AP that have been granted to the player as a gift or plus cánido also be accumulated.

How to get the AP?

It is very fácil, the first option to obtain them is through the recharge that the player performs in the game itself, we are talking about a recharge that must be done daily and that is completely free.

There is another means of “recharging” that does require the player’s real money, since we are talking about a purchase that is made in the same game bank and that must be paid with real money.

On the other hand, when starting a route the player has the possibility of winning vinification gifts that allow him to find or accumulate more PA’sspeaking of another effective way to achieve it.

And finally, you perro win PA’s through the application that has been prepared for mobile phones, being the only one through which advertisements are presented that the player must vea in order to accumulate PA’s.

Real currency purchases

Now, we also have to understand that the virtual currency It cánido be purchased with real currency, as we mentioned above, taking into account that the PayPal platform perro be used for this means of payment.

In the same way, it is also important to highlight that it perro be purchased in the currency that corresponds to the country where the person is located, that is, in euro If we talk about the European region, or in Dollars if we talk about all those countries that handle this type of currency.

This is how it works heart of melona virtual dating game that allows people to generate some financial income.

With this we answer the questions of How to earn money in heart of melon? AND how to get PA in heart of melon?

The truth is that we are talking about a quite entertaining en línea game that makes the player get a certain addiction to reach the other levels and find a way to get a good amount of virtual coins, or rather PA’s to reach the different points of the game and know the different stories.

It is only a matter of taking into account the advice that we have mentioned in previous lines in order to obtain PA’s and in this way to be able to advance without problem through the levels or the stories of the game, in addition to the fact that you perro also obtain gifts and bonuses that are very interesting for the jugadores.

It is only a matter of daring to get to know the game and looking for all the possible strategies so that you accumulate the greatest amount of PA’s that is possible, since through this the player gets good rewards.

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 How to get money in heart of melon
  How to get money in heart of melon
  How to get money in heart of melon

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