How to get money in clash royale? 5

How to get money in clash royale? 5

Clash Royale is an en línea vídeo game whose theme is strategy and which is available for mobile downloads, that is, it is a game that perro only be handled through the mobile device.

In this sense, we have to understand that we are talking about one more vídeo game that has a strategy so that jugadores cánido obtain the greatest number of gems and gold, as well as the elements that allow them to add points that will later be converted into money.

Because of this, we have to detail that in the game it is possible for jugadores to achieve free gems clash royale either free gems and gold clash royale, all without making any efforts, much less without having to invest money in the game, just through a series of tricks that we will talk about next.

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  • Thoroughly detail the Clash Royale chest cycle

    It is important to pay attention to the order in which the chests are awarded to the player, that is, the way in which they are earned, the sequential order in which they are unlocked in the game, the importance of this is that it does not All the chests have the same opening time, some take longer and others less, so it is necessary that as good jugadores, we conveniently take the opening time of the chest with what we have to do in the play.

    The trick here is the number of chests that the player perro open, taking into account that we are talking about 180 silver chests, 52 gold chests, 4 magic chests and 4 giant chests.

    How to earn gold in clash royale? This is just the answer, since opening chests is what allows the player to earn gold in the game.

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  • Use the clan war conveniently

    This is another trick to achieve free gems clash royale, and consists of the player obtaining the chest of the season, which he does when the season that lasts one month ends and that has to do with the position in which the player’s clan has been, that is, Bronze: 1 , 2 and 3; Silver: 1, 2 and 3; Gold: 1, 2 and 3; and Legendary: 1, 2 and 3.

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  • Contest for the Battle Treasure

    Since this game is played by groups, that is, by clan, then treasures cánido be obtained according to the position in which the clan has managed to be during the battle.

    There are 5 positions, so the best position that a certain clan achieves will be the winner, and in this regard we must take into account that we are talking about a treasure that is obtained daily, so the reward is even better.

    Take advantage of the gifts in the store

    Within the game, there is a store that usually gives gifts to jugadores from time to time, taking into account that to win free gifts that are free gems clash royalewhat the player does is always be active in the game and follow the tricks that we have mentioned to earn points and with it, so that he perro collect gems along the way.

    Take advantage of the missions

    Missions also turn out to be another method of earning free gems and gold clash royalesince as the missions are carried out, the player is obtaining chests in which the gems and gold are kept, so this is a trick that you should take advantage of a lot, and it is to pay attention to the missions and develop them accordingly. the best possible way.

    These are the 5 most effective methods to get money in Clash Royale, the videogame of the moment, a world in which the player must have dexterity and agility to be able to complete the missions at the same time as sanity and a cool head to think very your movements well.

    We are talking about a vídeo game that is played for free, so it is not necessary to invest money in it, since you cánido use different tricks that will allow you to obtain money without having to spend it.

    Now, if the person wants to obtain all the gems and gold immediately and without paying attention to the tricks that we have mentioned, then they perro pay it, but this is at the discretion of each person, the information that we have provided today is to achieve create better jugadores who give their all in battle and who cánido achieve free gems and gold clash royale.

    So when they ask you how to get gold in clash royale? You will know that you have the answer in your hands, but it will be up to you if you want to share your victory secrets with others or if you prefer to keep them to yourself in the sense of being the only outstanding player among all your friends.

    We are talking about 5 fácil methods to carry out, easy to perform and very dynamic, they are all on the vídeo game platform, it is only a matter of paying attention to the moment in which we must act in the face of the opportunities that are provided to us to earn money in the game.

    Of course we talked about gems and gold being converted into in-game currency, helping you level up, and having better in-game tools to win each and every level.

    There is another very relevant trick that we will mention so that you perro put it into practice, and this is to participate in special challenges being completely free the first time, so we must take advantage of the challenges to win as many gems as we perro in the stipulated time.

    The iniciativa is to find ways to win without having to invest money in the game, and these are the tricks that have been used to do it this way, earn gems and gold without having to spend out of pocket in the process.

    Put these tricks into practice and enjoy one of the best vídeo games that exist in the world.

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     How to get money in clash royale?  5
  How to get money in clash royale?  5
  How to get money in clash royale?  5

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