How to get money from a stingy man?

How to get money from a stingy man?

The question of most women, because many times we meet men who are charming, and we like the iniciativa of ​​being with them, until they ask us out and they live it measuring what they are going to spend, or on the contrary, they prefer not to go out so as not to spend anything.

The truth is that a stingy man turns out to be the reason for many ended relationships, because we perro’t stand the iniciativa of ​​being with someone who cánido’t give in to the good times for not spending his money, stingy men shouldn’t exist, and in reality we want to change that, so we always wonder how to get money from a stingy man?

That is why in this space we will give ourselves the task of talking a little about how to get money from a stingy man, also including the situation how to get money from a lover and of course, how to get money from an older man

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How to get money from a stingy man?

The truth is that there are many effective ways to get money from a stingy manbut this also has to do with his monetary stability, we are not talking about taking money from a man that he does not have, that is, we are talking about a man who has good financial capital and therefore has where to give.

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Getting money through sexuality

In this sense, one of the important steps of how to get money from a stingy man it is to motivate him to spend, we are women, we must bear in mind that we have the gift of sensuality, of flirting, so we must use our secret weapons to motivate him to buy us what we want.

We talked about how things are not requested directly, but rather with charmsa little kiss here and a little kiss there, holding hands and wrapping, when they go out and go through a jewelry store, the woman should exploit his mind and excite him, that is, he perro approach hatred and tell him in a subtle way “Imagine how I feel I would see naked only with that necklace around my neck.”

The iniciativa is motivate man and especially in a sexual way, what should be taken into account is that we should not give everything before the man does not give anything, that is, if the woman gives her body without first getting something from the man, then he will never give her up.

He will give nothing, since we are talking about what he has already obtained.

Women! The strategy above all, and this applies to the case of how to get money from a lover and how to get money from an older man also.

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Withdraw money through the hero strategy

Men love it when women see them as heroes, those people who have come to solve problems and who will find a way to protect the harmless damsel.

Even if you are not harmless, let alone a damsel, you should find a way to give that kind of message, and express to her that you feel bad about something and that you have a money problem, but all in a very subtle way.

It is there when the man will act as the hero that by nature he believes he is and will offer the helping hand that the woman needs, it is yes, it is important that you do not make comments about that later you will return it or anything like that, just say thank you and treat him like the king he is.

Withdraw money through the king strategy

You have to become his princess, for any case, both of stingy manlike lover and of old manremembering that honors are moved by a woman who treats them like a king, who is their refuge, the man who solves things for them, rather, the owner of the world when he is with that woman.

It is like this, that king will want to place his empire at the feet of his princess, for the lover’s casehe will look for a woman who pampers him, who gives him a lot of love, that is, who raises his self-esteem and makes him believe again that he is an attractive man.

Also for the case of old manWell, we are talking about how an older man will feel very good next to a woman who makes him feel like a king, and of course he will be motivated to give the world at his feet since the iniciativa of ​​being with a young, beautiful and provocative is something really amazing.

Boost man’s ego

Men are beings of ego, they need to feel important, appreciated, admired, therefore, from the intelligent strategy of a woman, what must be done is to make them feel this way, give them a healthy ego that makes them spend money without compassion so that the woman continues to admire him in a good way.

These are the consejos that women should apply to solve the problems of as get money from a stingy man, how to get money from a lover either how to get money from an older man

It is also important to take into account that women must create their own strategies, and this includes their attractive presence, that is, being a sensual woman, moderating their attitudes and behaviors, dressing sensually and attractively, always being clean, smelling rich, manicured nails, in short, the type of woman that men look at in the street.

take money from a man It’s easier than you think, it’s just a matter of detailing the weak points of that man and from there acting at our convenience.

It is also important that the man does not see that we are interested women, but on the contrary, we are the type of women that he will not find anywhere else, a privilege that he has and that he must take care of.

We must make that man see that we do not depend on himand that if someone else does not consent to us, we are desired women.

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 How to get money from a stingy man?
  How to get money from a stingy man?
  How to get money from a stingy man?

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