How to get Gift Cards (Free) from

How to get Gift Cards (Free) from

Surely many of us have heard on more than one occasion that there are Amazon gift cards.

However, we do not know much about this type of cards or cift cards. But we are sure of one thing, we want to get them and if it’s free, all the better.

Therefore, today we want to tell you how get free amazon gift cards legitimately, without risk or surprises of any kind.

Options to get free Amazon cards

There are different ways to get an Amazon gift card.

Therefore, we are going to provide you with information on each of them, we will explain their pros and cons.

And it is possible that we will talk about some other important data.

If you want to know all the details, keep reading, this article is loaded.

Amazon Promotions

Amazon Gift Cards and Vouchers

From the gift card section on Amazon you cánido purchase gift cards to have a detail with whoever you want.

These Amazon gift cards perro be redeemed for millions of Amazon products.

Besides, during this Christmas you will receive a gift box free with the card inside.

There is no rush to redeem the gift card as they expire 10 years from the date of purchase.

The value of the card will depend on you, you cánido select cards from 50 euros to 1000.

Y también-gift voucher

If you prefer, Amazon also offers the possibility of sending a virtual gift voucher.

Only you will need the person’s correo electrónico or phone number to which you want to send it.

You cánido buy y también-checks for a value from 0.15 to 5000 euros.

Like gift cards, they expire 10 years from the date of purchase.

Amazon Loyalty Program

Amazon has created a loyalty program that departs from the usual ones.

Traditionally, companies reward their customers with points that they cánido redeem in the future for certain benefits.

However, Amazon has created a program that more than loyalty we could say that it is a program of privileges, Amazon Prime.

The advantages offered by Amazon Prime go far beyond a points accumulation program.

Customers who are part of Amazon Prime will be able to enjoy free shipping and within 24 hours, access to Prime Vídeo, Prime Music and a list of selected y también-books.

But buying an Amazon card is not the only way to get one.

paid offers

There are pages designed to earn money from home in exchange for doing some tasks.

One of the payment methods are Amazon cards.

So that you know a little better how these web pages work, we are going to present the best known and most reliable ones.


The Ysense portal, formerly known as ClixSense, is one of the safest pages to earn money on the Internet and with the longest history behind it.

In addition, its more than 5 million users support it.

This platform offers the possibility of earning money totally free through paid surveys and other en línea tasks..

To start earning money we only have to follow these fácil steps:

  1. Entrar their website and proceed to sign up.

    To carry out this registration we will only need to entrar an dirección de correo electrónico and a password.

    Registration is completely free.

  2. Once registered, we perro start earning money.

    When you entrar the website you will see the different sections available:

    • paid surveys: Keep in mind that paid surveys are not sent by dirección de correo electrónico, so we must access the website to carry them out.

    • paid offers: In this section you will find paid tasks such as viewing ads, downloading other applications, registering on web pages, trying new aplicaciones or new games.

    • mini jobs: In this section they work with the Figure Eight website, which also offers small tasks.

      In addition, other advantages are offered such as the plus of 5 plus dollars for every 50 earned.


Swagbucks is another of the most reliable pages to earn money en línea.

To access it you only have to register for free on its website.

On this page we will find two categories to start earning money:

  • answer surveys
  • Watch vídeos
  • Games

This page has its own “currency” that is still a points program.

100 coins will correspond to one euro.

Upon completing the registration we will receive 6 points as a welcome gift.

If we invest a couple of hours a day to carry out these activities, it will not be complicated receive around 80 euros per monthwith minimal effort.

Gift Hunter Club

This website allows us to earn money in different ways.

In addition to Gift Hunter Club, it has several positive aspects on the platform:

  • cánido enroll over 14 yearsso it is not necessary to be of legal age.

  • You receive 1 dollar for registering on the platform
  • You cánido withdraw the money from 2 dollars, one that allows us to collect from the first day, taking into account that we started with 1 dollar.

  • You will receive the payment within a few days of requesting it.

  • Plus for inviting your friends.

  • Payments guaranteed in 48 working hours from when they are requested.

As usual in this type of pages, the first thing we must do is proceed to the free registration and verify the account through the correo electrónico that we will receive.

We recommend you to be aware of the correos electrónicos so that you are aware of the tasks and offers.

Once registered we perro start using the page.

In Gif Hunter Club they offer various tasks among which are:

  • surveys
  • Trivial games and riddles
  • quiz
  • platform tasks
  • contests

They usually do two monthly contests, one rewarded with 500 points and the other with 3,500

This platform also has a daily plus section.

Although it is not the only platform that rewards you to entrar it daily, it has some really interesting advantages:

  • 10 percent of the points earned on the day are bonused.

    For example, if we accumulate 500 points, we will automatically be rewarded with 5 more.

  • This plus has no point limit.

To receive your free Amazon gift card you will need to have accumulated at least 5 euros.

You cánido also request payment through Paypal.

life points

One of the longest-lived web pages on our list, since it has been active for more than 10 years.

Unlike some of the pages mentioned above, LifePoints specializes in conducting surveys.

As always, the first thing we must do is register and validate our account.

During registration we will provide some personal data so that we receive the surveys that best suit our profile.

As compensation after completing the surveys we will receive our Amazon gift card.

Although the page also offers other payment methods.


In the same way that it happens with the other platforms, in Toluna you will be able to fill out various surveys and in return you will receive a free Amazon gift card.

You perro also get paid through rewards on Amazon, Adidas and ITunes among others.

Registration is very fácil, and completely free, you only have to fill in your personal information such as name, surname, age, gender and correo electrónico address.

Once registered, you will start receiving surveys and promotions.

The page also offers the possibility to earn points by actively participating in community activities such as creating content and games.

The reward for carrying out the corresponding activities are points that will later be exchanged for gift cards.

Upon completion of registration Toluna rewards you with 500 points.


This platform is designed to carry out surveys, and in this way, help customers of Yougov to make decisions about your products or services.

In order to be part of the platform, the first thing we must do is register.

From the moment we complete our registration, we will start receiving regular survey invitations to the correo electrónico we used during registration.

It works through a points program:

  • For each survey you complete, the corresponding points will be credited to your account.

  • 100 points are equivalent to approximately 1 euro
  • Points don’t expire, so you won’t have to worry.

  • Welcome plus of 100 points.

  • 200 points for each friend you invite to join the platform.

The plus per survey will be between 25 points and 400.

This will depend on how complex the survey is and the time we are going to invest to complete it.

The theme of the surveys, as usual in this type of platform, is very varied: lifestyle, home, sports, politics, makeup…

Payment is made using the Amazon Gift Card and is limited to two amounts: 25 euros (3,000 points), 50 euros (5,000 points).


It works very afín to many of the pages mentioned above.

To earn money with GrabPoints, the first thing we will do is access the free registration.

On this occasion, in addition to being able to register by correo electrónico, we cánido do so by linking our Fb account.

On this platform we cánido generate income in two ways:

  • By conducting surveys.

  • Completing tasks: registering on web pages, watching vídeos, playing a game…

The payment method also works through a points program.

Contrary to what happens on other platforms, if you remain inactive for more than 30 days, that is, you do not log into your account during this period, you will lose all your accumulated points.

To request your Amazon gift card you will need a minimum of 3500 points.

You cánido also redeem your points through Paypal from a minimum of 3,000 points.

mobile applications

List of móvil inteligente applications with which you cánido obtain Amazon gift cards.


Ipoll, the free application that we cánido easily download to any móvil through Google plus Play.

The income you generate in this application will directly depend on how much time and dedication we dedicate to the surveys.

These surveys are fácil, with a level suitable for everyone.

Some of these surveys will require field work.

For example, photographing a certain product on the supermarket shelf.

Therefore, it is a good iniciativa to take advantage of the weekly purchase to carry out this type of “in situ” surveys.

The survey plus is highly variable, those that require this type of intervention are the best paid,

At the time of your registration, completely free, they will ask us for some personal information so that they cánido send us surveys adapted to our profile.

Google plus Opinion Rewards

The Google plus Opinion Rewards aplicación is created by Google plus, and it allows you to generate some income from your mobile phone.

The operation is fácil, from time to time the application offers surveys that will be notified directly on our mobile phone.

The main difference from the other survey platforms is that some of these will be related to the stores and locations that we usually frequent.

For each completed survey, you are rewarded with compensation.

However, in this case not we will be able to redeem our benefits for Amazon gift cards as it will be added to your Google plus Play cómputo.

With this money you cánido buy applications or rent movies.

To get the most out of it, we recommend that you entrar Google plus Location History to activate geolocation, also activate it on your mobile phone.

cashback programs

Cashback is a term used to represent a transaction model in which the consumer receives part of his money back.

We could tell that it is a discount once the purchase is finalized.

This amount of money is usually refunded as a cómputo in a digital wallet.

To verify that you have purchased the product, you will only have to search for the store and the product you have purchased and scan its barcode, on other occasions the method to verify the purchase is to scan the purchase receipt.

Don’t worry, you just need to follow the instructions when you download the aplicación in question.

Next, we are going to introduce you to the best Cashback applications.


It is one of the best cashback aplicaciones, on this platform we will find many offers and we will be able to add and remove offers very comfortably.

You will also find numerous product categories, including, of course, food products.


The Gelt aplicación is probably one of the most famous cashback platforms in Spain.

You will only need to download the aplicación for free on your mobile phone, look at the products that are associated before making the purchase and upload the purchase ticket to the aplicación.

The big difference compared to other cashback applications is that on this platform the money is not exchanged for gift cards or through Paypal, but rather it is done directly through the ATM

With your permission

At Consupermiso we will not only be able to enjoy cashback for the purchases we have made, but we will also be able to accumulate more points by taking surveys or receiving offers by dirección de correo electrónico.

The plus for performing these tasks cánido be up to 1 euro.


This Cashback platform is available in various countries of the European Union such as France or Italy.

In Spain, it has associated about 150 businesses.

The cashback perro be withdrawn by Paypal or in the form of an Amazon gift card, among others, it also has a great advantage and that is that you cánido withdraw the cómputo from as little as 1 euro.

I tend

Tiendeo is another wonderful cashback application, as well as being able to see the products on sale in a very comfortable way, it allows us to see the offers of the supermarkets that are close to our way.

The accumulated cómputo perro be withdrawn in two ways: to your bank account or in the form of a gift card.

Now that we know the best platforms to earn money from home, we want to leave you with two recommendations:

  • Take advantage of your trips to the supermarketboth for cashback platforms and for fieldwork surveys in which you will need to photograph products.

  • Take advantage of idle hours to carry out these surveys and tasks for example when you are on public transport.

    In this way you will earn points without realizing it.

We hope that this information has been very useful and that you are encouraged to try one of these platforms and get your free Amazon gift cards.

It is possible that in the future more sites will be added to this list with which you cánido obtain Amazon gift cards.

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 How to get Gift Cards (Free) from
  How to get Gift Cards (Free) from
  How to get Gift Cards (Free) from

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