How to get Free Money for Play Store

How to get Free Money for Play Store

In Google plus Play it is possible to use money that cánido be very useful, be it to download premium applications of professional utility or to have a good time of leisure through games and other applications to pass the time. But if it is possible to use money within this platform we should also have the opportunity to get money through google play store. And, although it may not be very habitual, there is a way to do it.

Here we will teach you how to get money free for Play Store.

Ways to earn money on Google plus Play for free

The most efficient way to earn money with Google plus Play is through an application that has been created by Google plus itself, and this is…

Google plus Opinion Rewards

Google plus Opinion Rewards is an application designed by the Google plus Surveys team, a team from the search giant specialized in personalized market research.

Through this aplicación you cánido earn some money answered different types of surveys.

When downloading the application you only have to fill in the personal information requested and wait for the surveys, these perro vary depending on what Google plus requires. They state they send one a week, although it could vary to a lesser or greater degree.

When there is a survey available, it will automatically appear notification on your phone indicating that there is an opportunity to answer it and earn money.

As you progress through the application, your money will accumulate to be able to use it in the Play Store.

Payments per survey perro vary, some perro be worth $0.50 or $1.50 depending on the type of survey, it is important to make it clear that, like any other business model based on surveys, the frequency is affected by your country and place where you radica. Since pollsters are interested in a certain segment more than another.

➜ You perro download Google plus Opinion Revews through android or iOS:

➜ For Android devices:

➜ For Apple devices:

Other possible ways that you cánido get on the Internet are of dubious origin, something that you perro do in addition to this is look for opportunities to win Play Store gift cards or promotional codes. These cards are often sold in malls and brick-and-mortar stores, but are sometimes included in giveaways from a random contest or raffle.

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 How to get Free Money for Play Store
  How to get Free Money for Play Store
  How to get Free Money for Play Store

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