How to get free Google plus Play cards:

How to get free Google plus Play cards:

It’s not a myth, it’s true.

exist completely free ways to get Google plus Play cards.

What happens is that you will not get them without doing anything, but you will always have to do something so that they give it to you.

Do you want to know what they are? In that case, continue reading and you will discover them below.

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Ways to get Google plus Play cards

For get google plus play cards there are only two options:

  • buy them.
  • Web pages and applications They give you these cards for free in exchange for doing some tasks.

We insist that there are only these two ways to get cards for Google plus Play, the rest are scams.

What tasks do you have to do to get free Google plus Play cards?

We have already seen that you do not necessarily have to buy a Google plus Play card, but you cánido get them for free through web pages and aplicaciones.

But for this you have to do some tasks, which will normally be the following:

  • download aplicaciones and try them.
  • Doing paid surveys by Internet.
  • View vídeos and advertisements.
  • make money playing games for mobile and tablet (or exchange for google plus play cards)
  • sign up for free in pages and services.

The best pages to get free Google plus Play cards

As we have mentioned, there are pages where you cánido perform tasks to get Google plus Play cards for free.

We are going to tell you which are the most interesting:


swagbucks is another famous and quite habitual website where you have many chances to get some free Steam codes.

You cánido perform fácil tasks like watching vídeos and answering surveys to earn points.

You cánido redeem these points both in Steam codes and in other companies such as the Google play store, Amazon, Ps Store, iTunes, among others.

  • Payments: they cánido be requested from 500 SB points (equivalent to 5 euros/dollars)
  • Payment Methods: paypal, Amazon gift cards, G2A, Zalando, Steam, iTunes, Mango and many more.
  • Spanish Language?: Yes, the entire platform is in Spanish.
  • referrals: different levels of referrals when they reach certain points (approximately 300 SB)
  • countries: open platform for everyone.

Go to Swagbucks

ySense (ClixSense)

ySense it’s a great company known years ago for being one of the best PTC of the world.

He recently switched to paid surveys, including other ways to earn money and best of all, they perro be done from any country.

  • Payment when exceeding $10.
  • You perro earn money for perform tasks, complete surveys and affiliates.
  • Carry paying over 13 years without any problem involved, it is a very reliable company and offers a referral system.
  • Offers well-known means of payment such as Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer and cards to redeem on the Play Store, Amazon and Steam.
  • The platform is in english but the surveys in Spanish.
  • The supply of surveys is greater in the United States and Europe, compared to those in Latin America.

Go to ySense

King Of Prizes

It is a platform with a very friendly design, easy to use and especially comfortable for earning points.

All you have to do are fácil tasks like:

  • How to earn points: visiting sites and clicking, offers and contests, daily surveys, small tasks and referrals.
  • Payment Methods: Paypal and AirTM.
  • Language: Spanish and English.
  • countries: everyone (over 16 years old) perro register on the web.
  • Gift vouchers: Blizzard, PlayStarion, Xbox, Nintendo, Steam, Spotify, Netflix, Deezer, Google plus Play, Amazon, PC Components, El Corte Inglés, Ikea, Media Markt, Alcampo, Carrefour, Decathlon, Rumbo, Rayair, Iberia, Zalando, Disney, Zara, Calzedonia, Fnac, Springfield, Oysho, Uterque, Bershka, Pull & Bear, Mango, Calzedonia, H&M, Massimo Dutti, Zara Home, Asos, Apple, Nike and Adidas.

Go to King of Prizes

Point Prizes

Fácil, fast interfaz and a very good platform to earn points and get Steam cards by doing the typical fácil tasks, making accounts and watching vídeo ads.

  • ways to earn money: game downloads, aplicaciones, giveaways, registrations, daily surveys, coupons, fácil tasks, watch vídeo ads, referral system, etcétera.
  • Payments: you perro request from 3,000 points that are approximately $20.
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon, Steam, PaySafeCard, iTunes and more.
  • Language: only English but using the browser’s translator we forget about this problem.
  • countries: everyone, there is no geographic restriction.

Go to Points Prizes


Achiever is a free bets website, in which you cánido earn free points that you cánido exchange for money and prizes.

It has a Casino section to play for free.

And if you stay at zero, they give you more points the next day.

Go to Achiever


At first it was just a mobile aplicación, but then it has evolved to become a very complete website and in which there are many ways to get rewards.

Some of the main ones are surveys, viewing ads, and tasks based on offers.

Go to GrabPoints

The best aplicaciones to get free Google plus Play cards

In this case we are going to talk only about an aplicación to get Google plus Play cards for free, but it’s a really good option:


This is a great aplicación for get money through PayPal and cards for Google plus Play.

The tasks that you carry out in it will be rewarded through the “Karma”, which are points that you perro exchange for prizes.

Have a badge system to encourage users to carry out activities, through rewards.

You just have to entrar the code: workathome1 to get 400 free points when you register.

Go to Appkarma

Beware of code generators for Google plus Play

If you search the Internet you will be able to verify that there are many pages that supposedly are code generators and/or cards for Google plus Play.

But actually it is a scam, so you should ignore them.

The reality is that there is no website where they will give you cards for Google plus Play without doing anything in return.

What they do on these pages is steal usuario data, because they ask for their correo electrónico account, for example, to which they send contenido publicitario.

They cánido also get your phone or subscribe to some premium paid service without realizing it.

How the Google plus Play cards we get are redeemed

If you already have a Google plus Play code, it’s time to redeem it.

And for that you have to follow the next steps:

  1. If you are on your computer, entrar this page.

    And if you are browsing vía mobile, open the google plus play aplicación.

  2. Clic on «Redeem«.
  3. Entrar the code and clic on “Redeem«.

Your cómputo will automatically go to your Google plus account.

You cánido use it not only in the Play Store, but in the shops and services that has associates, both en línea and physical.

However, you have to keep in mind that the cómputo that you get through Google plus Play codes will have to be spend it on products or services.

It will never be refunded to you, nor will it be exchanged for money on any platform pay.

Final opinions on these methods to get Google plus Play cards

If you like get google plus play cards for free, you have already seen that you perro do it, and also in a very fácil way.

But it is not automatic, because you will always have to perform some task.

And if you prefer one faster optionyou only have the one left buy.

Remember that code generators for Google plus Play are not real.

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 How to get free Google plus Play cards:
  How to get free Google plus Play cards:
  How to get free Google plus Play cards:

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