How to get free Cryptocurrencies

How to get free Cryptocurrencies

every day the digital money is gaining space in life of people and often share information on the subject. In these conversations some questions arise: how to earn free cryptocurrencies? especially safely. Is it really beneficial? How long perro it take to earn a lot of money?

The cryptocurrency has evolved and with it the large amount of information that cánido be found in the different media and popular networks. To earn money for free there are various methods and various pages that provide security and confidence.

Currently, there are many sites that you cánido find on the internet, For this reason, it is advisable to visit them constantly, to be up to date with the information published.

Games to get free cryptocurrencies

In the en línea market two words are in fashion with an excellent combination: entertainment and profit. This is alluded to in cryptocurrency games, entusiastas are always looking to increase their earnings, with cryptocurrencies such as; bitcoin (BTC), litecoin (LTC) or ether (ETH) from Ethereum.

In this year the most common games are usually:

Axis Infinity It is one of the games that promises to earn the highest income, it is known because you earn money playing it. It’s fun and family-friendly an empire of creatures called “Axies” is created, where jugadores pick or choose their “Axies” to fight team battles.

Previously, you buy three “Axies” with a value of approximately 200 dollars (each axie costs 0.1 ETH), although their costs usually vary. Its profitability has grown due to the popularity on the net.

Neon District is another successful game where you create your own teams and in a virtual world with a punk topic, combat between jugadores takes place. Team members acquire weapons including skills in exchange for an original toke called NEON, but it is not exchangeable in exchanges. Although, it is possible to buy or void as the game progresses.

Litebringer is a medieval warrior collectible card vídeo game, it is based on Litecoin blockchain. Teams made up of warriors, thieves and wizards alike, are created in search of loot where the player discovers worlds, gains power and litecoins (LTC). The great challenge is to level up to revalue the components of the characters.

There are other games on the market like Gods Unchainedis another collectible card game infused with mythical and fantastical themes. Alien Wordswhere the ultimate goal is to integrate the largest possible accessories in the form of remote NFTs in the galaxies.

5 best Aplicaciones to earn free cryptocurrencies

Currently, the cryptocurrency craze is everywhere invading millions of users who they use different aplicaciones to have fun and earn some bitcoins. Since the beginning of the year, virtual currency has revolutionized the world, surprising everyone with its profits to those who have not missed the opportunity.

In the networks there are various aplicaciones to earn cryptocurrencies for free, continue reading to learn about the best ones. In them you will find opportunities that will allow you to increase your earnings under the theme of cryptocurrencies, which dominate the virtual world.


With this renowned American aplicación, it is possible to earn cryptocurrencies. Since 2016, the website is active en línea, being very reliable because it complies with its payments. Along with canceled elementos on BTC, Coinbuld offers faucets in the same way as Freebitcoin.

Entering is very fácil, just you have to create an account in Coinbuld for free, any usuario in the world cánido do it. When accessing the account you will vea three main blocks; main menu, secondary, certain statistics with their graphs.

In turn, the main menu of the aplicación is made up of four different sections and in everyday life you will only use two of those. In three free ways, you cánido earn Bitcoin:

Finally, for ads there are two types. Surf Ads mentioning his name, the ads are seen in the form of surfing, where they appear one after the other without Adfocus. Activate Window Ads, it operates differently because it has Adfocus. On the web you will see a sample of each one and you perro follow the steps indicated.


With this famous aplicación you cánido earn money for free. Originated in 2013, currently it is one of the most reliable. In addition, in its 7-year history it has added new functions guaranteeing benefits to users.

In this aplicación you will find different ways to earn free bitcoin and you will have fun playing, mining and inviting other people. Besides, thanks to passive interest, you don’t have to do much to earn. You must register with an dirección de correo electrónico, a password and a bitcoin address to receive payments.

The great advantage of this currency is that there are no limits, it is possible to earn money from anywhere in the country. In the account you will find several menus, the main and significant one is Free BTC, it sets the estándar on the web.

Provides the possibility of increase profits With Multiply BTC, it is the one that follows the main web. The mechanism is to place bets to multiply the winnings.

Another way to earn money offered by the web It’s the Lottery section. It is possible to participate with the tiques obtained with the Free BTC and Multiply BTC sections. Although, you cánido also obtain it through purchase.


This aplicación is one of the newest, has been on the market for just 5 years, offers various ways to store money with bitcoins. When you are registered and entrar your usuario, you will vea the various alternatives to increase your earnings, they are usually:

  • Fill out surveys.

  • Installing aplicaciones and playing.

  • Watch ads, including vídeos.

  • Claim coins in faucet.

  • Generate interest.

Cointiply is one of the most complete, brings together in the same portal all the ways that are used to earn bitcoin. In addition, it cánido be used from the computer on the web, or comfortably from the mobile. Do not forget that you must register an account to receive payments; it is also reliable.


Bitgames, is an aplicación that offers the opportunity to earn bitcoins in a fácil way, it is a super complete faucet to earn coins every hour. With the particularity that it has “Offerwalls” with varied alternatives to collect more coins. Among the different tasks that you perro perform are:

  • Solve captcha.

  • Watch vídeos.

  • Complete surveys.

  • Visit web pages.

Unlike other aplicaciones, it emplees an excellent strategy to motivate you to work on the faucet. His system is through reward assigning satoshis for completing a task or a captcha seen on the web.

The great advantage is that users cánido work from any country where they are and there are no inconveniences to receive their payments.


It is a fabulous website, which not only allows you to earn bitcoins, but also other well-known cryptocurrencies. In addition, it is free, offers various faucet sections, PTC, shortlinks, among others. His way of working consists of:

  • First, earn bitcoins by completing challenges.

  • Watch ads.

  • Accomplish fácil tasks.

A feature of this website is to be able to sell certain virtual objects to other users, gaining experiences, commissions, among other benefits. What many like is that pay in any cryptocurrency you selectas long as it is available.

Besides, all users start from scratchwith the work you level up and earn more reward in Coins or Satoshis.

Free Cryptocurrencies on Coinbase

How wonderful it is, while you learn you cánido earn free cryptocurrencies through Coinbase, its mechanism is afín to the capital market by supply and demand. There is a digital wallet, in which after the negotiation or acquisition of digital currencies are collected in it.

It is a very fácil, easy to use thanks to its interfaz, ideal for new users take experiences. In Currently, it has around 85 currencies to select which one you are going to buy and/or sell, although some may not be available in your country.

For operations in cryptocurrencies, the methods presented to users for the use of the same in possession are different. They are between them:

– Purchase/sale of physical assets.

– Digital products.

– Gift cards.

– Donations.

– Gifts.

Finally, it should be noted It is one of the safest on the market., due to safety compounds. In addition, it offers deposit insurance that covers all digital and fiduciary assets. Likewise, it has a secure vault service with a system where operations are verified by dirección de correo electrónico.

What are the Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs?

For this selection, companies constantly established in the industry were taken into account; as well as the striking attraction rates.

Binance is one of them, considered one of the largest in the world, to guarantee its operations it has established itself in different locations. It started with a crypto-to-crypto platform, over time its advances were notorious and beneficial, operating on a large scale. Save compatibility with major currencies.

Coinbase is another of the recognized programs, including the largest in North America, opens its doors to enthusiasts with a disciplined platform. The benefits such as handling, accepting bitcoin as payments and having cryptocurrencies for institutional investments are varied. With marketing you cánido increase profits.

CoinEx, is dedicated to the cryptocurrency buying and selling service, it has expanded to around 100 countries, gaining users because it is available in several languages. It has an ambassador program where users create backlinks for friends to register and manipulate CoinEx.

LocalBitcoins, excellent program for people to sell their bitcoins in different countries. With a fácil interfaz, different users person to person exchange their digital goods.

Paxfulis another of the main programs that offers security to users who operate in bitcoin for fiat money in a safe way.

There are many more, but we try to reflect just five, hoping they will be beneficial.

What are Faucets and Airdrops?

In itself the word faucet in bitcoin stuff symbolizes faucet or key, they take that name from relating it to the fact that they drip minimal amounts of cryptocurrencies. Some relate it as free money because in various web pages or applications with ease of use it is possible to earn cryptocurrencies for free.

If you want to know numerically, imagine that the earnings are approximately from 100 satoshis (minimum bitcoin unit) to 10,000 satoshis and much more.

On the other hand, the Airdrops, under the theme of cryptocurrencies, is a marketing procedure that is granted to the holders of a certain cryptocurrency. This procedure is free, so many take advantage of it, because who does not like free things and discounts.

Perhaps you never thought that through fun games you could earn money that cánido increase your earnings to have a better estándar of living. That is the surprising thing about situations to experience throughout life, so you have to let everything flow and enjoy.

If you are looking to increase your income, try some of the alternatives offered by the aforementioned aplicaciones, become an expert from your comfort zone.

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 How to get free Cryptocurrencies
  How to get free Cryptocurrencies
  How to get free Cryptocurrencies

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