How to GET direct referrals in 2023

How to GET direct referrals in 2023

Is it possible to get referrals? One of whichHeadaches that we perro have when we start in the world of making money en línea.

In one of the first posts I wrote on the blog, I already mentioned what It was difficult for me to make people around me understandthat there were pages on the internet with which we could earn money completely free of

Simply with our personal performance, having a lot of patience and being persevering.

As is often the case with current news, the larger the size of the loudspeakers through which it is broadcast to us, the greater the reach of that news and as such, it becomes viral within a few minutes.

Something afín is what happens with the case that concerns us today.

As if it were a law of probability, the more people listen to the information we want to transmit, the more chances there will be that one of them will espectáculo interest.

What are direct referrals?

Referrals are those users who register on a page under our reference.

In the same way, depending on the characteristics and conditions of each of the pages we work with, we will receive a reward for our recommendations.

We must differentiate between two types of referrals: direct referrals and rented referrals.

In this sense, direct referrals would be the users that we have described above, that is, those users directly recommended by us.

However, rented referrals are bots or users who register on the page without a sponsorfor which we cánido pay rent and receive earnings from your clicks.

There are some pages in which it is profitable to invest money in rented referrals and others in which it is not.

Do I have to get direct referrals?

Focusing on direct referrals, in most free pages, the compensation we receive depends on the work that usuario does on the website itself (either by viewing ads, completing surveys or making offers and mini-jobs).

However, on pages that require an investment, the compensation is usually a percentage of the money invested by that usuario.

And in some cases, a percentage of the value of the advertising clicks that you make on the page.

Next, we will see several methods to get referrals.

Some of them are free and others require some kind of purchase or investment on our part.

Systems to get direct referrals

First of all we will deal with the free systems.

It is important to note that these systems are the ones that but we have many more at our disposal.

▶ Traffic exchange

Traffic exchange is a tool in which for each visit we make to an advertisement, we will be assigned credits to promote our sites.

I usually work regularly at EasyHits4U, which is considered by many (also for me), the best traffic exchange page.

In EasyHits4U, there is also a paid version that we will see later.

▶ Get referrals on popular networks

Although I am registered in various popular networks, the ones I get the best results from are Fb and, to a lesser extent, Twitter.

In the first, I usually articulo on my wall, in the DineroWorld page and in some groups with the theme of earning money en línea.

Do not contenido publicitario on popular networks.

In the end, it is counterproductive and annoying for your followers.

▶ Advertising on PTC Ads

I recommend that, especially at the beginning, you register in recently launched PTCs.

in some of them they usually give money in the purchase cómputo to the first users in register.

For example, with $1 we cánido buy 1000 ads and get referrals promoting our backlinks in that new PTC.

Not bad for being free, right? Another option is to use veteran PTc as Coinpayu either adbtc and pay to advertise on them.

▶ Forums

In the forums we cánido find relevant information and make contact with the users who participate in it.

As in any community, we will find users who need help and others who provide that help.

As I have commented in the Popular Networks section, do not contenido publicitario in the Forums.

They cánido ban you for it.

▶ Blogging and Youtube Channels

There are hundreds of users, including myself, who have a blog (or a YouTube channel) in which we explain our experiences on the pages we work on.

On a personal level, of all the methods we are looking at, the one on the blog is the one I like the most of all.

Mainly for two reasons: I perro explain the pages I work from my especial point of view, and at the same time, maintain direct contact with you (those who dare to read me.

There are free platforms like Wix, Blogger or Jimdo that allow us to manage a blog totally free.

▶ Word of mouth

There is nothing more direct than explaining to a person how to earn money on a page.

There are times when the person we are talking to perro be somewhat skeptical at first (a common occurrence when they talk to us about something we don’t know).

However, explaining in detail how the system works, showing proof of own payment and saying how we have achieved itit should be enough for our interlocutor to espectáculo some interest.

If the other person has a real interest in making money en línea, they will listen to you.

Get direct referrals (premium methods)

After seeing the list of free methods to get referrals, we are going to see others that require a purchase or investment on our part.

These systems are the following:

▶ RevShares

RevShares are “investment pages” (or camouflaged ponzi systems) in which we cánido buy advertising packages in exchange for a certain return.

In this way, with the credits assigned to us in each of the purchases, we cánido promote our backlinks and get referrals.

Investments in these types of pages are considered high risk.

We should never use them unless we fully know their operation and methodology.

▶ Traffic Exchange

Another option to promote our backlinks would be to buy banner credits or ad credits.

In the case of EasyHits4U it is better to do it for free.

▶ Traffic Rotators

Traffic rotators are platforms where we cánido pay a kind of fee for our ads to be displayed on multiple pages.

Depending on the pages in which each rotator works, our ads will reach one or the other users.

There are traffic rotators in which we cánido promote our backlinks in several PTCs at the same time.

▶ Paid advertising on PTC

In the case of having to invest in advertising, I usually do it in veteran PTCs such as neobux or andSense.

Usually, the advertising on these pages is quite effective.

Also, the money I spend on ads is part of the revenue generated on the pages themselves, so my de hoy spend is zero.

Or to put it another way, my investment is time working the sites.

Especially in the second, in which I perro make money with paid surveys or with the Figure Eight Mini Jobs.

It pays me more to do this than to withdraw the money and deposit it in another PTC.

▶ PTSU Offers

On some pages we perro make economic offers in exchange for a usuario registering under our reference.

To avoid possible confusion, it is essential to explain well what the offer consists of and when the payment will be made.

A practical example could be the following:

I offer you $0.10 if you register on such a page and make more than 40 clicks in a week.

I will pay once the 40 clicks are confirmed.

Now you know how to get referrals!

I have personally tried These and other methods to get referralsand I have come to the conclusion that each one of them has its good part and its bad part.

Of all the Free methods that I have explained to you, the ones that seem most effective to me are the ads in new PTCs, the ads on traffic exchange pages and the blog.

In any case, as these are free systems, you do not lose anything by trying.

In the end it is about choosing and staying with the one that you like the most and that is most effective.

Regarding the payment methods, My recommendation would be not to use any of those described.

Especially the revshares.

And even more so if we already have free systems at our disposal.

In any case, the decision must be made by each one, always taking into account the referral profile they want to find and the strategy to follow to achieve it.

These same systems to get referrals They also serve on the pages for earn free bitcoins.

And you, have you used any method other than those described to get referrals? Which of them has given you the best results? I hope that Are these methods useful? and you cánido get first referrals.

As always, if you have any questions regarding this articulo.

Or if you want to ask me any kind of question, you cánido leave me a comment below or write me a message through the tab Contact.

¡¡¡Good luck and until next time!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 How to GET direct referrals in 2023
  How to GET direct referrals in 2023
  How to GET direct referrals in 2023

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