How to get Amazon Prime free forever

How to get Amazon Prime free forever

Amazon prime or premium It is one of the services in recent years that offers us the most advantages over the competition, 100% recommended, especially for the quality-price it offers.

Currently, the large y también-commerce company has more than 100 million subscriptions in the last yeara figure that is increasing year after year.

But many of these subscriptions are for temporary trial periods, 30 days free where the usuario cánido try all the features of the service.

Are test accounts are the ones that we are going to use as a war horse to not pay for a month the Prime monthly payment and have it unlimited.

How to have unlimited free Amazon Prime step by step

We are going to explain two ways to get amazon prime free forever:

Method 1.

Use unlimited 30-day trial accounts

The most common way to get access to the Prime service for free every month is by using the 30-day free trial period.

  1. Sign up for Amazon.
  2. Choose “Start my free trial period”.
  3. Create an accountfill in your information and confirm it.
  4. Entrar a payment method, a valid card that you have
  5. Once this process is done and you have the free period, unsubscribe so that you are not charged when the 30 days are up (we explain how below)

Perfect, we already have a month.

But, what is the problem? that you will need one new card for the following month, but don’t worry, keep reading.

Amazon offers all cards 1 month free every 12 monthsso if we get the cards and keep them we will have unlimited Prime free forever.

To get free cards there are three ways:

  • The easiest way is to use family cards, but we will need 12 relatives who agree to deliver them (and it cánido be complicated).

    It would be as easy as adding the cards to your Amazon account.

    It would be fair that you share them with your family/friends and get the most out of all of them)

  • The second way (our favorite), is ask the bank or request them in those that you do not need permanence or commissions.

    There are banks that have these characteristics and offer a free card without any commission involved.

    For example, for being a Mapfre member you have access to a free Bankia card at no cost.

    And this is just one example of many.

  • And finally, you cánido use free virtual cards.

    You will only have to see if your bank has this service available and if it is not clear to you, call to inform you.

Method 2.

Use the promotions of Internet and telephone companies

Some Internet companies such as Vodafone, Orange and Moviestar have promotions when contracting a mobile or Internet rate, in which we will have free access to Prime, HBO, Netflix, etcétera.

Find out before contracting any rate.

Method 3.

Take paid surveys to earn gift cards and redeem on Amazon

Another way to get free prime is by doing en línea paid surveys.

By dedicating just a few hours a day you cánido get not only cards for Amazon but for hundreds of other platforms such as HBO, Netflix, Steam, Carrefour, among others.

How to cancel the automatic renewal of the Prime subscription?

In the event that you do not cancel the subscription and let it pass, the day will come when they will charge you.

That is why it is very important to cancel it as soon as we create the account.

To do it is as fácil as:

  1. Sign in to Amazon.
  2. Go to “My account” and then to “Equipo up my Amazon Prime subscription”.
  3. In “Manage Subscription” we go to “End my subscription and benefits”.

Once we finish it We won’t lose Prime benefits until the end of the monthIt doesn’t matter if you cancel at any time of the month.

What advantages do we have with Amazon Prime?

We are going to be concise listing in a few lines everything that it offers:

  • Free shipping and in 1 day on purchases made on Amazon.
  • Free monthly subscription on Twitch: in addition to forgetting about the ads on the uso contínuo platform, it will allow us a free monthly subscription to any channel.
  • Amazon Prime Vídeo: Uso contínuo service for movies and series in the style of Netflix and HBO.
  • Amazon Prime Music: free music Spotify style, with thousands of songs and no ads.
  • Amazon Kindle Prime: access to thousands and thousands of free books to download in Kindle libros electrónicos.
  • Amazon Prime Photos: unlimited free storage in the cloud of all our photos and vídeos, Google plus Photos style.

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 How to get Amazon Prime free forever
  How to get Amazon Prime free forever
  How to get Amazon Prime free forever

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