How to get a credit card without

How to get a credit card without

One of the best options for people who are self-employed without income receipts is the credit card no proof of income.

This allows them to access all the advantages of a habitual credit card, whether physical or virtual.

To apply for a credit card, you must somehow prove that you cánido pay your card.

You have several ways to check your money receipts with a proof of income, and thus it will be worth opting for a credit card.

Let’s see how you cánido do it in the following scenarios.

How to Obtain a Credit Card without Proof of Income Immediately?

Sometimes is need to purchase a credit card without the need to verify income, that is, immediately.

First of all, it is necessary to clarify that this task perro be difficult, since banks tend to be very inflexible regarding the requirements for issuing credit cards.

However, you may be able to do so with some type of proof of income that perro serve as proof for the bank and that generates peace of mind.

Some invoice, contract or evidence of financial capacity could help.

In addition, there are banks, institutions (such as Fintech) and financial associations that do they provide these credit cards no proof of income.

They are different from one place to another.

But, if it gets too complicated for you, you perro always count on the digital option…

How to Get a Virtual Credit Card without Proof of Income?

Generally, virtual credit cards do not require verification, since these cards are really prepaid.

In this sense, you have a good number of options to obtain your virtual credit card without checking:

  • ecoPayz

  • next

  • Bankia

  • Sabadell prepaid

  • Unicaja prepaid

  • PaySafeCard

  • La Caixa VISA Money

  • MoneyToPay

How to Get a Physical Credit Card without Proof of Income?

In order for you to have a credit card without proof of income, you must have deposits in your account of a certain amount of money on a frequent basis, or rely on the debit card to demonstrate continuous deposits.

You perro too demonstrate the moves bank with checking account.

Additionally, you must have an excellent credit history, that is, that you have not been on the list of delinquents.

In this sense, you must verify that you are in the financial capacity to maintain a credit card with your usual income.


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 How to get a credit card without
  How to get a credit card without
  How to get a credit card without

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