How to generate passive income WITHOUT WORKING

How to generate passive income WITHOUT WORKING

I’m sure that whenever you struggle to make ends meet, the first solutions that come to mind are work more hours to earn more, or ask for a raise your boss, right?

What if I tell you that through passive income there are many more methods with which you cánido generate money at the end of the month, And also without hardly working?

In this articulo I am going to espectáculo you how to use this form to grow your income even when you’re sleeping or playing with your children in the park just like I’ve been doing for 2 years now.

What will you find in this article?

What is passive income and what is it for?

What is active income?

What is residual income?

10 ideas to generate recurring passive income

▶ How to generate passive income from home

▶ How to generate real passive income

▶ How to live on passive income

What are the passive income and what are they for?

Passive income is that income in which you do not need to do anything nor work on them constantly so that they are generated.

It is true that you must first create and work on them in order to sell them later.

But once you’ve done this, you will not need to do anything else so that they give you benefits.

A good example of passive income is To publish a book: you work on it for a few hours until you finish it, but when you publish it afterwards, you earn money with it every time someone buys it without having to keep working on it.

Who hasn’t wished for power make money while you are sleeping? This is precisely what passive income is all about.

Although you should keep in mind that all passive income starts as an active one because it requires an initial effort.

However, as you increase your earnings, your presence and activity will be less.

Even to the point where it won’t be necessary for you to pass more than a few minutes up to date or a month, supervising that everything goes in order while you continue to earn money making your life.

But why are these types of benefits being sought?

To get out of the routine of working hours and the financial dependency.

Nobody likes to spend 8 hours or more in an office from Monday to Friday, much less working for others when you could do it for yourself.

And seeking true financial independence is what It will allow you to live your dreams and achieve your goals. what do you want.

So it is with this mentality that you must start to earn money without effort.

This income perro be obtained through different activities such as renting housescars, collecting royalties (for example of a book), investing in the depósito marketselling products on the Internet, etcétera.

Which are the active income?

Unlike passive income, active income is the money you get through your work. You receive this income for the time you dedicate to a task or activity, where you are paid for it.

Most people with their jobs receive active income because the time they work they exchange for their salary.

The main difference between active and passive income is that with the former, if you stop doing the activity that generates the income, you won’t get any more money.

While with the second, this does not happen.

In this type of income, there are employees and all kinds of people who generate income through an activity, and who if you stop doing it, You will not be able to continue charging.

For example: a taxi controlador.

This person charges an amount of money for each trip he makes.

If you stop doing it, you will stop making money.

Keep in mind that these activities refer to all those tasks that require your presence, and that if you are not there, they cannot be carried out and therefore do not generate money.

You may be the owner of a company, but you must espectáculo up every day, because if you don’t, things don’t work well.

And for this reason you have to stay until the end of the day to check that your venture continues to generate money.

In any case, if you hire a manager who is in charge of carrying out your tasks, you no longer have to go every day and work 8 hours so that the company continues to generate money.

In this way, your company would become a source of passive income for you.

And that time that you used to invest in running your company, now you cánido take advantage of it in other activities that generate more money or may not have anything to do with work.

Which are the residual income?

If you have heard of the term residual income, you should know that they are exactly the same as passive income.

This is because they are benefits that are obtained without having to find yourself working and usually, thanks to the earnings produced by an asset of your property or product and/or service.

They are called residuals because it is money coming into your account every certain known period of time and usually, it starts out as a supplement to your main income.

For example, when you offer a monthly subscription to a premium service, you know that you will receive that income every month by your users.

The same happens when you rent a car or an apartment, you will receive that rental income every month.

As you cánido see, they are activities that generate income from time to time. without the need for you to be working constantly.

Some initial effort is probably needed, but the time-money relationship It is much better than active income.

And it may be that as you get better at the activity that generates passive income, it will become the main source of money in your life.

10 ideas to generate income Passives recurring

1. investing in the depósito market

Currently, en línea trading has become one of the investment methods for generate passive income More habitual.

This is due to You just have to choose which assets to invest your money inand without the need for you to make any other effort, your money will grow if your operations are correct.

For example, you could invest up in Fb shares, that is, you think the price of its shares will rise.

And every time those stocks go up, you will make money without having to do anything thanks to that operation.

The best way to start this is by investing en línea from your home.

But beware: not all brokers out there are good and reliable.

It is important that you choose a good beginner platform if you have never invested before and want to start doing it to get passive income.

One of the best brokers out there right now for this is IQ Option.

This was the en línea investment platform with which I began to operate, and today it is generating me about $1,362 every month on autopilot without me having to do hardly anything.

The best thing is that you perro start investing with as low as $10and they also have exclusive vídeo tutorials for their clients in which they teach you how to invest from scratch with winning strategies.

2. selling photos en línea

If you like to take pictures with your mobile, or you have the right equipment for it, you perro get to earn good money selling your images. Especially if you manage to get photos of very good quality.

You don’t need to be a professional photographer, just know how to make good catches and you’ll be ready for this.

You don’t need to invest a lot of time either, since you cánido be walking and taking pictures for later upload them to a sales network like Fotodinerofacil.

This is an en línea platform where you perro upload your best photos to sell at a very good price.

This page acts as an intermediary, since it allows you to reach the people or companies interested in acquiring your photographs, and they simply let the buyers get paid directly.

The good thing about this method is that it is a really easy (and also fun) way to generate passive income: you will only have to work a little on taking good photosand then upload them to different image sales pages.

Then you won’t need to do anything else: every time a photo of you is sold, your earnings will be paid to you automatically in your account without having to do anything (passively).

3. writing books

Another way to generate passive income is writing books or y también-books.

Most people go en línea to find information about something specific, and if you cánido make it reach them in an easy and understandable way, they will be willing to pay for it.

Now readers prefer to see and read content that is specific to the subject they are looking for, without straying too far and consistently.

Also, thanks to technology, physical books are no longer flashy. the comfort of have hundreds of books available on your mobile at any time makes them attractive.

Taking all this into account, you cánido start writing a book and earn money, on a subject that you know, that you master perfectly and that you think that people would pay to know.

For example: marketing strategies, coaching, self help booksfinance, novels, etcétera.

Any topic or subject that you think people might like.

The best way to sell your y también-books is vía Amazon Kindle, which is Amazon’s en línea reading platform.

Here you cánido publish your books for free in any language and place the price that you think is right.

Of course, Amazon is very demanding with the guidelines for publishing on its portal.

Therefore, you must follow to the letter their demands to get it published.

This may seem a bit difficult, but with the help of the KDP Elabora, you will be able to publish your books without problem and obtain very good benefits thanks to the guide that they have.

It is an infallible elabora for learn to publish your books Through the Kindle Network and sales success, to achieve financial freedom while copies of your y también-books sell 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you like to write and have always wanted to publish your books, the KDP Elabora it will help you earn money by selling them on the Amazon Kindle platform.

4. renting your house

Do you have a spare house or a room that you barely use? Instead of letting dust accumulate on it, a great iniciativa would be rent it to generate passive income with it.

This is a method that many people have used for decades: They invest in properties such as apartments and then rent them out to others, or they use the room they have left in their own houses to rent it out temporarily.

The best way today to get it is through the habitual page Airbnb.

It is a global platform for the temporary rental of spaces, They perro be rooms, apartments or houses.

Travelers, especially minimalists, perro find any type of space according to the filters they choose.

Airbnb it allows you register your house safely and quicklywith all the details of the property and the rules for good behavior and care of the space you rent.

It allows you contact interested parties once they have written to you, and provide plus information.

Likewise, you have a calendar that indicates the days in which your space has been rented and those that have not.

Also, you perro Equipo a price at your discretion.

Payments are very secure, through the Airbnb platform.

You won’t receive your rent payment until the first day the tenants move into your home.

You must take into account that the platform will keep 3% of the total of the rent.

Similarly, the platform ensures you get an income in case prospective tenants cancel at the last minute.

It is a very good way of make your property profitable and make it an additional source of passive income.

5. creating a podcast

a podcast is an audio or vídeo program that deals with a specific topic, such as a radio broadcast.

It is usually published on a regular basis in a series of episodes to talk about a more general subject.

This type of content is targeted at a specific communitynot for everyone.

Therefore, if you want to create a podcast, you must first segment your objetivo audience, to make sure you reach the right people.

So how perro you earn passive income from a podcast? Well, by having a strong listener base, you perro charge a subscription to your podcast, which deals with a especial niche, such as mobile applications.

That subscription is a monthly cost that you receive on a recurring basis and helps maintain the quality of the podcast.

There are also other podcasts that are sold because they contain very special and valuable information for people.

Both are good ways to generate passive income with this digital medium.

It was recently launched Gananci Friday podcastwhich you perro easily access in the column on the right.

As you perro see, its format is fácil and you cánido enjoy the content while you do other things.

You cánido also download it to listen to it when you go on the transport, to the gym, go for a run, etcétera.

Nothing better than a podcast for share valuable information with your users.

6. doing affiliate marketing

A good alternative to earn passive income is with affiliate marketing; However, for it to be a profitable activity, you must either have a medium with a large number of followers or invest in en línea advertising to generate sales.

What is affiliate marketing based on? Here you will not have to create an ebook or a digital product from scratch, simply you will promote someone else’s product and you will earn a percentage of the sales you get.

Therefore, the income you receive will depend on the size of users who follow your media, such as a blog or your popular media page.

of course, also influences the quality of the product so you have to make sure that you promote a good product.

You cánido either ally with other bloggers, or use affiliate platforms like Amazon or Clickbank to find that product that your audience would buy.

On these platforms, the percentage of commission that you will receive for each sale will appear.

7. With a vending machine business

Everyone has used a vending machine at some point.

It’s like a store that doesn’t need employees.

nor rent a large spaceNot to mention all the bureaucratic process involved in opening one.

These machines are an extremely business profitableand at the same time, a great way to generate passive income.

However, they require a higher initial investment to purchase the machines.

You also need to find those ideal places to install your machines, make agreements with your suppliers and space owners.

Another associated cost would be maintenance and the personnel in charge of maintaining the depósito, In case you don’t want to do it yourself.

Start looking for where would be a good place to install these machinesyou cánido start with companies with more than 100 workers or buildings that contain offices, etcétera.

8. Selling digital templates

Many people need different daily templates for your projects or works.

Whether they are web design templates, blog templates, an excel format, etcétera.

The market is very wide.

Of course, it takes some initial effort to create each template, but with sales over time, the rewards perro be greater.

AND you will continue to earn money with the sale of these works that you once made.

If you don’t consider yourself an expert, you perro hire someone to do it and create a digital business with this.

The possibilities that the internet offers you are endless, and the entry costs are not that high.

You will have to create a website where you will place those templates that you want to sell.

I recommend you start focusing on a niche marketFor example, you cánido focus on selling templates to plan and measure popular media marketing.

There are also web platforms that give you the option to sell this type of format. so you get reach more interested people.

9. renting cars

With the rise of uber and taxi aplicaciones, there are many people who rent a car to provide this service and generate plus income.

If you have one or have the capital to invest in the purchase of one (or several), you cánido rent it and earn a residual income thus.

It will depend on your location and the offer that there is, you should investigate in how long cánido you recover your investment and the cost associated with maintaining the car.

If you have the possibility, you could even rent several cars and increase your earnings.

And all this without the need for you to work, since your vehicles will be the ones that work for you.

Car rental may result in a very lucrative business if the calculations are done correctly.

The best thing is that it does not require much investment of time.

How to generate passive income from home

To generate passive income from home one of the best ways that exist is sell digital products.

They cánido be products that you have created, or that someone else has made to promote them with affiliate marketing.

Taking advantage of the resources that technology makes available to you, you cánido create your own en línea business that generates passive income from the comfort of your home.

The good thing about digital products is that sold every day of the year at any timemaking you earn money automatically without having to work on them.

Whether it is a pdf, vídeo tutorial, templates, etcétera.

These digital resources only require an initial effort and cánido then be make a lot of money for a long time.

They are even easy to update.

Here I will espectáculo you the steps you must follow to start make digital products that generate passive income and keep growing.

Find your audience

People will not come to you alone.

Start by make a blog or share content through popular networks, showing that you are an expert in the niche that you are focusing on.

You must share valuable content to build trust in your readers.

Some examples of niche are: popular media marketing, lose weightlearn guitar, etcétera.

Collaborate with other related weblogs so that your name reaches more people, especially with websites that are related to your niche.

little by little you will go building a reader base.

Before selling them something, you must attract followers with quality content, only then perro they trust the digital product that you are going to sell them later.

Think about the product you are going to sell

Ideally, you should find out what type of product your objetivo audience prefers.

For example, if you are going to focus on the fitness niche, and aim to reach those women who want to get in shape, you could sell a vídeo tutorial of exercise routines at home, since it would be the most practical for them.

You will have to take your time to create a quality productso that those followers you have, buy it and share their testimony with their acquaintances.

Another alternative is that you invest in an expert who has the skills to create this product for you.

Equipo the prices

Your digital product will have to have a reasonable price.

If the price is too high for most of your users, they may want to buy it, but do not have the money.

On the other hand, if it is very cheap, you perro create mistrust about the quality of the product.

Find a cómputo where you perro too get good profitability and offers accessible payment methods.

Take into account all costs associated with your productboth the maintenance of the web and the product as well as the cost of the initial effort that you took to develop it.

Promote it on your blog and popular media

It is not enough to just publish it on your website or popular networks, if you really want to make money with digital productsyou will have to promote them through various sales channels and see the response from the public.

Accordingly, you cánido focus your efforts on those means that bring you more profit and optimize your product, after all, it is easy to update.

Here it will also work for you be a contributor to other weblogs or websites, so you cánido promote your product in other media.

You cánido also use platforms like Amazon to reach more people.

measure your results

You will have to evaluate if your efforts were worth it and how was your performance.

You must see which have been the media that have brought you the most sales and focus on them.

Part of measuring your results has to do with Receive retroalimentación from your audience.

The opinion of those who bought matters a lot.

If you are already having a couple of sales, you will also have to optimize your website, so that it receives as many visits as possible.

You perro use Google plus Analytics or any other tool to measure interaction that users have on your page, as well as any other information that may be useful to improve your business.

With these metrics you will quantify the interaction, what are the most visited content and how much time the usuario spends on your page.

All this you need to know what people like of the material you create.

This way you will know what not to do to make them leave and you will be able to optimize your website based on it.

Stay in touch with your customers

If you have already been generating passive income with a digital product, it is very likely that you cánido develop another product of interest for those clients who bought from you previously, and thus obtain more income.

Use dirección de correo electrónico marketing and popular media to keep in touch with them.

Respond to their concerns and comments, their retroalimentación will help you improve.

You must create a relationship with themso the next time you offer them a product, they will be more willing to buy from you again.

How to generate passive income real

Unlike digital businesses, to create a “real” business that provides you with passive income It is required to invest a greater capital, both money and time, to obtain that asset that will generate this type of income.

One way is creating a company, which will take you some time to establish and make profitable.

In addition to managing to “delegate” it and become a source of passive income.

Knowing the market is essential before starting your business.

There is no use creating something that you are not going to sell.

A market study It is mandatory to know the needs of the market where you are going to entrar.

Another of the most common and fastest ways is buying an asset that you cánido rentsuch as a car, a house, a large garaje, etcétera.

For this you need a compañia emprendedora capital to buy the asset that you are going to rent.

And to put it together you need time and investment.

If you continue with your work, waiting to save to buy that good, it will take a long time to get it.

One option would be to take out a bank loan and then pay it off with the income you get from the rental.

But, this would only allow you see benefits after payment of the loan agregado interest.

The best possibility I consider would be to invest in en línea trading an amount of money, and then when you have obtained the return on investment, use it to buy the product that you are going to rent.

platforms like IQ Option They allow you to do this, and you don’t need a lot of money to start trading on it.

With only $10 you perro start generating money and make the necessary amount to buy and rent the property or good that will genera passive income.

And with which you will be able to live calmly in the near future.

how to live off passive income

Achieve live on passive income It is not an easy task.

As I mentioned at the beginning, these incomes require some initial effort of time and/or money, whether physical or digital.

There’s a lot of work behind them, and it’s not something you get overnight.

measure and optimize your sales It is something that you should take into account when you start receiving your first benefits.

You must be consistent and know that the path to the success of passive income it cánido be long.

And they may espectáculo up disadvantages that you will have to overcome throughout your career as an entrepreneur, for example: a blog that does not give results, bad investments, mismanagement of your resources and many others.

You may even be discouraged to see that it is not you generate enough traffic on your websiteor that you cannot rent that property that you have acquired so quickly.

That means you have to correct certain things that you are doing wrong, such as advertising, content quality, very high prices, etcétera.

The most important thing to live on passive income is to diversify.

You cánido’t stick with just one source of income because the market is always changing.

Instead, if you have various money entriesin case one fails, you cánido count on the others.

Another point that you must take into account is that of always focus on your audience and keep them with expectations about your future projects.

This is important if you want your business to be scalable and earn residual income from your audience.

Here I am referring to the digital businesssince they are the ones that most need constant optimizations and minimal improvements that could orinan all or nothing.

With respect to physical businesses, projection to protect your investment is essential.

You must have an iniciativa of When cánido you recover your investment? and the profits you should get.

When it comes to rental goods, you must take into account those costs of asset maintenance and lifetime it will have, so you will have a more accurate calculation of the profitability you perro expect to obtain.

Finally, the numbers may not be exact, but they never fail.

You should always keep accounts of your investments in passive income.

If you really want to live off this type of income, equipo a lifestyle budget and invest in different assetsin such a way that the sum of them provides you with that monthly income that you need for that level of life that you long for.

Keep in mind that getting to live on passive income it perro take quite a while.

However, it is possible to get at least one source of this type of income in the short term.

It’s just a matter of believing in yourself and getting to work towards that goal.

After all, get a plus income from time to time and without much effort, no one likes him.

Not everything in life is work, at some point you will not be able to work in the trade you do and you will need to have these sources of income to support yourself.

The question is do you just want to survive or enjoy everything what the world has to offer you.

Up to you!

Which of these methods to generate passive income will you choose? Leave me your comment below!

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 How to generate passive income WITHOUT WORKING
  How to generate passive income WITHOUT WORKING
  How to generate passive income WITHOUT WORKING

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