How to generate income with programs

How to generate income with programs

Surely, at some time browsing the Internet you have seen different bloggers talking about affiliate marketing; or have you even come across programs like the one from surfshark affiliate or others as famous as the one that Amazon has.

But for most people new to the Internet, the words “affiliate marketing” they are a complete mystery.

Perhaps even you have heard about it, and you have been interested in the subject, but still you have many doubts about what it iswhat it is for, how to start practicing it, and what benefits you perro get from it.

That is why I am going to explain to you EVERYTHING you need to know about this strategy to generate income en línea, and I am going to recommend the best affiliate program that I have tried so far.

whatWhat is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way to generate income en línea through different methods such as your blog, your website, or even your popular networks or YouTube channel.

Monetization is achieved recommending products and services (which perro be both physical and digital) from other companies through an affiliate backlink that they will provide you once you have registered in the specific company’s program.

Thus, every time someone clicks on that affiliate backlink, and buys the product or service that you recommend, you they will give you a percentage on the final sale price.

This percentage It is different depending on the program and the company that offers it.

There are brands that offer 40% commission to their affiliates, others give 25%, and others will grant you only 15% of the sale price.

For example, if you sign up for an affiliate program where they give a 30% commission, and someone clicks on your affiliate backlink and buys a product for $57, you will earn $17.10 which is 30% of the $57.

whatHow does it work an affiliate program?

As I told you before, to start generating income with affiliate marketing, you must first join an affiliate program (or several) to get your personal backlink with which to recommend products and earn a commission for each sale.

The steps What you should follow are the following:

  1. Looking for an affiliate program with products or services related to the topic you talk about on your blog, YouTube channel, or popular networks.

    If, for example, you have a cosmetics blog, you should look for products related to personal care, makeup, etcétera.

    If you have a channel on the one you talk about bicycles, for example, you should search for products or services related to cycling such as sportswear, accessories, bike sales and repair services…

  2. Once you find the right program(s), sign up for them.

    They will provide you with a unique personalized backlink for you that is the one that you have to place on your blog or popular networks to share with your followers.

  3. You place that backlink in posts or banners of your website, and in your popular networks where you talk about these products recommending them.
  4. When your visitors and followers clic on your affiliate backlink, they will be redirected to the web to buy the product.

    If they buy it through your backlink, they will give you a commission percentage for that sale.

  5. At any time, you perro entrar your affiliate account and see a report of the people who have clicked in your backlink, how many have bought something, and what your earnings are.

    At the end of the month, the company or brand will count the purchases made through your affiliate backlink, and will pay you commissions for those sales.

Those are the 5 basic steps the operation of an affiliate program.

The good news is that here everyone wins: the seller gets to sell his products, the visitor or follower of your page perro buy the item that interests him, and you manage to earn a commission for recommending a good product.

Who perro generate income with an affiliate program?

This is the best advantage of affiliate programs: Anyone cánido generate income with this method.

all you need is a platform to share your backlinkssuch as a blog, web page, popular networks, or even a forum, and have visitors clic on those backlinks.

However, you should also keep in mind that most affiliate programs will ask you for a series of requirements to approve your registration before entering them.

The requirement that everyone usually puts is not generate clicks or impressions artificially through robots or programa to increase your earnings; but some will also ask you to have a minimum of visits or followers each month to approve you.

Therefore, before applying to any affiliate program, You must read all its conditions wellboth the requirements to entrar, and those so that your commission counts correctly and so that you are not surprised later.

whatWhat do you need to do affiliate marketing?

To start earning income with affiliate marketing, first you must have a websiteblog, YouTube channel, or popular network such as Fb, Twitter or Instagram where, in some way, you cánido recommend products by placing your backlink.

If you have a website or a blog, you cánido place your affiliate backlinks in banners with images.

Or create a specific articulo talking about the product you recommend, and putting your affiliate backlink there so that your readers buy it.

But remember that your opinion should always be honestor otherwise, you will lose credibility in front of your public.

Although it is not essential, it is also recommended that have a good volume of visits Because this way, the more people see your backlink, the higher the chances that they will clic on it, and buy the product.

From 2000 visits per month is an acceptable amount to do affiliate marketing.

If you have less, focus for a few weeks in generating web traffic to increase your visits.

And finally, the most important thing is that find a good affiliate program. So you cánido join him, start to see what products they have, and recommend them.

But be careful, not any program is worth it.

As I told you before, it must be one that has themed related products of which you speak

If, for example, you have a cooking blog, it is foolish for you to join the program of a brand or company that only sells accessories for teléfonos inteligentes because what your readers What interests them is cooking, not technology.

You will have to look for a program where they sell things like kitchen supplies, cooking utensils, ingredients to create meals, etcétera.

Or a program in which they have for example virtual courses about how to cook certain foods, how to learn to cook…

So in summary, the only three things you will need to do affiliate marketing are:

  1. A plataform where to share your backlinks (like a blog, website, or popular network)
  2. A small base of visits: the more visitors or followers you have, the more profit you will generate
  3. A good affiliate program with products or services related to the theme of your blog or popular network

How to get started with the affiliate program surfshark

surfshark It is one of the best and most recognized VPN programs in recent years due to its low price and the features it includes compared to other programa on the market.

You may have heard of it on occasion, but what you may not know is that they also have an affiliate program with which you perro generate profits.

Getting started with them is really fácil, and you will only have to take a few steps to join and start earning with your VPN.

The first thing you should do is entrar the backlink surfshark affiliate which will take you directly to the page where you perro register as an affiliate.

Once there, just clic on the pink button “Entrar our affiliate program” as you see in the image below.

Then, clic on the boxes “I have read and agree to the privacy policy” and “I accept cookies” the blue “Partner Sign Up” button, clic on “Accept”, and then Clic on the “Partner Sign Up” button.

Once that is done, all you have to do is fill out the registration form and that’s it! You perro now be part of the Surfshark affiliate program, and earn money by recommending their VPN.

Advantages Surfshark Affiliate Program

Nowadays, there are many affiliate programs, but not all of them are good…

Some pay a very low commission, others require you to reach a certain number of sales per month, and others are just a little misleading about telling you your earnings.

However, after trying the Surfshark program, I have been able to verify that it has plus advantages compared to others, and that is why it is worth starting trying it so that you cánido also enjoy those advantages.

Good commissions and fast payments

Surfshark affiliate program has some quite generous commissions compared to other programs, such as Amazon (where they only pay between 1% and 12%), for example.

In addition, the payments are monthly and are done quite quickly since they have different deposit methods such as PayPal, check, bank transferor direct deposit.

Of course, sometimes some methods are not available in certain countries, and for this reason it is best to contact Surfshark support to see which ones they have in your country for you.

Plus rewards according to your affiliate profile

This is a quality that very few affiliate programs have.

And it is that in Surfshark, depending on your performance as an affiliate, you perro generate even more profit!

There are various levels of affiliates, and if your work is good at recommending their VPN program, you will be able to get additional incentivesother collaboration opportunities with them, and even assets to earn more.

Personalized account manager to help you

Another great advantage of Surfshark is that from the first day you join their affiliate program, they will assign an account manager for you that will help you make your first sales.

Your manager will give you consejos to better promote this VPNhow to increase clicks, where to place each backlink to improve your sales, and many more consejos that will help you increase your earnings as an affiliate.

And you, have you already tried an affiliate program? Leave me a comment below and tell me about your experience.

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 How to generate income with programs
  How to generate income with programs
  How to generate income with programs

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