How to generate and put the legal notice in

How to generate and put the legal notice in

Legal notices are often perceived by website users as annoying, since when opening a page and displaying a banner that occupies all visión and where you must clic to accept the conditions of use and legal notice.

It cánido be very uncomfortable and even unnecessary for some people.

Although we must clarify that the legal notice banners should always be of interest to you, since they will not only report that you are being tracked.

If not, in addition, it is necessary to have a legal notice if you have a Shopify store, especially in y también-commerce, these notices are essential.

Is the legal notice required in Shopify?

Definitely, all stores on Shopify, including yours, must have the y también-commerce legal notice.

This is because it is a mandatory requirement that you must meet if your Shopify store generates economic income in a direct or indirect way.

It is for this reason that the ads, notices and banners, which a website presents with respect to its legal notice, conditions of sale, privacy policies, and contracting, are necessary to keep tabs on taxes and regulation on business involving a Shopify en línea store.

The same goes for guarantee the privacy of information of customers.

Therefore, if you do not generate and display in your y también-commerce business the notice or other legal text, you may be vulnerable and be exposed to a complaint of the competent control authorities and then receive some sanction.

How to put the policy and legal notice in Shopify step by step

When you put the legal notice on your en línea store, that’s the same as putting the security notice on Shopify.

This means that you must access from the control panel that you have in your en línea store hosted on the Shopify platform, then you will go to the Settings and access the “Policies” section.

How to create the legal notice?

If you are going to generate your legal notice, you have the facility to use a generator for shopify legal notices, which will automatically generate the full text thanks to the fact that it resorts to using templates.

Although, take into account that the template that will be used to generate your legal notice only found in englishso you won’t be able to use it in your store in Spanish.

In the event that you cannot use the Shopify tool to generate your own legal notice, do not worry, since another option is to look for a scheme from another page with the same ecommerce marketplaceand guide you to complete all the necessary information in each section.

Just do not copy and then paste in your en línea store, you must compare each point with yours and personalize the legal notice of your business in Shopify, referring at each point to your available services or products.

Seek help by other means

Another option is to hire a specialized consulting services in the area of ​​electronic commerce and data security, in this way you will be able to advise you correctly and then correctly write the legal notice and legal texts.

When you have everything already written about the policies and legal notice of your store, check that everything is correct and then copy it into the text editor to “Policies”if necessary editar what is wrong regarding styles and font.

Automatically, the Shopify platform will create a backlink that is reflected at the bottom, that is, in the pié de página section of the page, however, for it to be displayed in the entire pié de página of your store page you must backlink backlink with navigation.

For this, follow the steps below:

  • Within the control panel, access the section of “En línea store” and later in “Navigation”.
  • Select the title you want to editar from your menu.
  • Choose in the section to add element.
  • You must change its name to the added element if it is not displayed as “Legal warning”.
  • Clic on the option “Backlink” and choose a backlink, in your case it will be the address where you host the legal notice banner.

    Clic on “Add” for you to change the menu changes.

    Clic on the option “Save menu”.

What should Shopify’s legal notice contain?

The legal notice announcement in the en línea stores of the Shopify platform works in the same way as in any other website that hosts en línea stores, since no store that you have hosted in one of these services will work if you do not comply with the corresponding legal notice.

Although take into account that you must also generate the other banners and announcements about data management and the privacy policy corresponding to electronic commerce, since Shopify or any other extension that you use in your en línea store will have access to all the customers’ personal information. For this reason, the minimum legal notice that you have to comply with in your Shopify en línea store must contain the following sections:

  • Store owner data identified.
  • Names.
  • Residence address.
  • Correo electrónico address.
  • NIF/CIF.
  • Information on the registration of the Mercantile Registry.
  • Conditions for the use of your website.
  • Intellectual property information.
  • Data available on the page.
  • backlinks.
  • Quality driving page.
  • Limitations on Liability.
  • Functions of obligation and responsibility of users.
  • notifications.
  • Contents available.
  • Protection of personal information.
  • Resolution jurisdiction for claims.

As we have shown you, this list does not include any aspect that makes up Shopify’s general conditions for sale and shipping policies, and cookies are not mentioned either.

Your Shopify store must mention at least four sindependent sections for accommodationeach of them with their legal texts:

  • Legal warning.
  • Cookies policy.
  • Privacy Policy.
  • Conditions of sales and contracts.

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 How to generate and put the legal notice in
  How to generate and put the legal notice in
  How to generate and put the legal notice in

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