How to find motivation to be happier

How to find motivation to be happier

After a break for the summer holidays, we return with many news to our program Gain Fridaythat little by little we will be revealing.

Today in this fifth program we will talk about something that really gives meaning to our lives: the happiness.

In this episode, Xavi Villanueva It will deal with questions like these: how to achieve full happiness? How to feel free? Does earning more money at work give you happiness?

In addition, these and other issues related to happiness They will help you reflect on what really motivates you in lifeWhat do you like and what do you not like?

And above all you will learn in this program some Tricks to better manage your emotions and be a little happier.

Happiness is personal.

Don’t let anyone tell you how to be happy.

Fight for what you want and surround yourself with those people who are worth it

I am going to highlight this phrase, because I found it very interesting, from our guest today, Pedro Amador.

He is an expert in motivation and happiness and we have him here today to tell us about how perro you work happiness and how to reach that state of fullness that makes us feel free.

During the talk, Xavi and Pedro Amador discussed the issue of happiness at work And they drew some conclusions:

If a person is not happy in his job, he should find a way to eliminate those negative emotions and do things differently.

Examples as fácil as resting every 5 minutes every hour of work or listening to relaxing music are tools that cánido help you see things in a more positive way.

Another important issue they discussed is that happiness is subjective. If, for example, having a partner makes you happy, perhaps the happiness of another is living in Japan.

The happiness It is a global state of mind, which is very difficult to maintain, since we are not machines and we feel.

But what we are going to discover in this episode is that YES we perro work our emotions.

This way, when something bad happens to us, like a near death or a breakup, we know Manage those emotions correctly. It is not easy, since in school there was not a subject on this subject.

But calm down, in this program Pedro Amador will teach you how to manage your emotions.

Download the audio or clic here:

In this episode we will talk about

  • A technology that contributes to improving happiness: Happiness Play
  • Are people who are not motivated in their jobs happy?
  • Consejos to be happy NOT only on weekends and the time you are on vacation
  • How to find an inspiration that motivates you at work
  • Tricks to perform tasks you hate in your workplace
  • Reflections of Pedro Amador
    • What is happiness?
    • Perro you be fully happy?
    • Does money bring happiness?

Mentions made in collaboration

Pedro Amador’s blog:

Tool Happiness Play:

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 How to find motivation to be happier
  How to find motivation to be happier
  How to find motivation to be happier

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