How to finance my university studies?

How to finance my university studies?

One of the first tests we face when we go to university is getting financing for our training. Today we have many financing methods and thanks to them we do not stagnate and we managed to obtain the long-awaited title.

In this article we will espectáculo you what are the best alternatives you have to pay for your university studies, and how you cánido enjoy them.

Scholarships to finance university studies

There are many entities that make financing available to pay for the studies and residence of students, but not to all students. Only those who have a excellent record of good grades.

You will surely be able to find information at your university, in the student information department. Also in the houses of youth and in the town halls of the different towns. They always offer information about this type of help.

Companies also lend themselves to help students, since they have student aid programs you have excellent grades. They are generally large companies that manage foundations or some popular action.

Some of these companies carry out awards that manage to finance all or a large part of the university degree. But yes, these awards are aimed at brilliant minds.

Jobs for students to work and study at the same time

Before we introduce you to some of the jobs you perro do while you’re a college student, we want you to be aware of several important factors as they are: your class schedule. Everyone must respect your study schedule!

It is also important that you think about the time it will take to move from one place to another, so analyze the location of the work. It is also important to take into account the salary, the money you receive.

Is the salary worth it for the great effort that studying and working entails? It perro bring many benefits to you, but one of the biggest motivations will be money. When looking for a job, focus on working on something that is related to your university degree, this will be very beneficial for your future. Now, let’s go with the list…


We are in a time when people have become experts in taking photos, and with the help of technology everything becomes easier. Thanks to some en línea courses or taking face-to-face classes you cánido work as a photographer.

Of course, you will not be a professional photographer, but you will be able to earn plus money by doing a session or covering an event for a family member or friend. If you also take a basic Photoshop course, much better.

trainer in a gym

if you like life Fitness, This job is ideal for you. In the gyms they are always looking for people to assist others or people with a good physical image to work at the reception, as well as in the maintenance of the machines.

This type of work is great for those people who have no experience of any kind and also perro train for free.

Supermarket cashier

This is one of the easiest jobs to get because it doesn’t require you to have experience. However, it is demanding, since cashiers generally spend hours on their feet and cashier accounts must be in harmony with registered sales.

Another advantage of this job is that customers leave consejos to cashiers, so you will have a little more in your pockets. There are many supermarkets that work part-time and this may or may not suit you. Everything will depend on your class schedule, so keep that in mind when looking for and accepting a job.

Request a loan to finance university studies

Applying for a loan is the option offered by a number of financial institutions. For example, is Younited Credit which offers imports ranging from €1,000 to €10,500 for educational training.

To request a loan you must fill out the form to obtain an immediate response. Once you have provided all the personal information, sign en línea with a code that will be sent to your mobile and upload your documents. They will confirm in less than 48 hours.

younited offers you a loan with 0% amortization commissions, that is, it repays your credit completely or partially, without commissions and whenever you want. This entity is transparent, it will maintain fixed fees, without changing banks and without having guarantees.

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Other forms to finance studies at the university

In addition to the previous alternatives, there is another way to finance your university studies:


This is a type of financing in which all your family and friends participate. The loan is obtained through a platform of collaborative financing. How does it work? People who wish to contribute to the financing of your studies will receive a small interest in exchange for the investment.

Now you know that there are many more options to finance your studies. However, you must take into account the most important thing and it is the responsibility that you will have on your shoulders. You will have to work hard to get very good grades and pay the monthly payments.

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 How to finance my university studies?
  How to finance my university studies?
  How to finance my university studies?

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