How to fill out model 600 loans without

How to fill out model 600 loans without

The vast majority of loans that are made have an associated interest rate.

But it’s not always like this.

For example, it could be the case that a person makes a loan to a relative or close friend.

Since they are very close, does not require any amount of interest.

If that is your case, it is very important that you familiarize yourself with the 600 model for loans.

What does this form consist of and when should it be filled out? What is the correct way to do it? Let’s see the answers below.

When should I fill out Form 600?

The law requires that when there are movements of money, in notable amounts, there must be a receipt.

That is why, whenever you make loans to family or friendsyou must fill out the form known as Model 600.

It is designed for these loans that do not charge interest.

One of the functions of this form, among at least 3, is to serve as proof of an operation that involves the use of money or other assets.

Allows you to verify that one of these has changed ownership, although in most cases temporarily.

Steps to fill in the Model 600 Loan Without Interest

The steps to fill in the 600 form may seem somewhat difficult, especially if you are not familiar with them.

But, as you perro see below, you perro fill it out properly.

Let’s see the most important data that you should include.


Complete information must be entered in the space provided for it.

You cánido place it a little below the barcode of the form.

As you perro see, the information requires that they be placed two numbers for the day, two for the month and four for the year.

This eliminates any possibility of alteration.

In the case of a familiar operation, the instructions indicate that you must place the date of said operation.

For example, the date on which the money was delivered as a loan.

This is just the one that applies to interest-free loans.

Data of the Lender

You must include the information of the lender.

If it’s you and you have tags to identify yourself, you cánido stick it in the designated area.

If not, you must put your data exactly, following the instructions on the form.

In this document it is known as Transferor.

should also include a copy of the identity document, whether it is the NIF or DNI.

As there may be more than one lender, the space on the right, identified with the number 7, must be used to entrar the amount.

You must place the information of each one and, in addition, deliver the copy of the identity document of each one.

Borrower Data

In this form there is a line intended to place the borrower’s data, it is known as a taxpayer.

It is who receives the loan without charging interest.

Some people have tags for easy identification.

If you have it, just place it in this space.

Otherwise, the traditional procedure would be followed: the person’s data is placed, including ID information.

In addition, a copy of the respective identity document must be attached to the form.

also has to include all the information required by the formsuch as the borrower’s exact address, zip code, and phone number.

There may be more than one person in this line.

If so, you must place the data of each one and include a copy of the identity document.

For this, the form has several pages.

Loan Value

Now the complete information of the loan must be placed.

To do this, in the “type of document” section you have to choose the “Administrative” option.

In point 12 you detalla the type of operation or concept.

You must place the expression: Loans and obligations.

You go to point 13, where you cánido specify that this loan is without interest.

Then, in point 20 you must write down the amount of money involved in this operation.

You must make sure to include the amount correctly, always expressed in euros.

If the loan is in another currency, you must make the corresponding conversion.

Interest exemption basis

A detail of great importance is the interest exemption.

As this concept is based on the law, you have to place the information of the related article.

In point 22 you must place the following: Art 45.1.B.15 RDL 1/93.

This means that, according to article 45 of the Royal Legislative Decree law, this loan will not be charged with interest.

Term of Cancellation

Among the data, the date on which the money must be returned cannot be missing.

Although this information does not go directly on the 600 model, it does must be placed in the written contract.

Remember that the 600 model must be accompanied by other documents, such as a copy of the DNI or NIF, as well as the interest-free loan contract.

In this contract, the names of those involved must be placed, the amount of money borrowed as well as the term for its cancellation.

Both parties must be satisfied with the dates chosen.

Periodicity of Fees

Model 600, in point 23, allows you to entrar the amount of installments to be paid.

But, It is in the written contract where the frequency of these payments must be stated.

It perro be monthly, it is the most frequently used, bimonthly or quarterly.

Whatever the periodicity chosen, both parties must approve it with their signature at the end of the contract.

In order to ensure that all data is well recorded, we suggest you seek the advice of an expert on the subject.

Especially since there are some spaces that, depending on some circumstances, cánido be used or not.

Such is the case of point 9, which is used only when a notary or other authority is involved.

Where Perro I Get the Model 600?

Model 600 is very useful for interest-free loans, among others.

To obtain it you have several options.

One of them is by going to the official page of the Tax Agency and locate the form.

You cánido also go directly to this backlink and download it.

And if you prefer you cánido buy it printed in a tobacconist.

The price does not exceed 2 euros.

Obviously the best alternative is to download it from the official page, where in addition to being free, an editable version is downloaded to you.

So you cánido fill in the required information directly from the computer.

If you prefer to fill it out by hand, it needs to be entendible.

Only then cánido it be accepted and validated.

From the official page You perro also fill out this form.

This option is also very comfortable because it allows you to present it once before the tax entity.

However, since it is a non-face-to-face procedure, you must be able to prove your identity through electronic means, such as a digital certificate.

To conclude, we want to mention that, if you are the one receiving the loan, you must make sure to fill out the form correctly, have all the required documents at hand and, above all, meet the deadlines equipo for cancellation.

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 How to fill out model 600 loans without
  How to fill out model 600 loans without
  How to fill out model 600 loans without

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