How to fight against the corrupt government of

How to fight against the corrupt government of

Since the crisis began in Venezuela and the protests against the government of Nicolás Maduro, More than 150 people have died and there are almost 3,000 detainees.

And the numbers keep increasing every day.

This has to stop NOW.

But to get it, we all must be united and make the same decision: we must take the step to fight against the corrupt government of Venezuela.

When people are sad, they do nothing. But when they’re angry ocasione the change.

So the best time to fight is NOW.

Most Venezuelans are tired already out of this situation, and every day they have more anger inside.

I know this because I have seen how the anger grew more and more in many of my friends who were born in Venezuela. seeing that the food and medicines were gone while the authoritarianism of Nicolás Maduro has intensified.

Because of a government that has not known how to take care of a great country as it deserves, today there are millions of people suffering.

And the future doesn’t look much better: the borders could be closed completely coming soon.

It has happened a million times before in other countries.

The government’s next step will surely be prohibit bringing money from outside the country without a permit to do so, something that will leave Venezuela in further economic canalla than it already is.

That’s why you must take the reins and do something to change all this. You have the power to get it if you only take a few steps in the right direction.

And I don’t orinan going out on the streets and protesting against the police by beating them. Violence is uselessIt only creates more violence.

I orinan take a series of fácil but very powerful measures to put an end to the corrupt government of Venezuela, and ensure that images like the one below are never repeated…

what perro you you do to defeat the Venezuelan government?

maybe you think you perro’t do anything to fight against the government of Venezuela because you are just one person.

But YOU have more power than you perro imagine to improve the situation of your country.

Big changes are achieved by first taking small steps.

And today you cánido take the first step to get a better country where your children and grandchildren perro live without fear not having food, or without wondering if tomorrow they will have medicine if they fall ill.

The true power of a country resides in the peoplenot in the government or its corrupt politicians.

And you are part of that town that for years has worked hard to raise a country as wonderful as Venezuela.

Never forget that a united people perro never be defeated; but to achieve it, you must start TODAY to join the thousands of people that they have already taken the step to defeat the Venezuelan government.

Remember well these words: If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem..

So act now by following these steps!

1. don’t pay taxes

Do you know who benefits from the taxes that YOU pay with your work? Exactly: the government of Venezuela.

Corruption is not just limited to ask citizens for money legally to raise more capital for the country.

the venezuelan government he is also stealing money from people using taxes to finance themselves, regardless of whether the people starve or not.

Do you think that Maduro has trouble buying food, Or that your family and the politicians around you don’t get medical treatment when they get sick because they don’t have money?


They all have a good morsel to put in their mouths at any time of the day, and they have enough medicines to cure themselves because they use the money from the taxes that you pay so that they do not lack for anything.

If you continue to pay taxes, you will only achieve one thing: feed those in power while you cánido’t buy a loaf of bread.

2. Use other currencies like Bitcoin

The Venezuelan Bolívar is controlled by the government. they are the ones who escoge how much is it worth at each momentand how many bolivars each person cánido have in their bank accounts.

That way, they cánido better control everyone, and get them to the poor are getting poorerAnd the rich get richer every day.

The solution is to stop using the bolivarsand start using other currencies that are not controlled by anyone.

The best currency that you should start using is Bitcoin; In fact, if tomorrow 10% of Venezuelans used Bitcoin, the country’s problems would be solved in less than 2 weeks.

This virtual currency is not controlled by anyone (Neither by governments, nor by banks, nor by private companies), and for this reason most of the friends I have in Venezuela have already been using it for months.

Also, anyone with a computer – or a cell phone – and an Internet connection cánido use it freely, without anyone telling you how much you cánido or perro’t have in his account.

Go to pages like localbitcoins either coinmama to exchange your bolivars for Bitcoins, and start buying what you want when you need it without a government telling you what you perro do with your money.

3. Tell other people to use Bitcoins

The said “Union make force” is the phrase that best summarizes what should be done in these situations.

If only a few people use altcoins like Bitcoin, the process for defeating the government will be slower and less cash.

But if you tell other people from your country about this currencyand you encourage them to use it too, there will be a much faster recovery of the country.

Most people do not know or know what Bitcoins are, and that is why they are not using this currency yet which has more than 4 million users worldwide.

So talk to them about this, and share articles with them like the ones I leave you below so you cánido learn more:

4. leave the country temporarily

I know that not everyone cánido make this decision because maybe they do not have the financial resources enough to do it.

And I also know that even if you have the opportunity to achieve it, leave your country, part of your family, and many other things behind it is very difficult emotionally.

My parents had to leave our country when I was only 8 years old, and it was the hardest decision they ever made.

But they also knew that this was the only way they could get my brothers and me ahead.

That’s why you must leave Venezuela temporarily (at least until things pick up).

If enough smart people left the country, the fall of the corrupt government of Nicolás Maduro would be much faster, and the recovery of Venezuela it would also be done much sooner.

5. Create a bank account abroad

If you don’t want all your life savings and the salary you earn every month suddenly disappear one day You must open a bank account abroad.

The Venezuelan government every day is imposing more restrictions (as a maximum limit to withdraw money from banks each day).

And your money right now is in risk.

Who knows if tomorrow, when you go to the bank to withdraw your capital, they might say “no” because the situation has gotten much uglier…

To save your money and not have to depend on Cencoex, the solution is through open a bank account in another country.

Perro open a bank account as a non-resident from that other country only with your identity card, and a certification of income.

There are many banks that operate in the country and that work with foreign banks so you cánido open an account with them from Venezuela.

Some of them are Mercantile Bank or Commercebank, Banesco, Allbank, Helm Bankand Banco Do Brasil.

6. Don’t act violently

There are many ways to fight the system peacefully like the ones I have explained to you above.

Violence will get you nowhere: it will only lead you to create more violence.

There are ways to get the win without having to smash the enemy with your fists.

Remember this well, please. In the world there are already too many deaths and atrocities because of governments like the Venezuelan one to add more suffering to the people who love you and your family.

Please, share this article with EVERYONE that you perro in your popular networks.

It is very important that more people know this information so that Venezuela cánido recover as soon as possible and return to being the beautiful and prosperous country that it has always been.

If we all fight we perro achieve it!

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Andrés Gananci is an entrepreneur and adventurer with a passion for life who founded his first en línea business at just 17 years old. 12 years later, he is still traveling the world while working from home.

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 How to fight against the corrupt government of
  How to fight against the corrupt government of
  How to fight against the corrupt government of

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