How to Exit DICOM Even if You Perro’t

How to Exit DICOM Even if You Perro’t

In the financial world of Chile, knowing how to exit DICOM is essential.

But before we get into liberation tactics, it’s vital to understand what is DICOM and how does it work.

DICOM is at the epicenter of Chile’s economy, acting as a main artery through which financial transactions flow. Mastering how it works perro be your master key to escaping DICOM and gain access to new loans and financing.

What is DICOM?

DICOM is a large directory that stores detailed financial information of the Chilean population.

Your mission is disclose the debts that a person or company ownswhich cánido restrict the ability to obtain economic, financial and employment benefits.

The DICOM name is derived from Commercial Information Directory, reflecting its role in recording all financial transactions.

This directory also captures the economic and commercial movements of Chileansproviding transparent access that allows you to know your financial status.

How does it work?

As a private entity, DICOM is in charge of collect information about the debts that people or companies have contracted with a financial or banking entity.

This information is made available to companies, establishments, banks, or any entity that needs it.

This may result in benefit or harm for people, depending on their solvency.

Your mission is inform for protect the economic stability of creditors, avoiding granting loans to those who are behind in their payments.

As a result, those listed in your newsletter find it difficult to access checking accounts or credit cards.

Who is in DICOM?

Any company or individual that has a debt or has not been able to cancel it, it will appear in the list.

However, it is possible to become free from DICOM even with the debt intact.

Data on debts and delays are provided by various economic entities, and EQUIFAX is in charge of incorporating them into the system.

The acquisition of a debt does not automatically place you in DICOM.

The entities with which you acquired the debt will inform about your payments, and if you are late, you will appear on the list in a maximum of two weeks.

Strategies for exiting DICOM

It might seem like you’re stuck, but there’s always an exit.

Here are four posible strategies.

Take into account which one best suits your situation and follow the steps to implement it correctly.

  1. PAY THE DEBT The fastest way to get out of DICOM is to pay off your debt.

    If you continue in the system after you have paid, request a certificate from the lender or creditor.

    This certificate must be presented to EQUIFAX, who will exclude you from their list, although this process may take between one or two weeks.

  2. RENEGOTIATE PAYMENTSIf you perro’t cover your debts, consider renegotiating the payment terms with the entity or person to whom you owe.

    By reaching and abiding by a new agreement, you will be able to break free from DICOM.

    The new payment terms will allow you to get off the list of delinquents.

    Subsequently, the creditor will certify the agreement, and you will present it to the DICOM offices, who will verify the information.

  3. WAIT FOR THE DEBT TO PRESCRIBEThis strategy implies that you are excluded from the EQUIFAX list due to the prescription or cancellation of the debt due to the passage of time.

    However, a court is the one who determines if the term to cancel the debt has expired, and a new lawsuit is no longer possible.

    This method cánido be prolonged, depending on the debt and the agreements you have made with the company to which you owe.

    If you cánido cancel before, you will have the doors open to receive other credits without problems.

    If the payment is difficult for you, consider renegotiating the agreement.

  4. WAIT FOR DICOM TIME LIMITIt establishes a limit of five years to keep a person in the commercial information bulletin, according to its rules.

    Regardless of the debts that you have not been able to cancel, you will be able to free yourself from DICOM at the end of this period.

These are the various methods that you could use to free yourself from the commercial newsletter.

The choice is up to you and what is most beneficial to you.

Do not close yourself to the different possibilities that are presented to you.

There is always a way out, and it is at your disposal!

Your Success Exiting DICOM

Exit DICOM “through the big door”, that is, free from all debt, It will open the doors to new credits.

For example: Bank loans to purchase a home, purchase a car, or other financing that you need.

Therefore, we encourage you to make the best decision for your financial situation, and thus avoid further damage.

Remember, your financial success is in your hands!

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 How to Exit DICOM Even if You Perro't
  How to Exit DICOM Even if You Perro't
  How to Exit DICOM Even if You Perro't

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