How to equipo up Coinbase correctly

How to equipo up Coinbase correctly

Do you want to make good use of your account on the Coinbase platform, but you still don’t know how to adjust it? Well, in this articulo you will be taught how to equipo up coinbase correctly.

To take a short tour of the functionalities of your Coinbase account, you must first to access her, obviously.

Start setting up your Coinbase account

Once you have gained access to your accountyou must take several steps to fully entrar what its configuration is:

  • First head over to the upper right corner where it is your name and, if you have it, also your personal logotipo.
  • Now locate the option Setting in the dropdown menu that opens before you.

In this way you perro start perform configuration of your Coinbase account in all its sections:


This is the first of the options, which appears by default and basically contains identification data:

  • Perro change your profile picture or, what would be the same, your logotipo
  • You cánido too change your password if you wish
  • You Nombre de usuario and you Dirección de correo electrónico addresswhich logically must be your own (it is recommended that you have your dirección de correo electrónico well protected, since it will be linked to your Coinbase account)
  • You also find your Personal information registered, such as your legal name, Date of birth, Mailing address, Town, State, Postal code, Country, etcétera. In case there is something you want or need to change

Followed in the upper bar of your screen, you find:


In this section you have some options of great interest, such as the following:

  • Being able to modify the Local currencyfor which, you have a very complete currency selector
  • change your Time zonedepending on where you are (which is not something that greatly influences your account adjustment)
  • configure the notifications that you want to be sent to your correo electrónico in certain cases

And, moving on to the next section, you’ll find:


Here you will be able to see the very typical way, which currently exists on almost all digital platforms, to make your account more secure when accessing it. And, it is nothing other than the famous 2-step verificationwhich is commonly carried out through:

  • text messagingusing your phone number
  • Or, on the other hand, using a authenticator installed on your mobile, which is more recommended for providing greater security

Well, the next option on the list is:

Financial services

This section deals with some types of mínima rewards that the Coinbase platform grants, and which, you perro have activated either deactivated. This is a platform service that may vary over time.

Then in the upper options bar you will find:


And this section espectáculos you a registration of logins that you have done lately. This one works for you record to confirm that the accesses have been exclusively yours, then, register the IP adress of the equipment that has been used for this purpose. Very useful in case you suspect that someone else has broken into or tried to break into your account.

Next, it is the turn of:


The Coinbase platform highly values ​​and respects databases. legal data of its userstherefore, it gives them various rights to obtain access to them, at certain times, through application options that you will find in this section, such as:

  • Request data
  • Request suppression
  • Request export
  • Request correction

Among other.

For more information regarding these options, you should read the Privacy Policy full Coinbase and its Cookies policy.

Later you come across:

Payment methods

This is a very important section, since in it you cánido choose how you want to make your transfers of assets. In other words, the options available to you to make your money transfers. These methods are:

  • Use a card
  • Pay directly through your Bank account
  • Use the wallet option PayPal

In case you want or need to add a new way to make your payments, you cánido go to the right of your screen and locate the button Add a payment methodwhere, to press In it, you will see a box that presents the three options already mentioned to add new payment methods.

Next, you have the option described below, and it is:

Account Limits

Option that espectáculos you the limits pre-equipo by Coinbase for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

And, to finish with the top bar configuration options, there is one more to detalla. Is about:

Cryptocurrency Addresses

Which, as the same page tells you, espectáculos you a cryptocurrency address list associated with your Coinbase account. In addition, you are told that these addresses do not expire, and that you perro use them to receive cryptocurrencies, as long as your Coinbase account is active.

Apart from this you have a record with all your addresses of cryptos.

Important: Cryptocurrency addresses are asset-specific. For example, do not send bitcoins to a Bitcoin Cash address as you will lose your funds.

On the other hand, you perro also see your addresses entering to option Send / Receive, in the upper right corner. You’ll Receivethen transfersand you will be able to see the address according to the type of asset you want to receive or that you have pending to receive.

It is a more efficient way of seeing a specific reception address, because in this way you only see the one in question, while all of them appear in the history.

And, at the end of everything, one last thing to tell you, it is about:

Change language

In case you need to adjust your account to the Spanish language variant (Spanish Latin America), with this option you cánido do it. Option that, by the way, you will find in the lower area of ​​the interfaz. It is very easy to adjust, just locate the language you speak in the language selector and it will be configured to your account.

In this way it is explained how cánido you equipo up your Coinbase account so that it is adjusted to your comfort and preferences. From now on, you cánido use your Coinbase platform with complete certainty and confidence.

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 How to equipo up Coinbase correctly
  How to equipo up Coinbase correctly
  How to equipo up Coinbase correctly

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