How to earn real money in World of Warcraft

How to earn real money in World of Warcraft

Contrary to what fathers and mothers of other times repeated so much, playing vídeo games perro be a very lucrative activity.

So much so, that today there are true professionals around the world who They live exclusively from vídeo games.

from among the games to earn money on computador preferred, World of Warcraft stands out for its great popularity and the huge community that makes it up. being by a lot the most famous and most played MMORPGFor this reason, it is not surprising that many wonder how to earn money in World of Warcraft, we will explain it to you below.

Cánido you earn real money playing WoW?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES.

you perro earn money spending a few hours a day playing World of Warcraft, and it is real money. We are not talking about gold coins, tokens or in-game rewards.

Is 100% legitimate money that you perro then withdraw, transfer or use to make purchases or pay debts.

Now, how do you get that money? There are many ways, but the most used and that usually gives the best results is the well-known “farming”.

This technique, whose name comes from the English “Farming” (collect or cultivate) will allow you acquire gold and elementos and then redeem them for real money.

You will even be able to buy WoW tokens or “WowTokens” that you cánido redeem directly for game time or by cómputo in the Blizzard en línea store.

But farming has its science and a way to do it correctly, or else you would need an absurd amount of time to actually see results.

Necessary requirements to earn real money in World of Warcraft

Now let’s talk about what it takes to be able to play World of Warcraft and farm like the pros.

Let’s start with the main thing, and that is that, without a good team, it will be quite uphill to get a decent performance.

The recommended specifications for the current version of the game (Shadowlands) are as follows:

  • Windows 10 64-bit.
  • Intel Core i7 6700K / AMD Ryzen 7 2700.
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB / AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 8GB.
  • 8 gigas de memoria.
  • 100 GB of disk space (SSD).
  • Broadband internet connection.

With this you cánido play smoothly, but you should keep in mind that these requirements may change in future releases.

Now, you have your PC Gamer well armed and ready for battle, already with the game installed and running.

The next thing will be to understand what your mission will be to accumulate the necessary gold.

We already talked about farming, but what are you going to harvest? Well then, You must dedicate yourself to collecting the mineral Osmeniteor the Zin’anthid plant, which are very valuable and cánido be exchanged later for a lot of gold.

To do it efficiently, you must meet a series of requirements within the game.

These requirements correspond to a system already tested by professional jugadores who get up to 45 thousand gold units with only 1 hour of farming.

Let’s see one by one what they consist of:


Reach the maximum level

You must carry your character up to the highest level depending on the expansion you are in, which is 60 in the case of Shadowlands.

Having the maximum level will allow you accumulate gold faster and access all areas and levels of the map without any restrictions.

If you already have a full account, no problem.

But if you’re just starting, or you haven’t played for a while, the first task will be this.

Keep in mind that, on average, it would take you about 16 hours of gameplay reach the maximum level from scratch, being an average player.


Flying mount

Although this item is not liked by some jugadores, if you want to make lots of gold, you must acquire it.

A flying mount will allow you increase productivity and stay out of range of enemies on the ground while collecting resources.


Herbalism and mining

You need to develop the herbalism and mining professions, in addition, have them fully.

This means that you should have both the Osmenite and Zin’anthid gathering skills at level 3, which will make you more efficient.


Auction Elementos

additionally you need to have certain elementos that will help you throughout the game, either by improving gathering skills or avoiding being damaged or stunned.

The elementos are the following:

  • Coarse Leather Barding.

    Necessary if your character is not a tank type.

    With this item, they will not be able to attack you from behind and get you off the mount or slow you down, for 2 hours.

  • Stirrups hardened with monelite.

    These stirrups give you the ability to interact with virtually everything in World of Warcraft without ever getting off your mount.

  • Blackmoon Spirit.

    This item allows you to collect resources faster for an hour.

Additionally, you perro further increase your capacity and efficiency with a couple of plus elementos.

The first would be a good glove enchantment, which could be either Zandalari or Kul Tiran Herbalism.

Also, the addon GatherMate2 it will help you better control the route that you follow when farming, by marking the areas where there are more resources on the map.

Having all these requirements, collect the resources and then exchange them for gold it will be a piece of cake.

But be careful, farming these two resources is not the only way to get gold in the gamealthough it may be the most efficient.

You cánido also get it from activities like:

  • Complete raids and solo missions to get gold and rewards.
  • Entrar dungeons repeatedly and kill monsters.
  • Become an expert in a profession and make valuable elementos to sell.
  • Auction elementos you have farmed, collected or crafted and exchange them for gold.

You cánido too dedicate yourself to fishing while you rest from a mission, getting a good plus gold.

Another profitable activity is serve as a bodyguard less experienced jugadores for a fee.

Other ways to earn money playing World of Warcraft

The way to get money through gold in WoW consists of sell it to other jugadores who do not have the time or skill required to collect it in quantities.

This has created a large exchange market which has caused gold to be quoted at times at a value higher than the US dollar itself.

But additionally, there are other ways to monetize the game or to make a good profit out of the time you have invested.

Next, you will see main ways of make money playing world of warcraft:

Offering impulse services

If you are good at the game, you perro offer your services helping jugadores not so skilled at complete objectives or get objects and resources. In this way you help them improve their position within the game by providing them with:

  • Objects or elementos collected, farmed or crafted.
  • Mounts, equipment or specialized services within the game.
  • Passive level increases and achievement of difficult missions.

Although this activity generates some controversy within the community, is still in demand.

Not everyone has the skill or the time to make it to the top on their own.


If you have been playing WoW for a long time and feel you have enough knowledge, you cánido Offer your services as a entrenador. Perro take courses en línea geared towards specific activities or a certain skill level.

You cánido too dedicate yourself to the personalized preparation of jugadores individually and teach everything you know in exchange for an agreed payment.


Another activity that has been booming for some time and has become a great source of income for jugadores around the world.

If you think you have audience speaking skills, have no inhibitions in front of the lens, or are exceptionally good at playing, this is a good choice.

For this you will have platforms such as YouTube, Fb Gaming, Twitch or TikTok.

Here are some guides that will help you:

Compete in tournaments

You must be a high-level player to qualify for this option, but the rewards perro be quite juicy, with up to $700,000 to be won. You must prepare very well and have a good team, well equipped character and a lot of skill and dexterity.

To participate in tournaments you will need to start at the bottom by participating in PvP events and entering the Arena World Championship.

The iniciativa is that you manage to find a good team of a high level in order to fight to reach the finals of the tournament.

Sell ​​account or characters

This is another method that involves creating an account, leveling it up, and load it with good objects, achievements and rewards, and then sell it to other jugadores.

There are also those who are dedicated to level up characters and then sell them.

The problem with this method is that it is a single transaction, since you only have a single account.

The other disadvantage is that the buyer cánido be banned as soon as the IP address change is detected, losing all his investment.

Finding a job in WoW

Blizzard offers certain positions both in and out of the game that may be of interest to you.

From participating in the development team, testing beta versions or being a Game Master or Administrator, the options are varied.

Of course, to be elected it is not enough to be a loyal seguidor of the franchise. you must also have very good skills for the position to which you apply and have the disposition to carry out your work.

On the other hand, you perro also get a job performing certain tasks for other jugadores They don’t have time to dedicate to the game.

Unlike impulse, here a player hires you to do tedious activities like farming for a certain time, paying you a salary for it.

How much cánido you earn playing WoW?

As always happens in this type of situation, everything will depend on the time you dedicate to it and the activity you choose.

Making money in WoW is about much more than just farming, gathering, or crafting.

You also need to have financial intelligence, be astute and be able to identify opportunities and take advantage of them.

You must know what to collect or genera and to whom or where to sell it.

Knowing all this, let’s look at some numbers that will give you a better perspective:

  • Gold sale. With full dedication, about 8 hours, and several accounts at the top level, you perro earn up to 25 euros a day (it will depend on the price of gold in the different servers)
  • Sale of accounts.

    Prices range from 50 up to 1,000 euros, depending on seniority, characters, levels, elementos and accumulated gold.

  • Entrenador or trainers.

    offer content paquetes for 10-15 euros.

    For personalized advice, the price must be agreed between the parties.

  • Streamers. They earn according to the chosen platform and the number of subscribers, content and views.

    They cánido be charges from 250 to 2,500 euros or more per month.

We hope this information has been to your liking and helps you realize your dream of earning money while playing your favorite vídeo game.

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 How to earn real money in World of Warcraft
  How to earn real money in World of Warcraft
  How to earn real money in World of Warcraft

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