How to earn plus money on weekends

How to earn plus money on weekends

Every day that passes you wonder how you could earn plus money in your free time. You may need that money for a personal matter, a small setback or simply to give yourself a few luxuries.

But you have no iniciativa at the head of how to get that plus money easily. Also, you may not be able to afford a second job or spend too much time finding one.

Luckily, I have a list of things you cánido do on weekends and thus be able to earn plus money in your day to day.

Being creative everything is achieved. there are always alternatives that will be ideal for your way of being or your qualifications. Try them!

Here you have 28 ideas to earn money plus on weekends or in your spare time.

1. Play music at weddings

Every weekend there are people getting married and most weddings require someone to put music in those special moments.

Talk to the priest to help you contact couples that they are going to get married and he reaches an agreement with them. You cánido be the musician yourself or hire others to do it.

2. Rent a room in your house

Until a few years ago it was very difficult to get a room in your home to rent. Now if you have an empty room you cánido start earn money without having to leave home.

With Airbnb You cánido contact travelers from all over the world who come to your city and offer them accommodation. It will not be too much work for you and you will get plus money with each tenant.

3. take care of other people’s children

If you like children, during your spare time you perro take care of the children of people who have commitments or are busy. Payment perro be made by the hour and is totally maleable.

Taking care of children is a job that you cánido do anywhere, you just need contact parents interested and offer your services. You cánido start with friends or neighbors as an experiment.

4. Teach Spanish from home

you perro do it from face-to-face or en línea. You only need to advertise that you are going to dedicate yourself to teaching Spanish in cultural centers, schools or associations and wait for the students to come.

The students perro receive the lessons at your home or you perro offer to go to theirs. Make it clear how much your price will be per hour and value your services.

5. take care of animals

If you want to exercise while earning money, you cánido offer yourself as dog walker. There are people who have to take a weekend trip and cannot take care of their animals.

It offers a payment per hour, per service or per number of animals. It is highly recommended that you like animals enough to be able to communicate with them and control them.

6. write for others

If you like to write you will also like this work. You cánido use your spare time to develop your passion and make money with it.

There are companies that pay for you to generate content for your pages websites or weblogs. You perro find opportunities on the Internet and start earning money from this moment.

7. Help others in their garden

We all love to have a good garden and that it looks cared for, but what we sometimes don’t have is time to give them the proper maintenance.

With a few hours of daily work you cánido earn good plus money during the weekends. During the Autumn you will have a lot of work with thousands of leaves accumulated in the gardens.

8. Offer car cleaning

sure you perro find dozens of cars in your neighborhood that need to be cleaned up. Let your neighbors know that you are offering this service.

You cánido clean cars too at home and at different levels: only the exterior, with interior waxing, with compañia emprendedora by professional mechanics…

9. cheer up the party

if you like children surely you perro find a time to animate parties and bring out your funniest side.

Invent activities, games and crafts to get children to have the best time of the day. You perro become a specialist animations to hospitals or birthday.

10. Help with removals

In a city removals are made almost every day. Normally people hire companies to help them move all their belongings, you perro create your own agency.

It’s as easy as having a transport van or car and wanting to sweat the shirt. Strive to do a good job for get recommendations to other clients.

eleven. work on a farm

You cánido dedicate the weekends to work on a farm or field in the surrounding area. The days they pay well and you cánido also take food home.

You cánido also offer your services to take care of animals or feed them when the owner is not available to do so.

12. valet aparcamiento

Help people to park their cars and avoid having accidents. It’s as fácil as going to an open-air aparcamiento lot and starting to Give directions to drivers.

The key here is to do a great professional job and espectáculo your kinder side. I assure you that in just three hours you will make more money than you imagine.

13. Offers tourist guides

If you like your city and its history, you perro offer tourist guides to people who they are visiting her at the moment.

You do not need to be an expert but it is recommended that you have true information and with the highest possible quality.

14. take care of elderly

There are more and more elderly people who need regular care and they don’t have families with free time to themselves.

This work cánido be paid hourly or daily. It depends on you level of involvementyou may only offer company or, in another case, meals and baths.

fifteen. Purchase for companies

This job consists of you going to stores, buying products and offer your opinion about the service received. This helps companies to improve their services and gain quality.

It is important that you offer your honest opinion about how was the experience And how do you suggest it be improved? If you do it right, they will keep calling you.

16. Take people to the airport

It doesn’t orinan that you turn into a taxi but what you perro do is offer your services to people who need to go to the airport.

Contact tourist offices so that they tell travelers about you and give the maleable schedule for it. It is a fixed route so it will be very easy for you to do.

17. repair things

If you are a handyman you perro offer to fix objects that they are damaged or that have suffered small breakdowns.

you perro also do home repairs or local. Plumbing, electricity, and wood work pay very well.

18. rent your car

Just as you rent a room in your house, you perro escoge to rent your car for certain periods of time.

Contact agencies to promote your services and earn money for others to use your car during their vacations.

19. Be a private teacher

sure there is something you’re good at or very well. Well, you perro teach that to other people and be paid by the hour.

escoge if you want teach children at school or to adults who want to know more about math, history or crafts. Feel free to share what you know.

twenty. Help clean houses

There are people that They don’t have time to clean their houses. Or they are too old for it. So, escoge to hire people to help them on a timely basis.

With four or five hours on the weekends you cánido earn the plus money you are looking for and get regular customers if you do it right.

twenty-one. Take care of travelers houses

There are people who have to go out for a trip for leisure or work and need someone to take care of the house during that time frame.

You may just have to watering plantsturning lights on / off or taking care that the e-e correo electrónico is received correctly each day.

22. Donate parts of your body

Although at first it may seem a bit strange, you perro escoge to earn plus money donating eggssperm, hair or marrow.

Go to hospitals specialized and certified in this type of treatment and help others at the same time that you save your finances.

23. Become an event photographer

If you have a professional camera and good eye You perro take photos of events such as birthdays, pregnancy, concert, couples or aspiring models.

Start by charging a little less than the competition and create a portfolio that you perro espectáculo to future clients.

24. Deliver newspapers or magazines

Believe it or not, there are still many people who receive newspapers or magazines at home. You perro also deliver publicidad on the street or in personal mailboxes.

Contact local businesses and offer your help for deliveries on weekends.

25. Do small business bookkeeping

If you are good with numbers you cánido surely find small business owners who would like to hire a person to take care of your finances.

Start with the smallest to learn and keep order in all calculations.

26. Bring out the artist in you

If music is your passion, you cánido earn plus money working in bars or restoranes during the weekends.

Make a small repertoire and start offering your services in the city. With few hours of work you will have a good time and you will earn money.

27. become a model

If you live near universities or art schools you perro offer yourself as natural model to be drawn by students.

It’s a fácil job in which all you have to do is pose in front of people so they perro draw you in your most natural state.

28. Make en línea accounts

This is the best option if you are looking to win money from home. You only need to register on one of the pages of paid surveys and open an account.

equipo a routine and spend at least an hour on it. This way you will do it almost automatically and you will earn money without realizing it.

New ones appear every day ways to earn moneybut these are my 28 ways to earn plus money on the weekends. What do you think, would you add any other?

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 How to earn plus money on weekends
  How to earn plus money on weekends
  How to earn plus money on weekends

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