How to earn more than €5000 per month with Instagram

How to earn more than €5000 per month with Instagram

If you have clicked on this article it is because you are curious.

Surely you are aware that, in the en línea world, and more specifically In the world of popular networks, you cánido earn a lot of moneybut you probably don’t know how yet.

Take a seat and read this article until the end, today we come to tell you how to get it.

Popular networks: the present of the present

Popular networks have come to stay and more specifically instagram, today the popular network par excellence without any doubt.

Instagram has revolutionized the way we interact with other people and even with brands.

A new market has opened right under our noses, but not everyone knows how to exploit this BOOM!! of opportunities.

To this day, there are still people who believe that you perro only earn money by being an influencer with thousands and thousands of followers.

Yes, being influencers you cánido earn a lot of zeros (or not), but you perro also get the same figures or even more in another way.

not everything is advertising.

So what other ways are there?

There really are a lot of them: there are people who create templates for Instagram and sell them for a few dollars, and there are those who develop programs and platforms for popular networks.

The world of platforms is full of opportunities.

Popular networks are very much alive and in trend.

Obtaining millions of interactions every month, millions of potential customers I would say.

In the same way, platforms are created monthly that complement the functionalities of the popular networks themselves.

I will give you an example: there are more and more companies (and people) that pay a monthly fee of X money to be able to schedule their content, see reliable statistics or automate processes in order to save a lot of time.

Example: How perro it be sending a private message to all followers or giving a like to all our potential clients.

And among this sea of ​​platforms, there is one that is the most complete of all,

ploxythe right hand of Instagram

Ploxia is a tool that makes life easier from anyone who emplees Instagram.

But what exactly does it do?

  • Program posts automatically
  • manage comments and sorts
  • Send automated messages (to new followers, to all followers…)
  • Creates promotions to attract customers from your competitors’ accounts
  • Increase interactions
  • contributes visibility to any Instagram account
  • Allows you to create a very advanced configuration according to your preferences
  • Facilitates real statistics and easy to understand

And a lot lot more…

In other words, Ploxia is the prince charming for anyone who wants to run their Instagram account professionally.

What sets Ploxia apart from other tools is how complete it is.

People have grown tired of using a tool to schedule content, another to send messages and another to look at statistics.

And ploxia does it all efficiently and reliably.

It is habitual.

We want to have everything accessible in the same tool and be much more productive with less time.

Apparently only Ploxia has noticed that.

And the best of all is not how complete it is, but the price it has.

Making use of the platform with all the functionalities for a whole month has a minimum price of 10 dollars, Which in euros comes out to about €0.33 CENTS a day!! Yes yes seriously.

That is not money and even less when you see the benefits it brings to an account and how easy it is to use it.

Come on, not even with what you like in the first coffee in the morning you are already amortizing it.

Yes, it is true that ploxia has several modules and more specifically 4 modules.

Account Promotion

  • Your operation center to capture potential customers from your niche or from your competition.

    It is the star module and the one that everyone wants, the cost as we mentioned is $10 every 30 days.

direct mailing

  • In this module it is possible to send welcome messages to all new followers who follow us to encourage interaction or report an offer.

    But we perro also send a direct message to all followers to report anything you want, events, offers.

    This module costs $10.

Comment Tracker

  • Perhaps the most inconspicuous module but the most practical when your account begins to have many followers and you have to reply to everyone (you never know the opportunities you may be missing), organize and reply to all your messages easily and comfortable from the computer with this module.

    Adding this module costs $10.

Self Posting

  • The module that will save us time in our planning and publications.

    This module will publish for you while you travel, while you read while you sleep.

    So spend only 1 hour to plan the entire month or more… Select the articulo the day and time and ploxia will articulo it for you without you having to do anything.

    And all for just $9.95 for 30 days.

But everything does not end here and here comes the interesting thing: (we are here to make money with the internet, right?)

A company or person that emplees ploxia, brings another.

The company realizing this created the affiliate program.

In this way, everyone wins: the company and the affiliate.

Not just because I have a unique tool, but because it makes money every time someone else emplees it.

Affiliation in Ploxia

When a platform is good, one client brings another client, that’s how it is.

When a platform is intelligent, it creates an affiliate program benefiting that satisfied customer who has become an affiliate, or what is the same, brand ambassador.

In Ploxia they have not walked around the bush.

If you are a satisfied customer and bring another with your affiliate, you will take neither more nor less than 50% of what that client spends.

And as I told you before, people and companies usually buy all the modules by spendingan average of 40 euros per month PER ACCOUNT.

Surely you already know that today there are many people who have more than one account… not to mention marketing agencies.

As expected, the affiliate program has been a real success.

Satisfied customers enjoy those privileges that the company has given them.

And not content with all this, Ploxia has gone one step further by creating its own franchise.

Are you aware of what this means?

Franchise of Ploxia.

Here is a lot of money!!

Here is money and opportunities.

If this were surfing, it would be time to ride the wave.

The creators of Ploxia, proud of their creation and sure of the good results that a platform like this gives, have opened their franchise.

Ploxia users, especially affiliates, rubbed their hands when they found out.

Now I do want you attentive, I am going to tell you in detail how this works new business model in popular networksto be more specific, on instagram.

Ploxia sells the platform that they have created as a franchise.

When you buy it, they customize it as you want.

That is, she stops calling herself Ploxia to call herself whatever you want.

In addition, they introduce the colors that you request.

They leave the platform ready for you so that you perro start earning money.

Once it’s ready, they give you access to it.

You will be able to check the data of the people who subscribe, the payments… everything.

Except the source code.

They have created the platform and let others exploit it and make money from it, but they don’t give you access to the code.

In addition, the platform that they create for you is stored and hosted on their servers, you will not have to pay ANYTHING for its maintenanceonly the domain, the dirección de Internet that you want to put on the platform.

Ok, there is no maintenance cost, but how much does the franchise cost? Well, it’s one of the most cheap on the market, for only $1,900 on promotion until the end of the year, since its habitual price as a franchise is $3,000, so it’s yours for almost half.

The risk is minimal.

Keep reading.

I hope that it has already become clear to you what the INVESTMENT is.

It’s time to move on to the interesting side, the BENEFIT.

how much perro you get to win with this franchise? Grab paper and pen, let’s do the math.

As I have told you, the price of the tool on a monthly basis in the promotion module is 10 dollars per usuario.

This price perro be chosen by you, but following market prices, we are going to do the math based on the iniciativa that each customer will pay $60 for a month of use.

For the franchise owner, the cost per client is 10 dollars (or 10 euros).

In other words, you will only pay in proportion to the clients you have, so you will never lose out, not even at the beginning.

The customer pays $60, and it costs you $10.

60 – 10 = $50 in benefits!! -As it is –

Which in euros would be about 40-something (€44.57).

are you aware of what this means? More than 40 euros PER CLIENT PER MONTH and without doing anything.

Each client adjusts their settings and emplees the tool as they want.

A regular company or person dedicating about 5 hours a day cánido easily get 3,000 clients in 6 months.

3,000 customers * 44.57 euros profit = 133,710 euros per month

Even if we were very, very pessimistic, making only 25 clients per month would be more than 1,000 euros of net profit.

Surely you are reading this with your mouth open.

Yes, you read it right.

More than 130,000 euros per month.

After reading this you will know that those $1,900 franchise are more than affordable.

We are talking about 6 months, half a year, you do not need 3 years to make your company profitable as it happens with many other businesses.

A tool like Ploxia cánido easily be profitable in a single month.

But since a picture is better than 1000 words, here is the sales data for a month of a franchisee provided by ploxia.

And there is still something else I want to tell you:

The best thing about this company is not how much they benefit their affiliates and their franchisees.

It’s the way they have to do things.

When you buy a franchise, you are assigned a person in charge who will help you launch your franchise and will answer all your questions you may have about the operation or use of the tool.

And so that you are able to start your activity as soon as possible.

Approximately between 5 – 7 days.

If you, who are reading these lines, want to start your project in the en línea world and want to end the year with some BENEFITS (not billing) monthly 120,000 Eurothis is the professional challenge you need,

Being completely honest I will admit that there is work: it is not only to pay the $1,900 and start generating money.

You will have to work very hard, plan your strategy and invest in advertising (Fb Ads, Google plus Ads, etcétera…) the real and existing demand that exists at the moment is very, very great, so take advantage of this opportunity.

What I was telling you at the beginning, people who use Instagram are looking for a tool like this.

Who could it be franchisee of Ploxia?


You really do not have to meet any requirements to buy the franchise.

In any case, among all the people who have already bought the franchise, we have detected two interesting profiles:

  • People who want to start their business en línea: If you want to start making a living en línea, but you don’t want to open a cooking blog or you’re far from being an influencer, it’s better to start with a model that already exists and works.

    You will get more results in less time.

    That is, your investment will be smarter and more profitable.

  • digital marketing agencies.

    Digital marketing agencies are already using this tool.

    For this reason, instead of paying through an Instagram account, they choose to buy the franchise directly and use it as they please.

Now you know everything you need to know.

If you want to access both the affiliation or franchisee option, REGISTER at and access the different contributions of affiliate and franchise.

Does this business and this article talk about you? Get in touch with them today and they will make your task easier.

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Andrés Gananci is an entrepreneur and adventurer with a passion for life who founded his first en línea business at just 17 years old. 12 years later, he is still traveling the world while working from home.

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 How to earn more than €5000 per month with Instagram
  How to earn more than €5000 per month with Instagram
  How to earn more than €5000 per month with Instagram

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