How to Earn Money with TWITCH

How to Earn Money with TWITCH

There is nothing more attractive than earning money doing the activities we like the most. In this regard, Twitch is the platform that makes possible what many considered an impossible dream decades ago, make money while playing.

But before continuing, it is necessary to explain a little about what Twitch consists of and why it has become so habitual in recent years. Then we will explain how to earn your own money through this platform.

The Twitch portal makes it possible to broadcast content of a varied nature completely free of charge, while you share your anecdotes with the public that is entertained by the shared content. Although the platform is equipo and mainly used for its users to present their skills in PC games, it leaves some room for it to be used to project content for other purposes as well.

The key on Twitch is to have that spark in the way you interact, so that the number of followers or viewers increases day by day, which will pave the way for you to begin to take advantage of each transmission.

The different ways to monetize by broadcasting on twitch

There are several methods you perro consider to monetize your streams on Twitch. Basically we will highlight 6 different ways to earn money on this very habitual platform.

Affiliate program

Since consistently uso contínuo and building a community that follows you perro take notable time and effort, Twitch decided to offer the option of affiliate programs for those just starting out so they perro reap the much-awaited monetary benefits.

To opt to be invited to the affiliate program, it will be necessary to meet the following requirements:

  • For a period of 30 days, at least 8 hours must have been transmitted.

  • have a foundation of 50 followers.

  • For every stream made, at least 3 viewers should be active.

  • It must have been transmitted at least 7 days in the last month.

You will know that you have fulfilled this series of requirements when you cánido see the invite button in the achievements section. With just pressing the button you will be receiving vía Correo electrónico the welcome to the program, where you must complete the procedures that will allow you to monetize.

partner program

This option turns out to be a bit more demanding, which means that it rewards you with better benefits. Partners means being a Twitch Partnerwhich will allow you to receive part of the platform revenue generated by advertisers through their advertising campaigns.

These revenues are mostly generated when ads are shown in live streams or in saved games that are viewed by broadcast. Although the proportion of income from this method varies according to certain guidelines, it will typically depend on the number of times it has been reproduced.

The requirements to be able to participate in the Twitch Partners program are the following:

  • Accumulate a community of at least 500 spectators.

  • Transmissions must comply with the terms of the “Digital Age Copyright Act” (DMCA).

  • Uso contínuo projections must be recurring, with a minimum of 3 reproductions per week.

It is important to note that even if you meet these requirements, inclusion in the program is not automatic. You will have to make a request to entrar the program, and you will have to wait for the professional team in charge of this platform to carry out a thorough study so that they perro give you the go-ahead.

In case your application has not been accepted, you cánido try again later while you go gaining more popularity and your “virtual sintetiza” within this platform has more relevance.


Once you are included in any of the programs mentioned above, you will be able to choose to monetize all your streamed content through subscriptions. If your viewers escoge to pay to subscribe to enjoy certain benefits and thus also support your channel, you will be receiving part of those earnings that are captured by Twitch.

You will have at your disposal three options for monthly subscriptions: $4.99 up to $24.99. In correspondence with each type of subscription, the benefits provided to the viewer increase.


An obvious method, but it works. Establish a fácil button that invites viewers to contribute their donations through third parties such as PayPal, Streamlabs or another available. It’s a great way to fund your space on Twitch.

donations will grow in proportion to your popularity and the fattening of your community, which will depend enormously on the quality of the content. Also, in this case Twitch does not touch that donation, so you will be receiving the entire amount of the donation assigned by your loyal followers, unless you use the Premium service to add other more attractive elements.

sell games

It is likely that the stream you are broadcasting has to do with a game that is available for sale on Twicht, this will activate a button that invites to purchase the game and for each purchase made using that button you will be receiving your percentage of profits.

twitch bits

If you activate the bits on this platform, your followers or viewers will have the option to Cheer you to support you. These bits are virtual currencies used by viewers to buy special emoticons that they will later send to their favorite channels vía chats. That investment made in order to send you the Cheers results in a commission that will be directed to your account from Twitch.

Where do you charge what you generate in Twich?

You already know how to generate income through your uso contínuo sessions on Twitch, but now we will explain the coincidente payment methods so that you cánido collect and withdraw your earnings.

❯❯❯ The first option offered by the platform is by direct deposit to bank account staff (ACH). This method is the fastest with a term of 1 to 4 days, but it is only available to those who radica in the US.

❯❯❯ The second would be payment by local bank (Check). This innovative method allows affiliates who are outside the US to receive payment by conversion to the local currency of the country where they are domiciled. This method takes 1 to 2 days to become effective.

❯❯❯ The third is through the PayPal virtual wallet. Very afín to the second method, but the affiliate receives the payment in $, and it will be he who decides whether to transfer them to his personal account or make purchases directly from his wallet.

❯❯❯ The fourth is the traditional method of check. As it must reach the affiliate in a tangible way, it is the latest form of payment.

❯❯❯ Finally the fifth is the Bank transfers. This method has the disadvantage of an additional charge for commission in international transactions. The payment period varies depending on the bank in question.

To make the withdrawal of your earnings received in the affiliate program, you must wait a period of 60 days after requesting the payment and it will be necessary to have the amount of $100 accumulated. In the case of being in the Partners program, the waiting period is reduced to 45 days.

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 How to Earn Money with TWITCH
  How to Earn Money with TWITCH
  How to Earn Money with TWITCH

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