How to earn money with Spotify?

How to earn money with Spotify?

Of Swedish-American descentthis application is aimed at playing music through uso contínuo, which is a live broadcast through a computer network media content that is achieved through digital distribution.

In this sense, we are talking about a platform that has become everyone’s favorite for listen to your playlist, since it is of high quality and efficient operation.

We are talking about a playlist of more than 50 million songs available for the application, knowing that Spotify It is available in more than 70 countries worldwide.

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  • Now, let’s talk about what is important, and it is the way in which you perro earn money using Spotify.

    You will receive money for your songs

    In this case, we talk about the artists who have joined the application to allow your songs to be played and get paid for it.

    But not only this, you may not be a recognized artist, but you may have a podcast good that i cánido have good level of projection within the platformwhich gives you the opportunity to start in this business.

    In this sense, we must understand that for every euro that users pay to the application, subscribed artists entrar up to a 12.3% money.

    It is important to understand that Spotify payment is handled in two ways, one is through the Premium platform and the other is through the payment for uso contínuo that is the payment for reproduction.

    You will receive money for the interaction in the application

    If you are not an artist, then there are also some power options earn money through this application, and this consists of, following the law status of Spotify Of course, register on all platforms and make life inside the applicationthat is, being in constant movement within the application, adding songs to the playlist and carrying out reviews that allow better interaction.

    The more you do this process the higher the paysince the quantity in this case is really important, for more reviews and more songs addedis more money that is added to the account.

    But let’s detail a little more on this point, which is what interests us, since we are not renowned artists.

    In order to develop in this aspect, the person must carry out or rather, develop reviews in english that have to do with the songs that Spotify send you and of which it gives you a period of 14 days to have the review ready.

    This review expresses the taste for the songif it is effective, then the person should add the song to the playlist, and if not, then the person should explain the reasons why they don’t like it.

    However, for each song you add to the playlist of your preference, are points that are added up and that are later converted into money that will be the one you will receive through a wire transfer.

    How much money perro you earn on Spotify?

    Now, since we know the ways in which you perro earn money through this application, it is important that we detail the amount the person receives for being subscribed in this business.

    For uso contínuo the payment is $1 for a total of 229 reproductionsthat is, each reproduction has an amount of $0.00437, taking as a figure that the year 2018 Spotify managed to entrar a total of $ 1,500 million.

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  • Requirements to develop as a worker at Spotify

    In case of PlaylistPush

    • Have a minimum of 1000 real followers on the networks.
    • Procure 30 new listeners each month.
    • Have 1% of followers who continue to listen.


    • Have 1000 real followers.

    Those people who have more than 30,000 followershave the option of working very well within this platform, receiving the title of Playlister Premium And of course, this implies other working conditions and higher pay.

    Basically the money game on spotify It is through the way in which people manage to interact through the digital platform, that is, those people who have the gift of get a good number of followers that they are aware of what is published and that they always seek to do and listen to what the person is offering them on the platform.

    In this sense, we speak of a person who has great reach on popular mediawho are an influence for a great mass that always seeks to look like and do the things that person does, in this way, the platform manages to get those same followers to become clients through the influencer, and by beginning to quote on the list of reproduction, it is generated money in the aplicación And in this way, a percentage is awarded to the person or to the influence that has achieved such a movement or influx of followers.

    This is in the case of those who are not artists or do not handle anything regarding the creation of the musical theme, since this is another topic, because the artists who are subscribed to Spotify receive a percentage of money for the reproduction of his songswhich was what we talked about earlier. Artists and influencers from popular networks work at Spotifythose people who manage to handle the world of mass influx in large numbers, allowing the application to generate a good movement of clients who demand to listen to the songs and to follow step by step the growth of Spotifyhighlighting that we are not only talking about songs, this digital platform offers everything about the world of music and entertainment, news, events, and everything that has to do with the lives of favorite artists.

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     How to earn money with Spotify?
  How to earn money with Spotify?
  How to earn money with Spotify?

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