How to Earn Money with Spotify

How to Earn Money with Spotify

Spotify Spotify is one of the most habitual aplicaciones out there in the market, due to its popularity and in-demand uso contínuo service as well as the wide variety of different songs that the service offers, Spotify has become the favorite service for a large number of people who love music.

It has also become a business opportunity, especially for artists..

Therefore, it is habitual that if you are starting in the world of music, the best thing you perro do to get money with the reproductions of your music is to entrar Spotify and start earning money.

However, you should keep a few things in mind when you start uploading your songs to Spotify.

There are a few things you may need to upload your music.

These requirements are designed so that artists have legal representation in case it is needed.

Also keep in mind that there is a oportunidad that, even if you meet all the requirements, Spotify will take more time to confirm that your account is eligible for monetization, and therefore you will have to wait longer before starting money using your music.

We will cover all of this in the next part of the article.

How to upload my music to Spotify and earn money

Spotify is the biggest music platform out there. It has 160 million continuously active usersof which 70 million of them are Premium account subscribers, which is divided into 61 world markets.

On top of that, the platform is the undisputed trendsetter thanks to its algorithm that allows its listeners to find music that suits their tastes.

Many artists who were not famous or very little known became so thanks to their presence on Spotify.

It is essential for every artist to have an active Spotify page..

Are there requirements to upload your own songs on Spotify?

Spotify does have a series of basic requirements that you must take into account when you start placing your music on the platform.

These guidelines are intended to prevent piracy and maintain quality control within the platform..

We could divide the requirements into two: The technical requirements (those that have to do with the way in which the music was produced), and the legal requirements (those that are intended to prevent Spotify from having to hire a team of lawyers and go To the court).

We will start with the technical requirements because there are really only two:

  • Your music has to be in 320 Kb/s: This is the playback speed.

    The estándar speed is 320 so it really isn’t that demanding.

    This is done so that your listeners do not get a bad impression of the service.

  • Your music has to be in a format coincidente with Spotify: The Spotify format par excellence is .mp3.

    Although it accepts formats such as .mp4 and .m4p, the problem with the first is that if it has a vídeo, Spotify will not allow you to upload it.

    You must take this into account when uploading your songs (Spotify will also notify you if there is a problem if the archivo is not coincidente with its system).

On the other hand, the legal requirements that Spotify asks of you are a bit more complicated and specific:

  • You have to have a distributor: They are the people who are in charge of placing your music on Spotify and the ones who will pay you the part of the royalties.

    Or if you have a record label, they probably already have a distributor.

    The problem really is that most of the habitual ones are paid (for example, CDBaby or Tunecore) although there are free alternatives (RouteNote, for example).

  • You have to have the permission of the original artists: This is only true if you are a cover artist, otherwise you don’t need anyone’s permission (since you are the original artist).

How to publish music to Spotify step by step

The steps you have to follow to publish your music on Spotify are the following:

  1. Contact a dealer: Finding a distributor will allow you to upload your songs directly on the Spotify page.

    They will take care of everything that has to do with royalties and more (most are paid, but some are quite cheap).

  2. Claim your Spotify for artist profile: Once you have your music on the platform, they will allow you to choose an artist profile, in this way you will have control of how your followers will see your page in addition to having exclusive tools.
  3. Get your music on the charts: Lists are a great way to get people to promote you.

    Most of them are managed by producers, but some of the playlists that allow users to submit collaborations are:

    1. Work Hard Playlist (
    2. Indiemono (
    3. sound plate (

How much does Spotify pay approximately?

There is no specific profit rate that Spotify has for its artists, however, there is something that is known and that is unfortunately you pay very little for reproductions.

The company tries to keep this data as private as possible, however it is known that the royalties would be approximately the following:

Amount of reproductions Premium users Profits.
from 0 to 10 $0.006
from 10 to 100 $0.010
from 100 to 1000 $0.054
From 1000 to 10000 $0.84

The higher the percentage of Premium users, the more an artist will earn for their reproductions. For every euro that users pay, artists only receive an average of 12.3%.

To win $4,300 would require approximately one million gross views.

Perro you also earn money listening to music on Spotify?

Regarding whether there is the possibility of earning money using this music application.

The answer to that is yes you perro, but it’s not a huge amount of money really.

It is rather enough to pay for the Premium account.

There is a wide variety of methods to earn money using this application.

Some of the best known are the following:

  • Get paid to add songs to your playlist: The first thing you have to do is make a playlist that has a large number of monthly listeners.

    After that, you have to contact independent artists and offer to add their songs to your playlist.

    You perro get between $5 and $10 for adding a song for a month to that playlist.

  • Make playlist for specific dates: You perro earn up to $5 for making playlists for specific activities, such as a wedding, funeral or graduation ceremony.
  • Entrar specific applications: There are applications that will allow you to earn money for listening to certain songs on Spotify a certain number of times.

    For this you must have some requirements, such as having a minimum of 400 followers or monthly listeners.

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 How to Earn Money with Spotify
  How to Earn Money with Spotify
  How to Earn Money with Spotify

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