How to EARN money with PTCs «Paid To

How to EARN money with PTCs «Paid To

We have talked many times about free pages for earn money en línea.

However, this time I will focus on answering some interesting questions.

What are PTCs? How does it work? Is it true that you perro earn money with PTCs? In the blog I have always explained the operation of the pages themselves.

Either in the form of a guide or tutorial.

But at the time, I took for granted the most important thing of all, which was explain the concept of PTC itself.

So, although it is a bit late, I have decided to write an explanatory articulo about PTCs.

The purpose of this articulo is to explain in a fácil and honest way the singularities that PTCs have.

For this reason, this article is aimed at all those people who have just discovered the existence of this world.

Most likely, it will not tell the most veterans anything new.

Especially the sections where we cánido get our fingers caught.

And instead of making money with PTCs, what we do is lose it.

What is a PTC

PTC is the abbreviation for Pay Per Clic pages.

In English Paid To Clic.

They are business models based on en línea advertising.

The system is based on acting as an intermediary between some advertisers, who promote their backlinks or businesses through ads, and some visitors, who receive compensation each time they view one of those ads.

In this way, taking the role of visitors, is how we will be able to earn money with the PTCs.

On a daily basis, we are consumers of advertising… but in no way are we paid to see those ads.

In the PTC they do pay us for it.

How to make or create a PTC

Basically it is necessary to buy a script and design the PTC to our liking.

There are many different options and each one may only deal with ads, another may include paid surveys, etcétera.

Perro you make money with PTCs?

Of course you perro make money with PTCs.

Above all, with work and perseverance.

We have agreed that PTCs, as a general rule, pay us to see ads.

But it could be said that each of them has its especial operating system.

In all PTC we will earn money for seeing these ads, but in some, in addition, we perro also make money with paid surveyswatching vídeos, doing mini-jobs, completing offers, etcétera.

How to make money with PTCs

As it happens in real life with any business, there are PTCs that work wonderfully and others that just close without further ado.

In fact, dozens of new pages appear every day, but the vast majority end up closing after a few days and become Scam.

For this very reason, it is important to select which pages to work on and which ones don’t

A PTC is considered a Scam when it stops paying or when it espectáculos symptoms that it will stop paying in the future.

I usually work several PTC.

However, despite the fact that there are many and varied ones, I have decided to promote on the blog those PTCs that, in addition to being reliable, are giving me good results.

What do I orinan? As we have seen before, there are PTCs in which we cánido make money completing surveys.

That means that if we answer 3 or 4 surveys, we perro earn from $2 to $3 at a time.

On the other hand, there are PTCs in which we only have the possibility of earning money by watching ads with a value of $0.001.

As is logical, when comparing one PTC with the other, we see that reaching those $2 or $3 would take us half an hour in one, and several months in the other.

Affiliation and referral system in the PTC

Another way to earn money with PTCs is by inviting other users.

In this way, according to the affiliation system that each PTC has, we will receive a percentage of profits based on the activity of our referrals.

There are PTCs, for example, that pay us for each ad that our guest views.

In other words, in addition to him winning, we will also win.

You cánido see some of the free methods I use to get referrals at this articulo.

There is another affiliate system with which we cánido earn money with the PTCalthough only in some.

It is the so-called rented referral system.

In a simplified and summarized way, there are PTCs in which we cánido pay for the rental of a referral for a period of time and receive a percentage of profits from their activity on the page.

Each PTC applies different methods regarding the operation of the rented referrals, but the vast majority of them do not rent real users, but automated bots.

With rented referrals you have to be cautious.

There are PTCs in which they are profitable and there are PTCs in which they only generate losses.

An illuminating example could be the following ⇒ We pay $0.20 for a referral’s rental over a 30-day period.

If this rental referral is active, by the end of the 30 day period we will have earned more money than we paid for your rental.

List of reliable PTC to earn money

We have already seen before that new PTC pages are launched every day and that the vast majority will end up being scams.

For this same reason, we have to test new businesses and select those that offer the most guarantees.

In this sense, I made the decision to promote on the blog only those PTCs that met a series of requirements:

» A trajectory of several years en línea.

» Proven reliability since its launch.

» That an acceptable amount of money could be earned based on the time spent and the profits obtained.

» Check for myself that they are up to date with payment.

Next I leave my favorite PTC pages that pay in dollars.

there are also that pay bitcoins to view ads.

For example Coinpayu, adbtc either

However, here I will only list (and I will add new ones if the occasion arises) those PTCs that pay in fiat currency.

All of them are free, they pay without any problem and they have been en línea for a long time:


It was the pioneer page as far as PTC businesses are concerned.

We perro also earn money in various ways, among which are the ads and the famous mini-jobs on the CrowdFlower portal.

Unlike Clixsense, in Neobux we cánido rent referrals, manage them and increase our earnings.

On a personal level, I have not had a good experience with the referrals rented from this PTC, so I focus all my work on earning money using the other two options.

Neobux PTC makes instant payments to its users vía Skrill, Neteller and airtm.

Neobux Tutorial Go straight to the PTC


Scarletclicks is one of the oldest PTCs in the industry and has been en línea since 2009.

It was officially launched a few months after Neobux and today still 100% functional.

The profits that we cánido obtain are rather small, but it is totally reliable and pays.

In addition, it also has a system of rented referrals, although I tried a strategy and had no luck… Since then I have only dedicated myself to seeing the ads.

And when I reach the minimum payment of $2 I request a payment.

Scarletclicks also allows you to cash out your winnings in cryptocurrencies like LTC.

Scarletclicks Tutorial Go Direct to PTC

To receive the PTC charges we will have to do it using certain payment processors.

These processors, to put it in some simplified way, will act as intermediaries between the page and our bank account.

The money that we are earning in the PTC cánido be withdrawn using our Neteller account, Skrill, Airtm or other payment processors.

And later, transfer it to our checking account.

Start earning money with PTCs

To start our journey in all these pages, it is advisable to do it as free users and gradually grow.

Each PTC has its especial earnings system and we have to know how they work from start to finish.

It will depend on whether we get the most out of each one.

At first, if you have never read anything about PTCs, it may surprise you that there are these types of pages for earn money en línea.

But currently, there are thousands of users around the world who earn money every month working on these types of websites.

The same goes for paid survey panels.

Many people are unaware of the existence of portals that pay to respond to market research.

But it is like this!!.

These systems require work, patience and perseverance.

We are not going to get rich, but by working, we will get some plus money.

Opinions about making money with PTCs

In addition to making money from PTCs and survey panels, I also use other methods to make money from popular media, earn money playing en línea either pages to earn free cryptocurrencies.

If you are curious and want to know more in depth about all the forms that I use, I invite you to take a look at the blog and review all the guides.

I hope they will help you to understand the operation of each page or PTC in especial.

And if you have any questions, ask without fear.

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you cánido see more about me.

We hope you liked our article How to EARN money with PTCs «Paid To
and everything related to earning money, getting a job, and the economy of our house.

 How to EARN money with PTCs «Paid To
  How to EARN money with PTCs «Paid To
  How to EARN money with PTCs «Paid To

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