How to Earn Money with Popcash – $12 DOLLARS

How to Earn Money with Popcash – $12 DOLLARS

How to make money with Popcash. We are going to learn how to monetize your Blog with popcash to generate income with him every day and be able to get a good amount of money monthly.

What is Popcash and how does it work?

Popcash is a company where we perro earn money with our blog through the advertising guy Pop Under (pop-up windows), its advertising model is cpm which means cost per 1,000 impressions.

That is, the company is going to pay us an amount of money for every 1,000 impressions that we generate on our blog, the amount charged will depend on the country where the visitors come from, since the payment rate is different for each country.

Monetize your blog with Popcash

To start using this company, what we have to do is go to the Popcash page and sign upOnce registered, the next thing we have to do is add our website and insert the advertising code.

PopCash Features

  • Assessment: Good
  • Type of Advertising: CPM, Popunder, Adult Advertising
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, Skrill, Webmoney, ePayments and Bitcoin
  • Paydays: Every day
  • Withdrawal Minimum: $10 dollar
  • Language: English
  • Referral system: Yes, earn 10% of your referrals
  • Allows all types of web: Yeah
  • Advertising valid for all countries: No

One of the things that I think the company should improve is the possibility of extending their traffic to the whole world since the advertising they espectáculo is not acceptable for all countries.

How to make money with Popcash

One aspecto that determines the amount of money we perro generate with this company is the origin of the traffic from our website, for example, if we receive many US visits we will earn more money.

Since the pay rate is higher for some countries such as the United States, Germany, France, Spain and other countries.

Does Popcash pay or is it a scam?

This company popcash pays almost immediately, when you arrive at the minimum charge You perro withdraw the money immediately, the company takes between 24 to 48 hours to make the deposit of the money.

Popcash Proof of Payment

popcash is paying and then find proof of payment recent reports from this company, Popcash is not scam not much less a fraudso I recommend it myself and I’m even going to start using it.

PopCash Vídeo Tutorial

Promote your blog on Popcash

In addition to how to earn money with Popcash you perro also promote your websitesince the platform has two tools, that of editors and of advertisersas an advertiser you cánido run campaigns to promote your website through this platform.

As the platform has thousands of publishers, your ads will have a long reach and it is possible that you perro get good results, it would just be to try and see how the results are.

What you should not do with Popcash

One of the things you should not do is fraudthere are many publishers who are always complaining about getting their account banned, not only on Popcash but also on any platform they try.

The reason is very fácil, these users are always looking for the strategy or the way to take advantage of everyone in a way fraudulentPopcash does not allow traffic from boot, autosuf, or any other fraudulent source.

If you like make money constantly and permanent with Popcash, it is recommended that you work in a legal and clean, without going around doing misdeeds because in the end everything ends up being discovered.

Popcash Recommendations and Opinions

The best advice I cánido give you is that regardless of the theme of your website, the ideal is to focus on working well on the SEO from your Blogso that you get many 100% organic visits. Sign up here.

In this way you will earn more because your traffic is 100% qualified traffic, you will also be able to monetize your blog with any other platform without any problem, and you perro keep the one that pays you the best.

Alternatives to PopCash

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 How to Earn Money with Popcash – $12 DOLLARS
  How to Earn Money with Popcash – $12 DOLLARS
  How to Earn Money with Popcash – $12 DOLLARS

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