How to Earn Money with Google plus Maps?

How to Earn Money with Google plus Maps?

Actually, in the new century it is very easy to start generating income using Google plus, and chains like Google plus Maps cánido help us by becoming their local guides.

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  • How to earn money with Google plus Maps?

    There are different ways using Google plus’s own tools that will be most beneficial.

    You cánido try to make reviews for places not previously located in different areas

    What do Google plus Local Guides earn?

    well really the earnings vary according to the tasks, but they help to keep the business owners with a data in google plus efficiently, and they perro generate $30 an hour.

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  • How much does Google plus Maps charge?

    Let’s take the Dynamic Maps service, as an example (for more information on map types, read here).

    According to the list of pricesthe cost of using Dynamic Maps for 1000 queries is $7:

    20,000 views per month

    20,000 * $7 / 1,000 = $140

    We fit into the limit of 28,000 visits with a limit of $200 provided by Google plus.

    Full cost $0

    90,000 views per month

    90,000 * $7/1,000 = $630

    It places us in the first price level.

    De hoy cost is $430 – decreased by

    $200 of the monthly free limit.

    250,000 views per month

    100,000 * $7/1000 + 150,000 * $5.6/1000 = 700 + 840 = $1540

    We are located in the first two price levels.

    Total cost is $1340

    750,000 views per month

    100,000 * $7/1000 + 650,000 * $5.6/1000 = 700 + 3640 = $4340

    Level up in income:

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  • The final price is calculated based on 3 price levels, but you will only be charged the price of the second level.

    The price will be more affordable when begin to cooperate with a Google plus partner.

    You will have to spend only $3 990

    Let us now take a closer look at the example of price of three SKU products: Dynamic Maps (base price – $7 per 1,000 impressions), Directions API (base price – $5 per 1,000 queries), and Geocoding API (base price – $5 per 1,000 queries):

    A monthly usage of 20,000 views per month for dynamic maps is 20,000 * $7 / 1,000 = $140

    150,000 queries for the Address API cost 100,000 * $5 / 1,000 + 50,000 * $4 / 1,000 = $700

    600,000 geocoding API queries cost 100,000 * $5 / 1,000 + $400,000 * $4 / 1,000 + 100,000 * $4 / 1,000 = $2,500 (in this case, we cánido entrar the third level only in cooperation with Google plus Partner and pay $ 2,400) .

    The total monthly cost is: $140 + $700 + $2,500 = $3,340.

    After factoring in the $200 free limit, the de hoy charge on the credit card is $3,140.

    Due to the fact that the number of queries to the Geocoding API service qualifies for the third pricing tier, a good solution is to work with a Google plus Maps partner.

    What do you gain from being a local guide?

    Google plus Local Guides write reviews, share photos, add or editar business information, and check data on Google plus Maps.

    Joining the Local Guides program is quick and fácil, so you cánido earn points and rewards with your Google plus contributions in just minutes.

    Find out how to become a Local Guide and help make Google plus Maps a better place for business information.

    There are countless statistics to back this up.

    affirmationsuch as the fact that 46% of all Google plus searches are done with the intention of finding local information.

    It is also impossible to deny that Usuario-Generated Content (UGC) is rapidly growing in importance in this context, with an expanding data equipo suggesting that it is a critical tool in the decision-making process.

    In this en línea landscape, Google plus Local Guides have taken on a new relevance.

    However, let’s quickly take a step back before diving into Google plus Local Guides, as the role of usuario-generated content in the customer journey and en línea usuario psyche is extremely relevant to the concept of Local Guides as a whole.


    According to research conducted by Salesforce, the content Usuario-generated content was already showing signs of its importance in 2016.

    He reported that pages with usuario-generated content enjoyed a variety of performance benefits, including a 90% increase in time spent on site, up 50%.

    % increase in engagement rates, a 73% improvement in dirección de correo electrónico clicks, and a 10% increase in conversions.

    Fast forward four years and the experience index of the buyer from BazaarVoice 2020 conclusively concludes that more and more brands are empowering their customers to “advocate and sell on their behalf.” Significantly, the experience index says that consumers now control product pages, and usuario-generated content replaces traditional image carousels.

    Consumer product ratings, reviews, consumer uploaded images, and Q&A they play a primordial role in purchasing decisions, people trust people.

    Many consumers, especially the generation millennial henceforth, they are wary of brand-generated advertising and content.

    In fact, 84% of Millennials classify themselves as distrustful of traditional marketing.

    That leaves peers as the most trusted form of recommendation when it comes to everything from finding a lugar de comidas and booking a hotel to finding a contractor or choosing a vet.

    The Experience Index backs this up, with its findings revealing a 159% increase in revenue from visitors who engage with reviews.

    Scientific research also cites empirical evidence that reviews have a significant impact on en línea sales; in the travel industry, for examplejust a 10% increase in usuario reviews led to a more than 5% increase in bookings.

    What are the benefits of being a Local Guide?

    It should be noted here that the actions carried out by the Guides are not limited to those who register in the program.

    Even without signing up to be a Google plus Local Guide, you perro do many of the same functions.

    For example, you perro leave an unbiased review of a business in local search through Google plus Reviews.

    You cánido upload your own images of a local business, which will then espectáculo up in local search and on that business’s Google plus My Business profile.

    You cánido also ask a question, suggest an editar to a local business listing, and answer Google plus questions like whether a location is wheelchair accessible by clicking the “share the latest info” backlink in local search.

    The difference is that, like Google plus’s Local Guide, your contributions will be linked to gamification, which means that the more sharethe higher the points and rewards you will receive.

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     How to Earn Money with Google plus Maps?
  How to Earn Money with Google plus Maps?
  How to Earn Money with Google plus Maps?

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