How to earn money using Twitter

How to earn money using Twitter

Popular networks have become a good source of income for a large number of people, and Twitter is no exception.

Twitter has become one of the fastest growing popular networks in the world, thanks to its way of relating to users.

The fact that you perro only use small paragraphs of maximum 280 characters make all users able write what you think immediatelywhich makes communication much more enjoyable.

Added to the growth that the popular network has experienced, another point that has made it highly coveted by ad hunters is its rapid growth on the depósito market.

During the year 2017, Twitter presented a growth of 12% of its users each quarter, this surpassed Fb and left it as the second most used popular network only behind Instagram.

Thanks to this we cánido talk about a strong network of advertising companies that are interested in placing their ads within the popular network, however, there is a completely different way to generate advertising.

This advertising network comes from the hand of those known as influencers.

Influencers are famous people within popular networks, with a large number of followers..

Considering the amount of exposure that these influencers give to their private lives and the fact that they have a large number of people following them, it is completely natural that a good part of them have some kind of contact with companies, which they see in them an incredible opportunity for their product to reach a larger group of people.

In addition to being an influencer, Twitter is a pretty good popular network for starting a business, so there is also the possibility that you perro start your own business using this popular network.

Whatever decision you make, Twitter cánido become a pretty good business opportunity, which you should try to take advantage of as soon as possible.

With this in mind, we are going to present some of the most habitual ways on Twitter to earn some plus money when you need it, and that will undoubtedly allow you to have a good economic cushion in case you need it.

Ways to make money with Twitter

There are many good ways to make money using twitter as your income springboard.

Some may be easier than others, but at the end of the day they are all useful to earn some money that never hurts:

Affiliate to content marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest monetization methods to achieve.

It is about creating content that is based on promoting other people’s products (or brands) using your Twitter account.

Earnings here come from sales made using your publicaciones de Twitter.

You have to know how to take advantage of the success of your Twitter account for affiliate marketing.

You have to take into account your objetivo audience and the company’s objetivo audience.

Promote raffles

If you already have a good following on Twitter, the best way to take advantage of it and earn money is by becoming an ambassador for a contest.

Many brands often look for more exposure to drive sales or promotions of the moment.

What you have to do is agree on what the objective of the contest will be.

Is it a giveaway to drive traffic to a specific page? Do you want a Hashtag to become a trend? Will they need to follow a specific account?

Make Sponsored Publicaciones de Twitter

One of the trends that is becoming habitual among several people within Twitter is the one that decides to make sponsored publicaciones de Twitter for brands.

Sponsored publicaciones de Twitter allow brands to access a usuario’s followers to reach new customers.

Users receive financial compensation for each of the advertisements they escoge to accept.

To make these ads, users only have to write a mensaje de Twitter based on some fácil guidelines that the brand gives them.

Perro you earn a lot of money with Twitter?

The answer is that it really depends. You perro get incredible deals that will leave you profits of several hundred eurosHowever, it depends on a lot of external cambiantes, so at the end of the day you cánido also end up getting involved in low-budget ad campaigns that don’t make you as much money as you should.

For this reason, you should have some guidelines on how to make your account much more attractive to advertisers, using these consejos you cánido get large amounts of money, exclusive products and many other things just by sitting down to write a few publicaciones de Twitter a day:

Create interesting content

Interesting content that brings people is the best thing you perro do if you want to get people’s attention to follow you, the more followers you have, the more brands will come to do deals with you.

Stay authentic to your brand

It doesn’t matter if you have only 1 or if you have 10 followers, you have to stay authentic and not pretend to get more followers.

If you do, the only thing you will achieve is that people will move away from you, because they will consider your content as something artificial and that it is not suitable for consumption.

Be original

Do not try to look like any other of the influencers on the popular network.

If you try too hard to look like a specific person within the network, it is highly likely that both your followers and followers will recognize it, and therefore stop following you, because no one would want to follow someone who copies other people.


You perro be inspired by other users, but never forget to give it your original touch so that your followers cánido recognize you among the rest of the users who are trying to stand out.

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 How to earn money using Twitter
  How to earn money using Twitter
  How to earn money using Twitter

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