How to Earn Money Traveling?

How to Earn Money Traveling?

Although people all over the world stops only on the beach one week a year and tries not to spend, but to earn money on trips, she also decided to fall into the payment fashion (pay agregado vacation) and collect nice and legal ways.

to “recoup” money for a trip or even bring something from vacation.

Just shoot gigas on the table, your photos cánido be more useful than just uploading them to your next album on Fb.

There are a plethora of aplicaciones where you cánido sell travel photos.

And it doesn’t matter if he shoots with a dslr or a móvil inteligente – photo banks will accept everything.

We have already discussed what exactly you need to do if you want to make money from travel photos.

How to travel for free and get paid?

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  • From the beginning, you perro write for a penny and gradually add up your reputation into bigger and bigger money.

    It is better to find some customers who constantly need texts from travelers, grasp their specialization and write for them.

    It is good to create a blog with your work and espectáculo it to clients.

    The backlink to the blog perro be inserted in the signature of your correos electrónicos, statuses in popular networks, skype, forums and any other communication resource.

    Remember which of your friends have websites, weblogs and propose to them.

    Be active in SEO forums like

    Copywriting perro make $300-$400 per month with employment every day for 4-6 hours.

    Content Management, SMM

    This is blogging, networking groups popular, uploading photos and vídeos, editing… I highly recommend it for freedom-loving, text-oriented citizens with a desire to travel.

    There are many nuances here, but they are usually based on common sense: understand the language of your audience and write in it, articulo every day, engaging the audience to communicate on your page.

    Always keep in mind the goal of the project: invite, sell, get acquainted.

    Write only interestingly, a lot of bright images, choose a time to send news when your audience is inclined to read, hold interesting events and actively invite friends.

    Maintaining a group on popular media will take 3-4 hours a day at first, then about two hours and will bring $150.

    You perro earn about $200-300, working 3-5 hours every day.

    Maintain your own traveler blog, website

    First year: plowing 4-12 hours a day and zero profit.

    Second year: working 5-7 hours a week and earning $200-300 a month, agregado any remote work I get from blogging.

    It took half a year to test ways to earn money: abandon advertising and switch to affiliate programs, test and launch.

    The result is a stable income with honest payments.

    It has been transferred a lot of work to popular networks.

    Consejo for bloggers: the butter and caviar in your blog’s bread are there.

    And at the same time, write only about what you love and know yourself well.

    Inspiration quickly ends in reviews and rewriting of other people’s experiences.

    Nobody reads uninspired texts!

    What jobs allow you to travel?

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  • Auditor

    If properly educated, an auditor cánido be a excellent travel option as you will be working with clients around the world and visiting them to work on reports.

    Contracts cánido last anywhere from a few days to a few months, so you may have a good winter in Hong Kong.

    While salaries range from $44,000 to $90,000, keep in mind that all your flights and hotel rooms will be covered on the go, so everything you do goes right into your pocket.

    But, and if you perro’t boast of having a diploma, Article 10 jobs that don’t require education will come in handy.

    Wedding photographer

    Start traveling to exotic places and photograph happy couples getting married? The only disadvantage of a wedding photographer is that some couples they consider it enough to pay only for the round trip without paying for the photographer’s services, thinking that you are already on vacation, while others will reward you handsomely without paying for travel and housing.

    Your salary perro vary widely and you will be most successful if you negotiate correctly and build a client base.

    Maintenance engineer

    We live in the age of technology, which means that the machines that sustain our lives cánido eventually break down.

    This requires maintenance engineers.

    These specialists are trained in the maintenance and service of large-scale, important machines, sent to companies that have a problem.

    You’ll need an engineering degree, but if you’re tired of mundane work, this major may be a good fit.

    Tour group manager

    If you love music and art, and you won’t regret the long, hard hours, and then you become the manager of a touring group, a theater company, or even a circus, you perro travel and be behind the scenes.

    scenes of some amazing performances.

    As an administrator, you perro easily and quickly get a ticket to anywhere in the world if you work for a good company.

    The parties aren’t too bad, since most of the managers are invited to the articulo espectáculo after each performance.

    The payments are quite large, on average the administrator receives from $1,500 to $2,000 per week.

    What to do to get backpacking money?

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  • Rent an apartment at the time of departure

    Of course, you cánido agree with friends or family that someone will stay with you when you leave, but there is an even more interesting option: rent an apartment through Airbnb.

    Imagine, your apartment cánido bring up to $293 per week if you do everything correctly.

    How exactly, we tell in all the details.

    You cánido approach the issue from the other side and not only rent your accommodation, but also live for free during your own trip, taking care of another traveler’s accommodation; this service is called housesitting.

    Take a walk with the dog

    The founders of the service DogBuddy they tried to find a sitter for their dog and as a result they created a platform where you perro earn 10-15$ a day walking someone else’s dog.

    You cánido care for the dog in the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Sweden.

    In DogBuddy two sides interact: on one, the owners of the dogs, on the other, the “keepers”.

    Owners are looking for a nice person who perro take care of the pet for the day (or more), and “sitters” are ready to provide such a service for an appropriate fee.

    How to live traveling the world?

    railway worker

    Railway companies transport large volumes of valuable cargo on each train.

    These companies look for guides, workers maintenance technicians and qualified engineers every year to make sure your trains are in good condition and that the goods reach their destination on time and in good condition.

    As payment, the workers get beautiful views, which is also part of the job.

    Event planner

    If you land a job with the right company, you cánido travel to plan events.

    Many multinational companies corporate they have offices in different cities, where they hold conferences once a year, involving all their employees to make sure everything is in place.

    On the other hand, he cánido contact a political party and plan his campaign events that will move him around the world in his workflow.

    How perro you travel for free by plane?

    When people think of diplomats, they imagine scientists, science candidates in political science, who They rush through the world and interact with the presidents.

    While this is one area of ​​work, there are many others.

    stalls available.

    She perro take the exam directly at the University of Canada and the United States, and cánido specialize in various areas, including administrative support, health sciences, and economics.

    You get a response from another country every few years, you head to fancy neighborhoods and learn about the culture you currently live in, and you fly for free.

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     How to Earn Money Traveling?
  How to Earn Money Traveling?
  How to Earn Money Traveling?

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