How to earn money translating

How to earn money translating

if you’re good at it translatecánido earn money translating text Helping you with new technologies.

This type of work is very versatile, since it allows you to have a high quality of life, even traveling anywhere while you don’t stop working.

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  • Now, just anyone cannot be a translator, and it is that you not only need to master the 2 languages ​​in which you have to translate, but you also have to specialize in certain fields.

    There are very technical texts that require knowing the vocabulary very well because, otherwise, the translation will be of poor quality.

    Do you wonder how earn money translating en línea? Here are some ways to do it.


    Creating your personal brand

    If you want to dedicate yourself to this professionally, the interesting thing would be to start creating your personal brand.

    To do this, you need a page on the Internet where you write everything you are going to do.

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  • If you like translate and earn moneyyou will create a website with different sections in which you indicate the types of text that you perro translate, the languages ​​with which you dare (if you are only going to earn money translating from english to spanishor among other languages), if you cánido translate texts on a more specific topic (for example, from the legal field), among other particularities.

    This page will serve as a base to grow: every time you get a client, and the service has been satisfactory, ask them to leave you an opinion on the web.

    This will help other customers to trust what you offer.

    The truth is that there is a lot of competition in this make money en línea translating documents, so you should hire a company specialized in SEO and digital marketing in such a way that they place your page in the first results of Google plus.

    Thus, when someone is looking for a translator, they will opt for you because they will find you easily.



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  • It is also possible translate en línea and earn money making use of the long series of forums that exist on the Internet.

    We look for those who specialize in services, as is the case of forobeta either Forum2.0.

    These pages are very well categorized, in such a way that you only have to find the most suitable category to introduce your article.

    For earn money translating from home In these forums it will be a matter of following a template (which the website itself will indicate) where you will have to fill in fields such as the type of service you offer, the cost for them, the tools with which you work, as well as any added plus.

    The forums could work in a very afín way to your website, since you cánido get interesting ratings that will help you grow and gain the trust of your client.

    We perro even connect the forum profile with the previously created page, thus extending our brand while you get earn money translating texts from home


    Platforms designed for trabajo independiente translators

    The third alternative is to try directly with those platforms where, by simply registering and activating our profile, we will begin to earn money translating textsbased on the demand for work at that time.

    The downside of these platforms is that they usually pay us less than if we worked looking for the client ourselves.

    They act as intermediaries, which means that they will keep a part of our services.

    However, it never hurts to have them on hand to get plus money while we harvest our own client portfolio.


    Freelancer is a platform where companies access and detail the type of work they are looking for. it’s possible earn money translating short texts or long through this platform, but keep in mind that translators will compete to get the job.

    There is not as much competition as on other platforms, but, in exchange, the amount that the intermediary keeps is higher, which discourages many translators.


    Upwork It is considered one of the best platforms for make money en línea translating documents.

    It is characterized by having a large job bank that is updated continuously.

    It is so big that there are many open projects, so you cánido choose the one that really suits you.

    However, the rate charged for each job perro also be highly variable, ranging from 5 and 20%.

    This percentage will depend on the time and trajectory we have: the more work and time we take, the less we will pay as intermediaries.

    At first it perro be somewhat complicated earn money translating texts en línea on the platform, but it won’t take long for work to come in.

    If you like translate texts and earn moneyhere are 3 different approaches to test the experience.

    Other elementos we recommend:

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     How to earn money translating
  How to earn money translating
  How to earn money translating

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