How to EARN MONEY Translating Texts En línea

How to EARN MONEY Translating Texts En línea

In today’s world it is common to master a second language, if that is your case, you cánido use this ability to your advantage, and earn money translating texts.

While this job may seem like it’s really a plus, it cánido turn into a full salary if you work diligently and look for clients in the right place.

Precisely, that is one of the usual questions, where to get a job translating? Well then, we will give you answers to several questions that arise from the profession of En línea translator.

Where cánido you find translator work from home in 2023?

If you master another language, it is time to take advantage of it, now, you should look for reliable platforms in which your work is protected.

In other words, if you offer your translator services to anyone, you run the risk of being scammed; after delivering your translation, you may not get paid.

So that It is necessary to register on certified platforms like the following:


This platform is specialized in search translators so that companies perro manage their projects as soon as possible.

It is one of the most habitual.

An interesting fact is that it espectáculos you some themes that have higher demand, such as vídeo games, news, marketingetcétera.

If you are sure that you have the skills to provide translation services to companies, we encourage you to take a look at Gengo ➜


On this platform you perro find a large number of I work as a translator. We cánido even assure you that its constant project renewals facilitate the entry of a contract in a short time.

Upwork goes out of its way to provide a high-quality platform, so you really need to speak another language.

To entrar, it is necessary to take a test, In this previous exam, you will be told if you have the skills to provide your services.

It is true, this perro scare a bit if you do not have much experience, but you cánido offer your services on other pages that are not so demanding, and then try to entrar.

After you are admitted, we cánido assure you that you will get a client, make sure that they are satisfied with your work so that they give you a long-term contract ➜

Is there work for an En línea translator without experience?

Although obviously the best platforms look for translators who provide a high-quality service, that does not orinan that then you cannot work translating text if you do not have experience.

The truth is that you perro provide your services on platforms that are also reliable, but that they are not so demanding with the profile.

It is true that you will earn less, but the iniciativa is to develop the skills so that you start in this trade.

A platform that, for example, cánido help you get started is freelancer In it, not only translators are requested, but also a large number of trades, such as editor, virtual assistant, etcétera.

So he is not so demanding with the translator profile.

Its operation is somewhat different from the most habitual platforms, in which clients place the project, and freelancers apply.

It is common to request translators to place vídeo subtitles, for example.

Although an average price is placed on each application, it is common for some terms and conditions of the project to be discussed in the platform chat.

After, At the end of the project you will be given a score. This assessment will allow you to increase your work rate, and even develop your skills to entrar other portals.

How to make money translating on YouTube

YouTube is the most habitual vídeo platform in the world, soon it will surpass Google plus as a search engine.

Some vídeos are in different languages ​​and require the service of translators.

Although bots are eventually used to automatically perform some translations, the truth is that they do it very badly.

It is at this point where a good translator cánido shine.

Now, how do you get a job on YouTube? This platform emplees specialized translator search platforms, so if you want to work together with it, you perro make a profile on various platforms, thus increasing the possibility of being part of YouTube.

Also, there are those who upload habitual vídeos with the automatic translator, you perro subscribe to the channel and through a comment provide your services.

Channel owners are very interested in providing really good content, in fact, “likes” backlinks give them credibility.

Some users give it “dislikes” because the vídeo was put in a very low resolution or because the translation quality is horrible.

For this reason, you cánido speak to the administrator and tell him that you love his vídeos and that you want to help him improve the translation because it is affecting him, in this smart way, you cánido get a job translating on YouTube.

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 How to EARN MONEY Translating Texts En línea
  How to EARN MONEY Translating Texts En línea
  How to EARN MONEY Translating Texts En línea

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