How to earn money on Twitter?

How to earn money on Twitter?

Twitter is one of the most habitual networks of our times, along with Fb, Instagram, among others.

We perro give many emplees to an account, but what really interests us, what we are going to see in this article, is how to use them to withdraw money.

Without further ado, let’s see some very easy methods to do.

How do I make money on Twitter? Methods that work

Earn money with Promoted Publicaciones de Twitter

You probably already know this method, since many accounts earn money this way.

exist companies that will pay you in exchange for posting certain publicaciones de Twitter with advertising content.

In each of these methods a value will be equipo for each clic.

To earn real money with this method, you will have to have an interesting number of followers.

If this number is too low, the company probably won’t be interested in your account.

Modified backlinks with

This backlink shortener offers us an interesting method to earn money with Twitter.

Start by creating an account on the platform and just add the backlink.

You will see how you have a shortened backlink without overcomplicating.

If we publish this backlink on our popular network profile, and we know how to play with hashtags, we cánido earn a lot of money.

But be carefulsince popular networks increasingly control these types of backlinks, so our account could be blocked.

Try Revtwt

An interesting platform that also works by “cost per clic”, through the relationship of certain publicaciones de Twitter.

For each clic that the visitor makes to our backlink we perro take up to a maximum profit of $0.07.

It is true that it is little money, but with a high number of clicks it will no longer seem so scarce.

Promoted Publicaciones de Twitter with

On this platform we will be the ones who will put a price on our publicaciones de Twitter.

In this way, it will be the company that decides if it is worth facing the cost (based on our relevance on Twitter), or opting for another more affordable option.

If you are going to use this platform, we recommend that you be realistic and equipo reasonable prices.

If not, your competitors will soon leave you behind.

Another alternative: Twitpub

It is considered a good alternative to the two previous platforms, although it works in a different way.

In this case, a certain amount will be charged to those users who want to follow a certain account, to be informed about their updates.

It must be said that, if we do not have a very relevant account, this option does not interest us.

affiliate backlinks

Lately there are many affiliate marketing campaigns circulating on Twitter.

We are talking about backlinks through which we will offer the possibility of buying different elementos, or contracting services.

We act as intermediaries between sellers and customers, getting a juicy commission along the way.

Affiliate backlinks with Amazon

If you don’t know how to start in the world of affiliate backlinks and how to make money on twitter Thanks to this resource, you should try Amazon, since it is a platform that will offer you the best commissions.

To collect, we will need to collect €25 (if we choose payment by bank transfer) or €50 (if we have chosen the check).

Perhaps the best iniciativa is not to directly articulo the affiliate backlink on Twitter.

We recommend that you create a blog in which you dedicate yourself to analyzing different products and adding the backlink to them.

Share the blog backlink on the popular network and thus you perro create a very interesting traffic wheel.

Now you know how does earning money on twitter work.

Follow these methods and you will start to see results quickly.

Other elementos we recommend:

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 How to earn money on Twitter?
  How to earn money on Twitter?
  How to earn money on Twitter?

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