How to earn money on Telegram: 6 best

How to earn money on Telegram: 6 best

Today it is possible to earn money in multiple ways through the Internet and with your móvil as the main tool.

It should be noted that even from popular or messaging networks, such as Telegram, it is possible to earn money.

Although there are hundreds of aplicaciones to earn moneytoday we will explain what methods you cánido use specifically to earn money with Telegram and how to apply them.

How to make money on Telegram

Now, as you perro imagine, there are a number of methods to make the most of the resources that Telegram offers us.

And on this occasion, We will espectáculo you what they are and how to exploit their full potential to earn money easily from your móvil.


Send visits to your website and increase your business

The first method that you cánido use to earn money with Telegram is simply creating a content dissemination channel.

This perro be very useful for you, since you will capture the public from popular networks, you will have it there, and you perro monetize it in different ways.

Whether you have a physical, en línea or other business, having a Telegram channel with active subscribers will allow you to send them information to your móvil inteligente constantly.

That is, if you have promotions or offers in your business, the best way for them to find out is through a message on the channel.

Also, if you have a website and you have published new content that your subscribers want to read, by sending a message they will be informed immediately; this It will allow you to increase visits to your websiteand therefore, earn money with Telegram.


Paid subscriptions

One of the most used methods to earn money with Telegram is the creation of a private channel within the platform; in which access is only allowed to people who provide the owner of the group or channel, a payment for the content that your will publish in the chat.

It is important to mention that in order to get a real advantage of a private channel on Telegram, the creator must promote and publish content that provides subscribers with a benefit.

As an example of this, we cánido refer to a news channel, in which information, audio or vídeo about traffic is constantly published.


Backlink dissemination with dirección de Internet shortener

As we mentioned at the beginning, it is possible make money with Telegram using Amazon referral backlinks.

However, this same concept cánido be applied to an infinite number of web platforms that offer referrals and affiliation; In addition, you perro further increase the profits using a backlink shortener.

By sending affiliate backlinks to a Telegram channel where only you cánido send messages, you will already be getting benefits.

In fact, This method is already applied by many broadcast channels, and today they are highly recognized thus.


Sell products on Telegram

In addition to being able to sell products from Amazon or other en línea platforms through referral backlinks, you perro also It is possible to sell from courses to products that you have in your business, make exclusive promotions for subscribersamong others.

Nevertheless, We suggest you look for a theme that is not very habitual on Telegram, so that your channel contains valuable material that distinguishes it from the rest.

For example, if you are selling electronic devices, try to always publish the best offers that are within your reach or even draw discount coupons to attract an audience; in this way you cánido earn money with Telegram more easily.


Finally, there are the habitual Telegram bots to earn money; the same ones that surely many people have told you about.

It should be noted that these grant money to users for view ads, perform small activities on specific websites, complete surveys, invite friendsamong others.

Some of these bots to earn money with Telegram pay through PayPal or even cryptocurrencies.

However, you must be vigilant, since a large majority are SCAMs and they will look for a way to steal your personal data and waste your time.

Next, we will classify the bots to earn money with Telegram by type and briefly explain how they work.

  • Redeem Bot: this is a bot that allows you to exchange gift cards, buy them or promote them with other users.

    However, there will always be a bot as an intermediary that will guarantee the security of both parties.

  • Cryptocurrency bot: this bot allows you to earn cryptocurrencies in multiple ways; from visiting web pages and browsing them, to seeing advertisements.

    You cánido earn different digital currencies; Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, among others.

  • Crypto airdrop bot: with this you will simply have to be attentive to the airdrops that arise; no need to make investments or watch annoying ads; It will only be enough to follow the steps that are requested.
  • Bot that pays by PayPal: The PayPal bot is quite afín to the cryptocurrency bot, the only difference is that you cánido request your money directly to your PayPal account.
  • Survey bot: Finally, there are the survey bots; These request more personal information, perhaps some registration on a website, and carry out more complex steps.

    However, the gains are higher than with the other bots.


Combining different popular networks

If you have a stable usuario base on the Telegram channel you cánido get them to follow you on other popular networks.

This will make your monetization multiply by the number of networks you have, we explain how you cánido do it:

The best thing about having several popular networks is that you cánido monetize all of them with the same content. You cánido even automate any message, so that it is published and reaches more users.

Cánido you earn more than 50 euros with Telegram?

It is important to consider the number of users that a Telegram channel has.

Since, the greater the number of people, the more reach your referral publications, product sales or even subscriptions will have.

averaging, you cánido earn more than 50 euros with Telegram; only seeing ads and using bots.

Since, applying the other methods, it is possible to get more than 2,000 euros per month, but it all depends on the number of users you have on your channel.

Finally, if you want to earn money with Telegram you will need to have the following:

  • a ordenador.
  • stable internet.
  • A móvil with ample storage memory.
  • Access to popular networks from which you perro get traffic.

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 How to earn money on Telegram: 6 best
  How to earn money on Telegram: 6 best
  How to earn money on Telegram: 6 best

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