How to earn money on Popular Networks without being

How to earn money on Popular Networks without being

Are you curious to know how to make money with your popular networks from today?

If you have an Instagram, Fb or any of the other popular media accounts, you are losing money!

You’re probably thinking “and who wouldn’t want to get some plus money while browsing” right?

Well, today I will explain how to do it:

One of the biggest advantages of popular networks is that you perro promote products that work for you and that you want to recommend to others.

You are also promoting brands that you cánido help with their marketing strategy.


Of course. Also, believe it or not, you don’t need to have hundreds or thousands of followers on your popular profiles and, far from it, being an “Influencer” or a famous person in your campo.

This is precisely one of the myths that I want to disprove with this article:

You do not need to be an en línea business professional or have technical knowledge about digital marketing.

Anyone perro have the possibility of earning money with their favorite popular networks.

It is true that, to make the most of the platforms that I will talk about below, the number of fanes or followers that you have in your profiles, in most cases, will be directly proportional to the benefits that you manage to obtain.

This is because the brands or “advertisers”, which are the ones that go to these platforms, prefer to channel their messages or promotions through users who are capable of amplifying these messages exponentially.

Therefore, you will understand that disseminating promotional content through a Twitter profile with 80 followers will not bring them the same benefits as through one that has 30,000.

There are many companies that are looking for “Microinfluencers” channels or developing influencer, to reach a objetivo and connect with them.

Preferably if these are found on channels like Fb, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter, etcétera.

In short, on the most habitual and well-known popular platforms worldwide.

1. SocialPubli

The platform SocialPubli It is perhaps the best known of all the pages with which you perro earn money with Fb and any other account on your popular networks.

This platform will connect your profile with the companies, to transmit their promotional content on your popular networks or your own blogin case you already have one and want to connect it too.

► To register in SocialPubli you must follow the following steps:

1. Entrar from your browser.

2. Fill in all the information requested. To save some time, you perro connect with Fb, so that the platform automatically collects your personal data that you marked at the time.

3. You will receive a welcome correo in the correo electrónico you indicated, with a backlink to verify your registration. Clic on it and your registration will be complete.

4. Now you must connect popular media what you wish. You have available to connect: Fb (you perro choose between your profile or one of your Seguidor Page), Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and even your blog, if you have one.

Once you have registered and connected all your profiles, you must wait for SocialPubli to send you content proposals to publish.

These are usually segmented by channels, that is to say: in addition to all the information on the elements that said content should contain, they will indicate which popular network it will be published on.

When you send the message, you should not entrar that popular network to publish anything, but since you previously connected it with SocialPubli, they are the ones in charge of publishing it in your account, since previously you gave permission to articulo in your name.

If you didn’t know about this platform yet, you may be wondering:

Does this platform really pay its users?

It is habitual for this type of activity to arouse some fear and distrust in those who have not yet tried it.

But, for your peace of mind, I will espectáculo you one of my many proofs of payment vía PayPal from this platform. As you cánido see, it is totally real and reliable:

► You perro register from their websitealthough you also have the SocialPubli aplicación for iPhone and Android available:

[appbox com.socialpubli.irepublica googleplay ]
[appbox 1259817222 appstore ]

2. PubliSuites

The platform publisuites It differs from the previous one in that you, as the campaign manager, are the ones who have the power to choose the price you want to charge And, depending on that price, you are contacted by advertisers who are interested in appearing on your popular networks.

Therefore, you will be able to generate and earn money with your instagram accountTwitter and Fb.

Also, you perro connect your blog and start publishing and promote content that the platform proposes. Of course, for this you will also charge (they are even better paid than publications in networks).


Something afín to SocialPubli and very easy to manage. The Twync platform is very easy to use, since you only have to register all the popular networks that you are using, including Instagram.

Once your accounts are connected, you must wait for interested advertisers to contact you, to start earning plus money.

You perro register on Twync from this backlink.


It is a platform formed by the joint work of a community of brands, influencers and communication agenciesbased on trust and security.

On this page you will be able to carry out campaigns as a vídeo micro-influencer of all the brands that offer you their content, just by connecting your best youtube channels to the platform.

From here you cánido make mentions in your next vídeos and even create exclusive vídeos to that brand and the specific product that they request.

Sign up for this monetization mode from here.

5. Coobies

The clients of the coobis platformIn general, they seek to create and generate quality content to add value to their brands, disseminate and send messages to a greater number of audiences, using popular networks.

At Coobis, brands look for services that allow them to generate content (to use in their own media), to disseminate content (publishing it on your media) and amplify it by posting on your popular networks.

To earn money with Coobis, sign up here.

6. Izea (Sponsored Publicaciones de Twitter)

It is a free platform that allows you to manage and publish campaigns with influencers on Fb and Instagram, accounts with which you perro earn plus money.

Izea allows us to connect our personal profiles, as well as our Fb Seguidor Page, of our business or others that we manage, to receive proposals from brands that are interested in your popular profile.

sign in Izea (Sponsored Publicaciones de Twitter) to start receiving your proposals.

7. Seeding Up

This platform has been specially designed for those bloggers who want to monetize both their own blog and some of their popular networks and who want to earn money with Fb, among others.

Whether it’s your blog or your popular profiles, you yourself equipo the price for which you want to publish some of the promotions and content that brands offer and they perro choose you or another usuario, based on these fees and their budgets.

As for the payments, whatever amount you earn, they divide the payment into 12 months, something that, according to the opinion of each one, perro be one of the main disadvantages of this page.

► You cánido register in Seeding Up from this here to start testing it.

8. LinkiLike

This is another platform that, although rarely used by people in Spain, cánido bring you many benefits, as it therefore has less competition from users in this country.

Once you are registered in LinkiLikeyou cánido do several things to earn money with your popular networks and blog:

  • Sharing images or vídeos on your popular profiles, with a personalized message to your liking, but with the guidelines equipo by the brand that commissions you to publish the content.
  • Posting content on your blog, Regarding the theme imposed by the brand or advertiser, so that this content does not give the impression of being promotional.

9. PaidPerTweet

In the case of Paid Per Mensaje de Twitteryou cánido earn money with Twitter, that is to say: from the offers that some companies make you about the messages that they are interested in promoting, you yourself equipo your price for sharing each content.

These brand messages cánido be: backlinks to these advertisers’ websites, press releases, product promotions, and even help companies get viral (more RT, likes, etcétera.)

10.Blasting News

It is an interesting en línea platform, where if you are a regular on popular networks and spend several hours a day browsing them, using it could be very profitable.

In addition to earning money with Fb and Twitter, if you are a blogger, you perro publish your articles on this news portal. The amount of money you earn will be proportional to the number of hits your content gets.

That is, if you reach a minimum number of visits from your other profiles or from users to whom you provide the backlink to your article, they will report the agreed amount.

I myself have used it several times and have verified that it really works. For example, a while ago I published this article and I won €24 with the traffic that came from people interested in reading it.

► If you want to try Blasting News, sign up for free here.

11. AfiliaPub

With AfiliaPub you will be able to promote in your personal accounts on popular networks the offers that betting and en línea gaming companies offer you, in exchange for a very interesting commission, of between $50 and $250 for each person that you get it to register.

Cánido you register in Afiliapub for free and you do not lose anything, since you perro share the contents in a few minutes and simply wait for other interested users to join the platform.

12.Empire Kred

Despite being in English, «Empire.Kred» is a very easy to configure page that, once you have registered and uploaded a profile photo, you cánido connect the profiles with which you want to share content from other brands.

In this way, you must wait for proposals to arrive, in order to start earning money with your popular networks.

13. Expander

Here you cánido not only earn money with Fb, Instagram, Twitter or other networks, but you perro define any type of content and platform that you perro think of.

From there, you perro stipulate the type of advertising you want to do in your accounts and profiles and even request include a “billboard” on your websiteas they call it.

This would be a personalized banner with the agreed content between you and the advertising brand. A very interesting monetization model, which could bring you some recurring income per month.

► You cánido register in eXponsor today and start waiting for proposals.


It is a popular network for share photo contenteither among photography enthusiasts or among users who seek to have spectacular and exclusive images, made by other users.

In Foap you perro promote all your images on your popular profiles, so that in this way, other users register, entrar it and cánido buy your artistic creations.

You cánido also use this platform as a mobile aplicación, both for Android and iPhone:

[appbox googleplay ]
[appbox 521142420 appstore ]

15. iFluenz

Have more than 5,000 followers on Instagram and really want to earn money with this popular network?

If so, your account is active and, after the pertinent verification of the platform, it is verified that you do not have a large percentage of false followers (or “fake”), you will be able to use it immediately.

The problem for use the “iFluenz” aplicación It is precisely the number of followers, since if you do not reach that minimum amount, it will not be worth anything, since you will have to wait to get them.

16. Stipio

It is a platform of Mexican origin, which invites you to make money with your dirección de correo electrónico signature correo electrónico, adding a backlink at the end of it so that more and more people register on your website.

In this way, you perro earn commissions for each usuario who registers from the backlink you are adding in your signature.

He Stipio’s method It is a rather passive way of monetizing, since you perro be earning commissions while you work and send the correos electrónicos corresponding to your daily activity.

17. Socialek

Thanks to the socialek platformyou will be able to share the campaigns that the advertisers attached to it send you, once you register in it and connect your popular networks.

In this case, it is only possible earn money with Fb (your profile and pages that you manage) and your Twitter account.

However, according to their news portal, they are considering incorporating Instagram shortly, given the number of users who are registering on this platform in recent years.


This is a curious page for micro-influencers, through which you perro upload your photos and vídeos to your popular networks and, as Storytelling, tell your friends and entusiastas what you’re doing or how you’re having fun.

All this, always naming the brand for which you are sharing the content, always doing it in a subtle way and, of course, without naming the Friendz platform.

Thus, you will be able to earn points with your Fb and Instagram account, which you will accumulate to redeem them for purchases in some of these stores known to all:

  • Zara.
  • The English Court.
  • Zalando.
  • Decathlon.
  • Etcétera.

Sign up to start earn points with Friendzredeemable in these stores.

To complete your registration on the platform, you must entrar an invitation code. To do this, register today and entrar this code: ismael288373

If you think it’s time to use them in another way, for example, to earn money with them, then it’s time to start.

You should keep in mind that 70% of companies look for profiles to promote their products and services offered. And who knows, maybe yours could be one of them.

But be careful, because commercial brands are not looking for direct or blatant advertising: what they will try is for you to make recommendations and tell positive experiences of your products and/or services.

They want you to connect with your followers, to be able to create that retroalimentación with total normality, through an acceptable, close and attractive speech, without leaving aside the commercial optics, which is make money with my popular networks and the other digital channels.

You don’t need to be a Community Manager professional, but simply have a little common sense when it comes to conveying the message you are looking for.

► Given this, and to clarify a little more about this issue that I am talking about today, the communication agency “Publicis” indicates the following:

«When the messages of a Brand are shared by certain collaborators through their popular networks, they reach a virality up to 561% higher than those shared by the Brand itself”.

► Similarly, according to the prestigious company “Nielsen”:

About 92% of people trust recommendations from other people, even if they don’t know them, more than recommendations from own brands.

I want you to understand that earning money with your Fb page or personal profile is no longer something within the reach of a few.

Do you want to know more ways to earn a living en línea?

➡️ Discover them in this Guide to 10 ways to earn money from home ⬅️

More and more people are getting on the train, attracted by the iniciativa of ​​earning money on your popular networks and their other networks, instead of being on them just giving likes, favourites, commenting and sharing their content and those of their friends. and relatives.

But, first of all, you should take into account these factors that are at least as important as your desire to earn money with your Instagram or your Twitter account:

Although it may seem obvious at first, my obligation is to remind you that to get that plus remuneration you are looking for, you must have a profile in several of the main networks.

At least, where the majority of the public is. This implies that for this purpose, you must rule out vertical popular networks for the moment, or also called “thematic”.

If you have not yet created an account in any of them, here are some tutorials, with which it will be very easy for you to open an account in a few minutes:

2. Have a strategy focused on your audience

Are you clear who is the objetivo audience you are addressing with the content you share on your popular networks?

The first thing you should do (and be clear about) right after creating your profiles is to escoge what kind of audience you are going to focus your posts on, to get the greatest possible engagement with them.

Each of the platforms that I will recommend below rewards the success of the content you share, commissioned by the Brands.

Remember that most of these platforms measure the engagement of your content and, based on these results, they will order more or fewer campaigns from you in the future.

Thus, you must plan your strategy in advance and refine the Copywriting that accompanies the audiovisual elements that must be integrated into those contents, only and exclusively to them.

3. Place your message between the Brand and your objetivo

It is likely that the first times you collaborate with brands through some of these pages designed for it, you wonder how exactly to focus your message.

Faced with this question, which has assailed all of us at some point, I must tell you that the best thing you perro do is try to situate your message in a middle ground between what the advertising company wants and what you already know in advance that your community is looking for from you. .

That is, you must channel these contents in a way in which, without losing your style or essence, you add quality and value to both.

In other words, to make money with your popular networks, you must put yourself in the shoes of the messenger and the recipient, but always maintaining your own Personal Brand.

✅ Take a look at this article:

As you have seen, earning money with Fb, Instagram, Twitter or any of your main popular networks is possible today.

You only have to know and be clear about some of the aspects that I mention in this article, regarding the content that you publish: you already know that it must always adapt to what the advertising brands ask of you.

Even so, always do it naturallybut above all, accommodating the message to what your community expects you to contribute.

And, if any of these proposals goes against your interests or themes, do not hesitate to reject the proposal. It is better that, even if you are sharing content to earn a commission, provide added value to your followers.

Tell me about your experience with those where you have decided to register and, in case you have had any problems, leave me a comment and I will be able to help you.

We hope you liked our article How to earn money on Popular Networks without being
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 How to earn money on Popular Networks without being
  How to earn money on Popular Networks without being
  How to earn money on Popular Networks without being

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