How to EARN MONEY on PAYPAL for free in 2023

How to EARN MONEY on PAYPAL for free in 2023

Earn money on Paypal It is one of the different ways on the internet to generate earnings from home. There are all kinds and characteristics but, depending on our knowledge, the time we cánido dedicate to it and whether we cánido make some kind of prior economic investment, our range of possibilities will be greater or less. In this article we will mention several of these ways to earn money and withdraw it through Paypal, although I already anticipate that I will focus the attention on those that are completely free. And the most important thing for me, that they do not require any investment. In short, reliable methods to earn dollars and euros in Paypal that anyone with an internet connection and willing to work you perro use without any problem. Wherever you are from and live where you live.

What does it orinan to earn money in Paypal

Paypal is a recognized payment processor in which we perro receive and send money or even exchange one currency for another. Many individuals and en línea businesses of different kinds use Paypal for this purpose since they cánido process these types of operations quickly with a fácil correo electrónico address.

It is important to mention that when we refer to making money in Paypal It does not orinan generating profits from the processor itself, which is impossible. We refer to the use of pages, platforms, applications and even games with which we cánido earn money by performing a series of actions and withdrawing said earnings through our Paypal account.

There are systems to earn money that are very easy to use. They are not magical systems or secrets, far from it, because we have them much more within our reach than we perro imagine.

Is it possible to earn fast money in Paypal?

This is usually a recurring question that all those people who intend to begin to earn money en línea. And as is evident, that “earn money fast” is very relative and deserves a detailed explanation. What is “fast”? What amount of money are we talking about? The short answer for someone who doesn’t want to continue reading is NO, fast money does not exist. However, if you continue reading this articulo, I am sure that when you get to the end I will have answered you with hair and signs.

As an advance, so that you perro see where the shots are going, I am going to ask, as an example, this question in other ways. perro they earn $20 or €20 in one day working these methods? The answer is yes, in a single day we cánido be in a position to earn this amount. The money you earn I cánido withdraw it immediately to my Paypal account? Well, in some places yes and in others it cánido take two or three days. There are even cases that perro take up to a month to pay us.

Advantages of earning money in Paypal

Paypal was officially launched as a payment processor in 1998. Initially only available in the United States, PayPal currently serves internationally and has become the world’s most habitual y también-wallet. In my view, today it is practically mandatory to have a Paypal account since it allows us to pay for our purchases en línea quickly and completely safely. For this reason alone It seems to me a very good iniciativa to consider the option of earning money in Paypalbut there are many more advantages that perhaps you had not considered.

What benefits do we get when earning money in Paypal?

– Paypal allows us make payments using only and exclusively an dirección de correo electrónico address. Without having to give personal data.

– In the same way, we cánido also receive money giving our correo electrónico address. And send money to another account knowing only that person’s dirección de correo electrónico.

– Another relevant aspecto is that we perro withdraw funds to our bank account when we want and zero cost. In the only case that they charge us a commission (1% of the amount withdrawn) is when we want to receive it in the bank instantly.

– It is known that there are many scams on the internet. If Paypal stands out for something, compared to other processors, it is that has a dispute system that protects our money. For example, if we buy an item from an en línea store and it is not shipped to us, we cánido open a dispute to get our money back.

– In the US already is it possible to buy cryptocurrencies with Paypal cómputo through coinbase. In the rest of the countries, today, it is not available, but I am sure that it is only a matter of time before they enable this option.

In Paypal there are two types of accounts: the personal account and the business account. To earn money with all the systems that we will see, we have plenty of personal accounts.

How to earn money on Paypal for free

The possibilities of earning money en línea and collecting it through Paypal are many and very diverse. In the introduction I have already mentioned that, in this article, I was only going to talk about methods that I know personally that are completely free. That is, systems in which we cánido earn plus money without having to invest not a single cent. I am aware that by focusing on these types of non-investment methods, I am limiting the possibilities. But from personal experience, I understand that when a person wants to start earning money it is mainly for two reasons: because he lacks money and, therefore, because he cannot afford to invest.

If you are looking for methods to invest, I cánido already tell you that in this blog you will not find any. I’m sorry to tell you at this point in the article, but in that sense I perro’t help you.

In addition to ruling out investment systems, which as we already know would be assuming a major risk with money that we do not have, also I will discard those methods that require specific knowledge. When I started earning money en línea, I knew how to do many things, but none of them was related to earning money en línea. For this reason, I searched for sites where no experience needed and above all, that they were reliable. What was my surprise when, starting from these premises, I discovered that on the internet everything is possible and there are possibilities to earn money that I would never have imagined.

Ways to earn money in Paypal for reviewing

The first method that we will talk about has to do with giving our opinion, something that we do recurrently on a daily basis. Currently, we receive so much information from various sides that we perro give an informed opinion on practically everything. But… what if they will pay us for it? Well, there are many sites on the internet that offer economic rewards for giving our opinion on different topics. Or rather, we get paid to answer paid surveys.

These surveys cánido deal with all kinds of topics. From current affairs, consumption, politics or sports to leisure, food, health or work issues. And these are just a few examples. I cánido assure that There are paid surveys of infinite topics and for all audiences. To have access to these surveys we will have to create an account in what is known as survey panels.

If you want to know all the reliable panels that I myself use to earn money in Paypal, you cánido visit the following compilation: make money with paid surveys.

Why are these panels paying us money?

Thanks to the users, the survey panels have a wide and diverse community of people, since each of them has a certain way of thinking and understanding things. Then, brands, multinationals and institutions interested in knowing the opinion of the people on a specific subject, hire these panels to distribute the surveys among the users of their community.

In this way, just as the panels charge to offer these services, they subcontract us to give our opinion. And best of all, they pay us money through Paypal or even in gift vouchers to buy on Amazon. In my view, the most standout of all is ySensebut there are about twenty 100% reliable panels.

Earn money in Paypal for free with games

As a general rule, when we play we do it for pure fun and to have a good time, but what if we get paid for it? Well, although it is curious, there is a wide repertoire of games on the internet that pay us to play.

Strategy game to win euros

One of the most habitual is My Profit Land, a geopolitical strategy game in which we earn euros for managing our company, working, participating in wars… We cánido even stand in the elections of our country and become president of the nation and dictate laws. In my opinion, one of the simplest and most practical games I know.

Earn money in Paypal betting for free

There are also free sports-themed games. In this sense, I would highlight Betsuites and Winner, two sports betting games in which we perro get different kinds of rewards for making predictions on events of all kinds of sports. Among these prizes, in addition to physical prizes such as consoles or televisions, we find money prizes in Paypal.

Mini-games to earn money and collect by Paypal

To cite one last example, I will talk a little about gamee games, a portal where we perro earn money by playing mini-games. In addition to free lotteries with real money prizes, it has a lucky wheel in which we cánido also win cash rewards. All of them withdrawable vía Paypal.

If you want to know all the reliable games I know, I recommend that you take a look at the article on earn money playingin which I detalla what they are about and how they work.

Free aplicaciones that pay by Paypal

If you have a mobile you are in luck because now you cánido also earn money with it. If you’re like me, you probably have it full of applications that serve different purposes. Whether they are to inform you, popular media aplicaciones, games or any other. Who more who less, we have all messed around and downloaded applications of all kinds.

Well, if you go to the Play Store or the Apple store, depending on the operating system of your mobile, you will find many aplicaciones to earn money for free. Out of all of them, I I usually use two types of aplicaciones in which profits cánido be generated: games and tasks. Basically because they help me hang out and have fun while I’m on the subway or in a waiting room.

Applications to win prizes by playing

With respect to the first ones, those of games, there is little to say since it is about playing, playing and playing. And the more we play, the more profit we perro get. Without going any further, I could cite three: Betsima sports betting aplicación, and Big Time Aplicación and Gamee Aplicación, which are all about playing mini-games.

Aplicaciones that pay through Paypal for performing tasks

Regarding the latter, which pay us to perform different tasks, the one I like the most is the application of Biture. In it, we perro earn money for watching vídeos, answering surveys, completing offers, downloading and testing applications… They even have a game in which we cánido predict what price bitcoin will trade at a certain moment and, if we are the ones that have come closest, take us a common boat. In fact, in this aplicación, in addition to being able to withdraw money through Paypal, you cánido also we have the possibility of charging in BTC.

Another reliable and very habitual method for earn money in Paypal is through popular networks. In recent years, popular networks have become an increasingly common means of communication, either to interact with other people or to inform us about current affairs in real time. This aspecto has not gone unnoticed by brands and it is, thanks to the advertising that these brands want to have on popular networksHow perro we earn money?

There are several platforms that offer us the possibility of earning money with popular networks. Among them, I would highlight, for having used them in the past and continue to use them in the present, platforms such as socialpubli, twync and publisuites. All of them collaborate with different brands that want to advertise on different popular networks. Especially on Twitter, Tik Tok and Instagram.

Other ways to earn money in Paypal

Apart from the equipo of forms that we have seen, there are other options with which we perro earn money and collect the earnings through Paypal. Although it is fair to say that all of them require knowledge or learning. To serve as an example, I am going to list some of these works so that you perro get an iniciativa of ​​where the shots are going.

Earn money by completing mini-tasks

crowdsourcing: There are a number of platforms that we get paid to complete mini-tasks. These tasks cánido be very varied, transcription, translation… Here You cánido see the best known.

Create a blog and monetize it

Dueño de un sitio: Having a blog perro be very productive from a personal development point of view. But in addition, it cánido also be productive from an economic point of view. Platforms like Ezoic allow us incorporate advertising banners in our articles. And the profits generated by said ads, collect them by Paypal.

Become a Trabajo independiente and earn money with your skills

freelancing: If we have knowledge of design, writing, programming or any other subject, we perro use portals like Fiverr to offer our services in exchange for a fee or compensation. And in the event that someone is interested in hiring us, doing that specific job and earning money for it.

Create your own product and sell it

Sell ​​infoproducts and digital products: If you want to go it alone, you cánido always open a channel in Odysee, Twitch or Youtube and monetize them. There are also other options such as selling libros electrónicos or making podcasts, both your own and those of third parties, that may arouse the interest of other people and want to buy your product. In this way, we will generate passive income.

Receive cashback on your en línea purchases

cash back: There are even platforms that they return money when buying en línea in certain stores. If you usually buy en línea, platforms such as Beruby either aklamio They will return a percentage of the money you spend when paying for a purchase. You perro charge from €1 and, of course, pay by Paypal.

Are all the websites that pay by Paypal safe?

At a especial level, I must say that I have been earning money en línea for many years. I have tested many platforms during this time and I have lived experiences of all kinds. Like everything in life, there are businesses that last over time and as the years go by they continue to pay without problems, being reliable sources to earn money (either by withdrawing the earnings by Paypal or by any other means). And there are also businesses whose life cycle has an expiration date.

All the systems that I recommend in the blog have been tested by me personally. For this reason and because I am receiving payments on a regular basis, I cánido ensure that they are completely reliable.

As is evident, the platforms to earn money require good management by its ownerBut other factors also play a role, including the honesty. The anonymity provided by the Internet is often used by unscrupulous people who do not hesitate to defraud everyone who comes their way. And it is precisely for this reason that the most sensible thing to do is to use pages, businesses, games and other methods that are proven and 100% reliable. With that, We will avoid, above all, wasting time. It is often said that time is money and, in this sense, it applies perfectly here. The better we optimize our time, the more money we will earn. And that happens, in an impregnable way, work safe business.

Despite the fact that Paypal has a very sophisticated security system, as I mentioned before, there are always people on the lookout to defraud well-intentioned people. His intentions is none other than steal your money, so it pays to pay attention, always be on the alert and quickly identify those scams. There are a series of very recurring scams but, luckily, there are measures to protect ourselves against them. Let’s see:

Phishing techniques

Phishing usually occurs almost always through correo electrónico, vía mensaje de texto or vía WhatsApp. These are e mails or messages in which the sender, trying to impersonate PayPal staffwarns us that “our Paypal account has been blocked”about what “Our account has been suspended for some reason” or what “We must send certain supporting documents to verify our identity”.

The truth is that in these communications there are a series of patterns that are constantly repeated. And it is thanks to those patterns that we perro identify that we are in front of a trap.

– The most relevant is that Paypal, in case of contacting us, will always use an official correo electrónico address. That’s why it’s important look at the sender’s dirección de correo electrónico.

– Another common practice is that all these communications contain a backlink. Apparently, that backlink takes us to the corresponding page to solve the problem… nothing is further from the truth. The solution is very fácil, Always access Paypal through the web or the aplicación. Never through third-party backlinks that you do not trust.

– The third option to preserve our en línea security is have an updated antivirus. Although the two previous ones are the safest techniques, since we cánido visually identify first-hand that we are dealing with a phishing dirección de correo electrónico, there are times when our antivirus detects this type of fraudulent activity and alerts us about it.

When receiving a phishing correo electrónico, the best thing we perro do is delete it directly. Without accessing the content of that correo electrónico.

Do not provide your credentials

It is known that with Paypal we perro buy an item on portals such as eBay or in the official Nike store, to give two examples that accept payments through this processor. But for this, only we need to provide the dirección de correo electrónico address that we have associated with our Paypal account. So the access password does not need to be known by anyone other than us. And therefore, We must not provide it under any circumstances.

Paypal has a dispute system in which, in some cases, we cánido claim a refund of the amount paid for the purchase. But be very careful because It does not work for all en línea businesses.

Activate 2FA

Apart from never giving out the access password to our Paypal account, it is important activate the two-aspecto security system. In this way, anyone, including ourselves, who wants to access our account, will not only need the Paypal password, but also have access to our correo electrónico or our mobile, depending on the 2FA modality we choose.

How to send money from Paypal to a bank account

As we accumulate money in our Paypal account, we cánido escoge to use it for different purposes. Among them, the most prominent are use that cómputo to buy en línea or send it to our bank account. In this way, once the money is in our bank account, we cánido withdraw it in cash at any ATM, use it to buy in physical businesses or even spend it paying with our debit card.

Sending money from Paypal to our bank account is very fácil. it will only suffice backlink said bank account with our Paypal account. What I like the most when sending money to our bank account from Paypal is that, if we charge it in a estándar way, no commissions are applied. Why do I say estándar? Well, because there are currently two ways to send money to our bank:

1- Estándar: The most common money transfer does not apply commissions, so that the money we send to our bank account will reach us in full. The terms to receive this money perro be a maximum of 48 hours.

2- instant shipping: If we have an emergency and we need the money immediately in our bank account, this possibility also exists. However, we must bear in mind that we will apply a commission of 1%. In this way, if we request a withdrawal of €100, for example, €99 will reach our bank account.

Opening a Paypal account is free

In Paypal we perro open an account completely free of charge. There are two types: personal and business. and in both we cánido both receive money and send it wherever we want. Regarding the methods to earn money in Paypal that we have seen throughout this article, we have plenty with the personal account. In the event that we have a company and want to have an account for said business, a business account will be necessary.

How to create a Paypal account

If you don’t have an account yet, you should know that you will need one if you want to earn money and receive it through this payment processor. To create a Paypal account we only have to perform the following steps:

– Go to the official Paypal page. If you want, you perro do it from this backlinkwhich is completely safe and you perro win €10 if you make a purchase of €5 using your account.

– Scroll down a bit and clic on “Create Account”.

– Follow the steps indicated by the system and fill in each of the boxes with your real data.

– Backlink the bank account or the debit or credit card in which you want to withdraw the money that you accumulate in Paypal. In the same way, if you make a purchase and you do not have a Paypal cómputo, they will subtract the amount of said purchase in the bank account that you have linked.

– Then Paypal will make you two transfers with different amounts of money. These transfers are usually for testimonial amounts of money that perro range from 1 to 10 cents. As soon as you receive the money, access your Paypal account and, in the section in which they request it, write down the amounts of money of said transfers.

At this moment, your Paypal account will have been correctly configured and verified, so you perro now send and receive money without any type of limitation.

Opinions about earning money vía Paypal

Earning money en línea is not difficultYou just have to know how to do it. As we have just seen, the possibilities of earning money and receiving it through Paypal are many and varied. In most of the cases that I have described, we do not need to be experts in anything, but rather put desire, patience and dedication. I have spent many years working all the methods that I recommend in DineroWorld and I I cánido assure you that the recipe has been precisely this. As it cánido happen to you right now, when I discovered all these sites I had no iniciativa how they worked. However, based on working on them daily and dedicating time to them, I began to see results very quickly.

From the moment we earn the first euro, motivation plays a primordial role that pushes us to continue working. that euro us proves that you cánido really make money en línea.

On the blog you will find dozens of guides on pages, games, platforms and different free methods with which to earn money in Paypal. In each tutorial I explicitly explain how each site works and what needs to be done to get the most out of it. I recommend that you read these tutorials very carefully, as they will help you speed up your learning and start earning money now.

And with this I say goodbye for today. I hope that, although long, this articulo has been helpful to know the different formulas that exist to earn money on the internet and collect it by Paypal. If you have any questions related to Paypal or the methods we have seen, you perro use the comments below and ask what you need. I will answer you as fast as possible. Until next time!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea. All freecompletely reliable and for everyone. Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 How to EARN MONEY on PAYPAL for free in 2023
  How to EARN MONEY on PAYPAL for free in 2023
  How to EARN MONEY on PAYPAL for free in 2023

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