How to Earn Money on Binance WITHOUT doing

How to Earn Money on Binance WITHOUT doing

There are more and more ways to earn money without having a minimum investment.

This is possible thanks to platforms like Binance.

And we are not referring to the trading function, but to other methods that also exist on the same platform.

If you are interested in making a profit on Binance, stay and read this article because we will espectáculo you different ways to achieve it.

Ways to make money on Binance without trading in 2023

Many people use Binance to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency.

But what happens if you do not have a minimum to invest? Don’t worry.

Learn about these eight different ways to earn money with Binance.


Staking basically consists of acquiring cryptocurrencies and keeping them restricted in your Binance wallet for a period of time, to later receive interest rewards.

Start staking as follows:

  1. Once you have logged into your Binance account, you will find the dropdown tab that says “Earn

  1. Among the options that will be displayed, choose “Binance Earn

  2. Next, you will see the section “Staking” a little below.

  1. Inside Satakin, you will be able to vea several chooseI know you have to stake.

    For example, ETH 2.0 Staking, DeFi Staking, etcétera.

  1. Depending on the option you choose, it will appear a list with the different APRs and respective percentages of earnings in cryptos that you will get for staking.

  1. When you select the one that suits you best, a box will appear for you to entrar the amount you want to stakeand for how long.

  1. If you want the process to automatically restart at the end of the scheduled date, activate the “self-satking” a little below.

  1. Once you confirm everything, will automatically start staking to be posted and you will have to wait for the days to expire. get the rewards.


It is an excellent alternative to obtain income afín to Staking.

But in this case it is a bit more secure, that is, they are usually much more stable cryptos such as BTC, ETH, among others.

You will find this option in the same drop-down tab of “Earn”.

There you will see among the options displayed “saving”.

Liquidity Farming

Liquidity Farming is also an automated market model where you perro profit from one cryptocurrency pair at a time.

In Binance the option of “Liquidity Farming” is located in the drop-down tab of “Earn”.

You will be able to choose between stable and innovative cryptocurrencies.

Binance Pool

Binance Pool is related to the cryptocurrency mining.

This option offers Binance users to earn rewards with zero fees for the first month, and very low fees for the next few months.

The subject of Binance Pool is quite broad.

That is why, if you have doubts, or want to know a little more about it, you cánido take a look at the tutorials that Binance itself makes available to you.

That will help you to be more soaked in the subject.

The option of “Binance Pool” is also found in the dropdown tab for “Earnfrom Binance.


Although the functionP2P” appears in the “tarade” from Binance, it is not about trading as such.

Rather, it is basically a trade between people.

This means that users perro make cryptocurrency transactions with each other, using various payment methods, such as PayPal.

Where are the profits? Imagine that a person wants to buy cryptocurrencies through P2P.

Profits come in when you put your cryptocurrencies up for sale, especially when there is not much sales volume.

It is there when the other person is willing to pay a little more than the habitual price that is in the market.

refer friends

In this little-known option, we refer to the action of inviting friends or acquaintances to join Binance.

For doing so, Binance rewards you with profit percentages or surprise boxes.

In order to receive the prize, the person you invited must register with your previously generated backlink on Binance.

To find out how to locate your personal backlink and enable it, you just have to go to “logotipo of your profile” and select the option “referral”.

Then choose “estándar referral”.

When doing so, a box will appear where your backlink is located.

Copy it and start inviting friends.

Task Center

Task Center is not a static function, but a variable one.

It’s kind of promotions that Binance is adding and that you cánido do it yourself.

For doing a certain task, you will receive a plus that varies depending on the type of task.

To find new tasks, just go to logotipo of your profile on Binance and then select the option “Task Center” You will see the tasks that are available at that moment.

It is important that you pay close attention to what the specific intuitions of each task are.

Learn & Earn

If you have little capital, Learn & Earn will interest you.

It basically consists of completing some activities on Binance that are of a formative nature.

With this option you will not only be earning money, but you will also be training through courses.

You will be able to see the rewards that you will receive for each completed activity, by displaying the options in the top left of menu (Dots next to the Binance logotipo).

In doing so, you will select the option of “Learn & Earn”.

Next, all the available courses will appear and you cánido start them whenever you want.

In general, you have at least eight ways to earn profit from home through Binance.

Take a look at the vídeo for more details.

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 How to Earn Money on Binance WITHOUT doing
  How to Earn Money on Binance WITHOUT doing
  How to Earn Money on Binance WITHOUT doing

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