How to earn money in your spare time? 13

How to earn money in your spare time? 13

Learn how to earn easy money in your spare time. We espectáculo you the different ways to get plus money for doing certain tasks that do not require too much time.

Whether it’s to pay the bills or buy something we like, we all would like to earn a little plus money. However, most want to do it without having to leave their current jobs and look for ways to take advantage of their free time during the day.

The good thing is that there are many ways to earn money in your spare time. Some are as fácil as installing aplicaciones, answering questions, or viewing ads. While others may require a little more preparation. The range of possibilities is wide! For the preference of all users we will talk about both ways, here we present 13 ideas to earn easy money in your free time.

What to do in your free time to earn money?

Believe it or not, there are ways to take advantage of that free time to increase our earnings per month. Each “job” that we cánido choose for our free time will depend on our abilities, our training and, of course, our tastes.

What do we understand by earning easy money?

When we talk about earning easy money in our free time, we do not orinan that you should not make an effort or have some kind of preparation. We orinan that You do not need to have a high academic background and that virtually anyone cánido easily understand any of these works with a little effort.

On some occasions you will not need to pay anything and when you have to make some type of investment, it will be very friendly to your pockets. In addition, it does not suppose a great risk to work, or to invest time and money in them. And it perro be done with just a few hours a day.

Having clarified this, let’s talk about the different ways to earn money in our spare time.

1. Doing paid surveys

Paid surveys are the main ways to earn money en línea during our spare time. Really, you do not need any type of training, just in case you need to know some consejos to receive more surveys. You also don’t need to adhere to any schedule, since you will work only when surveys are available.

You just have to register in a survey panel, complete your personal profile and wait for surveys to be available to you. You will earn money for answer basic questions about yourself: your job, your hobbies, your favorite food and the like.

2. Performing paid tasks

As with paid surveys, paid assignments don’t require any kind of specialization to make money from them. These tasks consist of downloading aplicaciones, playing games, or viewing ads.

There are also mini-jobs that perro be a bit more complex: like drawing the outline of a fruit, inserting images into a geometric figure, finding information on a web page and so on, there are hundreds of other tasks. The most important thing in paid tasks and minijobs is pay attention to instructions to receive compensation and qualify for other assignments.

3. Selling second-hand elementos

We all have objects that, although we no longer use them, are in perfect condition. As it also happens that we buy things, we use them few times and then we don’t use them again.

Those objects that we no longer use are a potential source of profit for us. Especially since there are many people interested in buying these products at a lower cost. And there are platforms where we cánido sell them quickly and easily. Platforms like Ebay and Amazon are among the most named platforms, but there are many more.

4. Using Aplicaciones to earn money

There are also applications with which you cánido earn money. Some aplicaciones like Nielsen Panel only require installing it on our devices. And we will earn money for using our devices as we normally do.

At other times, we will have to do some tasks to earn money: download other applications, watch vídeos, take surveys, watch ads or afín things. Some of these aplicaciones are just mobile versions of survey panels or paid task platforms.

5. Offer your services as a freelancer

Another way to earn money in your free time is working as a freelancer offering your services on platforms like fiver. The life of a freelancer encompasses many professions and unlike the ones we have named, this one requires a little more training.

However, it has many advantages: you are not limited to a fixed salary, you perro equipo your work hours and delivery dates yourself, agregado you cánido choose the projects that most appeal to you. Perfect to take advantage of free time.

content writer

Basically, writing content for websites. You cánido write about various topics, as well as about an area in which you have some specialization. You only need some basic knowledge about web writing, SEO and about the topic you are going to create the content on. There are hundreds of people looking for professionals who write content for their own website.

Youtube vídeo editor

The popularity of audiovisual content has been increasing in recent years and YouTube is one of the most used platforms to launch this type of content.

Hence Vídeo editing is a profession that is in high demand.. Although there is a lot of competition, with a little effort it is easy to find a job as an audiovisual content editor.

Web designer

Many professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses use web pages to offer their services and offer quality content. Therefore, web design is another profession that has increased in demand in recent years. A profession that, in addition, perro have very good remuneration and become your main profession.

Popular networks are another means of offering content, products and services. And the Community Manager is the professional who is in charge of manage popular networks of professionals, influencers or a company. It is also a profession in high demand.


Telemarketing is the typical professional who calls our phones to offer us a promotion, service or product from a company.

Currently, there are entrepreneurs and individuals who want to reach a objetivo audience by offering their products and paying freelancers who perro carry out this task without having to leave home. The number of vacancies and projects found on the freelancer pages for this type of professional is incredible.


This is another skill that is commonly sought after in the freelancing world. Whether it is to translate a web page, an application, an y también-Book or content on popular networks, many are looking for translators who cánido work on specific projects. This is an advantage especially if we handle several languages ​​at the same time.

6. Use Cashback programs

The cashback consists of earn money for shopping. Basically, you receive remuneration for making your purchases en línea through certain platforms. It is a fácil way to earn money, especially if we love to shop en línea. In the following articulo, you perro learn more about cashback systems.

7. Work as a delivery man

Due to the pandemic, the delivery people have increased by a lot. Restrictions and biosecurity measures require that we protect ourselves as much as possible at home. So it is habitual that most businesses need delivery men to take orders to the residence of customers. Many are using their spare time to work as delivery drivers.

8. Offer services from your home as a telemarketer

You perro also work as a telemarketer without having to leave your home for a call center company. A telemarketer is responsible for encuentro the needs and difficulties of customers regarding the service or product of a especial company.

9. Earn money with affiliate programs

Affiliate programs consist of recommend and detalla products on a web page in exchange for remuneration. The dynamic is as follows: you register in the affiliate program of an en línea store, recommend the products on your website and for each person who buys the product through the recommendation of your website, you will receive a commission from that purchase.

Some of the platforms with which you perro work with the affiliate program are:

  • Amazon
  • daysicon
  • tradetracker
  • aliexpress

10. View ads for money

For many years this has been one of the most common ways to earn money en línea. It really doesn’t require much effort. The essence of this job is to open the ad, wait the stipulated seconds, and then receive your earnings. You do not require any specialized knowledge. So seeing ads for money is one of the easiest ways to earn money on the web.

11. Taking care of elderly people

Thanks to the increase in the elderly population, this is a good alternative to earn money. You only need some basic knowledge and a lot of empathy to give the best care and service to the elderly. If you are a nurse or studied medicine, much better.

You cánido do this in different ways: working as a home doctor, serving as a nursing assistant, or attending a senior center. It is not only a job that offers good remuneration, but a deep satisfaction.

12. Read correos electrónicos for money

To be more precise, you will receive correos electrónicos that will ask you perform certain actions to receive some remuneration. It is a task that will not take more than a few minutes.

It is not the best option if we want to make good profits, but there may be users interested in working this way. We also have a articulo where we teach you how to earn money for reading correos electrónicos.

13. Sell Crafts

If you are good with manual activities, you have to know that there are many users interested in acquiring what you cánido do: fabrics, amigurumis (woven figures), decorative figures with paper or cardboard, etcétera.

One of the most habitual crafts since the pandemic began are masks. There are hundreds of masks that differ in design, colors, and styles! It is a great way to test your creativity and sell an accessory that takes care of the health of others and makes them look good.

Things to keep in mind before earning money in your free time

There are a few things that we need to keep in mind if we want to be successful in making money this way.

Not all jobs are for all users

Mainly, because not all of us have the same abilities, the same training or the same taste. The best thing is to use our free time to make the most of our strengths while we enjoy what we do. Although you shouldn’t refuse to explore new things either.

Not all jobs will require the same training

Paid surveys, paid assignments, or viewing ads are examples of “jobs” that do not require any training.

However, being a content creator, web designer or vídeo editor does require some type of prior study to earn money with them. But just as they require a little more training, they also offer better remuneration. You perro take advantage of your free time to train and then to get clients in one of these jobs.

And not everyone with the same amount of free time

Some of the jobs we mentioned above may require more effort and dedication than others. So you should choose one that matches your time disposition. Paid surveys, paid tasks, and paid ads are ideal for those who are short on time. The other jobs are recommended for people who have more free time.


In conclusion, there are multiple ways in which you cánido take advantage of your free time to earn money.

Each one requires a especial training and dedication, as well as cánido offer different remunerations. Some of these jobs have enough potential to become our primary form of income. Choose the most convenient for you and good luck.

And here we have come with this articulo. Do you have any doubt left? Leave it in the comments and we will help you answer it.

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 How to earn money in your spare time?  13
  How to earn money in your spare time?  13
  How to earn money in your spare time?  13

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