How to earn money in Wuolah?

How to earn money in Wuolah?

Wuloah is an excellent virtual income opportunity for students, offering them the opportunity to earn money without the need for forced tarea and without having to freeze their studies in order to acquire financial resources.

We are talking about a web portal that pays university students by their aprecies, that is, we refer to students who upload their best academic aprecies based on get paid for itand also, increase their academic grades as well as be known on the web since each note bears the name of its original author.

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  • This is done for the purpose of help companies with advertising media that they obtain through the aprecies and writing strategies of the students attached to the platform.

    This is how we will talk a little about the detailed way in which this digital platform He pays for the documents that are conferred on him.

    By downloading the documents

    The iniciativa is that the people who upload the documentsthat is, their own aprecies on different topics, have a good reception and therefore are documents that other people begin to download effectively.

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  • The more downloads a document has, the better the payment received by the person or rather by the author, taking into account that if they have several documents that are downloaded optimally, then their income will be quite good.

    Payment conditions

    These elementos or documents they are paid if they belong to PDF format which is the only one that the page perro receive, that is, the only one that it accepts in its format.

    However, it is also important to note that the more pages the PDF has the greater the financial cómputo on it.

    Also the financial aspecto is given by advertisersthere are advertisers who pay more than others and that influences the author’s profit.

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  • Linking the PayPal account to receive payments

    woolah allows the person or the author of the works that have been uploaded to the page to add their account PayPal as a means of payment for the page towards their work, so students who have PayPal have the option of receiving their money there.

    He procedure to add it It is very fácil, and in this space we will talk about how to do it in an easy and practical way by following these steps:

    1. Go to the top right of the screen and select the option “setting”.
    2. Then go to the “collection data” option and select the blue button that indicates the option of “backlink PayPal account”.
    3. After there the page sends you directly to PayPal and there the linking process is completed successfully.

    Now for those They don’t have the option of PayPal and who wish to withdraw their cómputo from the works that have been paid for on the page, the procedure is as follows:

    • Go to the top right of the screen, just like at the beginning to add the PayPal account, but in this case, we will select the option “redeem cómputo”, Therefore, the person perro send their money to PayPal or also have the option of incorporating the money and Amazon gift cards.

    On the other hand, it is important to take into account some Wuolah conditions for the documents, since they cannot be common documents, much less with errors, that do not comply with the specifications and guidelines of the page.

    In this sense, we have to documents of a single work are not allowed, that is, downloading a notebook.

    Neither are university manuals, fragments of works, musical scores that are not the original property of the author allowed.

    It is also important to take into account that the document uploaded on the page is fully insured, since this It cannot be manipulated without the authorization of the authorTherefore, it has the reserved copyright that prevents the action of plagiarism or piracy through the issued document.

    This is the way in which people achieve work through the digital space Wuolaha virtual store of information written by university students who share their experiences and their scientific knowledge to people who require them and who pay for them.

    One of the many possibilities that young people have today to work through the Internet, this being a completely safe space that they will not carry out any type of criminal act such as piracy, or theft of aprecies, since they work under copyright.

    In the same way, woolah It has become one of the best spaces for interaction of serious and accurate information that is available on the Internet, information that has been previously analyzed and studied to avoid misunderstandings and the downloading of pirated works that have nothing to offer customers.

    This space is for consignment of professional drafting documentsthat is, documents prepared in compliance with all drafting regulations, and with accurate information about the various scientific issues to be discussed, remembering that customers who seek information from this page and who pay for it, require verified information scientifically that is agile and practical and that helps in obtaining full and standardized knowledge.

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     How to earn money in Wuolah?
  How to earn money in Wuolah?
  How to earn money in Wuolah?

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