How to earn money in Bitso? what is it and how

How to earn money in Bitso? what is it and how

In many people the doubt has arisen where they wonder what is Bitsoand the truth is that we have the answer closer at hand than we imagine, since we are talking about a digital platform created for the movement of cryptocurrencies, that is, for buying and selling them, as well as for use them from the digital platform.

This virtual money platform is managed in countries like Brazil, Argentina and México, being one of the most efficient virtual spaces in this field, with functions that are managed from its mobile application and from the BitsoAlpha application, which is an adaptation of trading from cryptocurrencies that allow you to make payments in different establishments in México.

In this sense, we must take into account that we are talking about one more step towards the new virtual economy.

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  • How Bitso works

    Bitso is a virtual platform that works with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple and Ether, allowing the person to exchange these virtual currencies to Mexican pesos, in order to create efficient financial movements that feed the country’s economy more and more every day.

    But How does Bitso work? It turns out that we are facing a digital platform that allows the exchange of cryptocurrencies for physical money, that is, the purchase and sale of virtual and physical money, a healthy exchange that feeds the Mexican economy.

    In this sense, we must understand that we are talking about a platform that intertwines sellers and buyers, taking into account that the procedure works when buyers acquire Bitcions or cryptocurrencies at a lower price and when they sell them at the highest price that is acceptable to them.

    So the way how Bitso worksIt is carried out through the operation of the platform, where different sales prices are managed but those who buy and those who sell are automatically intertwined, that is, we are talking about an automated service that searches for information about what the people offer to buy cryptocurrencies and what buyers ask for their cryptocurrencies, and when equal offers come out, then an exchange is carried out through the page, where the buyer and seller are placed in contact.

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  • How to make money with Bitso

    The way to how to make money with Bitso It is very easy, because those who use the platform buy cryptocurrencies at the lowest possible price, searching among all the sellers who sell them cheaper, and after a while, manage to sell them at a much higher price than what They have bought it, taking into account that the value of cryptocurrencies increases and that, therefore, it means a safe investment that will increase the capital of the person who manages to start their work on this virtual platform.

    It is important to note that Bitso earns money from the commissions it charges to achieve the exchange between buyer and seller, not through the price of the cryptocurrency, so the value of the cryptocurrency has nothing to do with this.

    We orinan that this virtual platform has its income from the commissions paid by all the people who have signed up for this new digital financial movement, so we are talking about money that is always in motion and that produces good financial gains. .

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  • How to invest in Bitso

    First of all, it is important to understand that investment in this virtual platform It is a means to protect our money and a way to buy virtual money that is not devalued like physical money, but on the contrary, increases its value impressively in a matter of a year, taking into account that Bitcoin has become the cryptocurrency that has managed to exceed profit estándares for those who have invested in it.

    This is because if you buy it at a price today, in a year you perro sell it at a price that triples or even quintuples your profit, so we are talking about an investment that in the long term will become quite attractive financial gain. .

    We must take into account that we are talking about a growth in value of Bitcoin of 500% in one year, depending on the price at which the person has acquired it, but the truth is that this is the cryptocurrency that increases its value the fastest and that it is not devalued like all other financial media.

    But How to invest in Bitso? The answer is fácil, we just have to create a digital portfolio account through the internet on the platform of an institution that works with Bitso, in this case, we cánido do the example with OXXO in México.

    So the first step is to create the virtual wallet, which in this case, will be on the Bitso platform, for this it is necessary for the person to entrar the page and select the option “Open your account”, after For this, the data requested by the page such as the name, password and all that is filled in, to proceed to make the investment.

    The registration is ready, what follows is to select the “Fund” option, which is the space where the “Deposit in OXXO” option is automatically selected to receive a funding code that allows corroborating that the money invested belongs to the person .

    Now, this code must be taken to the OXXO entity where the person goes to deposit the amount they want to invest in the purchase of Bitcoin, and with the code in hand, make the deposit efficiently.

    For this movement it is necessary to take into account that a commission of 2.6% + VAT is charged, and that the maximum that the person perro deposit on each occasion is $5,000 MXN.

    After finishing this process, it will take only a few minutes for the person to view the money in their digital account and thus be able to buy Bitcoins immediately.

    It is recommended to start with Bitcoins for those who are starting out in this financial world, taking into account that the person must know the prices of this virtual currency well before buying, in order to invest in those with a lower price, remembering that the iniciativa is to buy at lowest price to sell at the highest possible price.

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     How to earn money in Bitso?  what is it and how
  How to earn money in Bitso?  what is it and how
  How to earn money in Bitso?  what is it and how

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